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(Netscape News)   California gets a little wierder: Giant bugs discovered   ( divider line
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8451 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Apr 2002 at 7:24 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-05 07:28:54 PM  
alright then...
2002-04-05 07:29:01 PM  
2002-04-05 07:29:31 PM  
They'd have a field day dicovering new insects in my room among the rotting filth! I Love California!
2002-04-05 07:29:32 PM  
2002-04-05 07:30:35 PM  
Bah. It's California. Whaddya expect? Besides the San Andreas Fault splitting open and dropping the state into the Pacific.
2002-04-05 07:33:12 PM  
Man, jeruselum crickets are fuggin' freaky. Looks like a giant slimy red ant.
2002-04-05 07:33:47 PM  
Jerusalem crickets. What will they come up with next?
2002-04-05 07:34:13 PM  

bet you can catch a bass on one of them
2002-04-05 07:34:26 PM  
>The finding is unusual given that Southern California is >densely urbanized, a threat to many species.

Insects? Unusual in urban areas? Really...
2002-04-05 07:34:43 PM  
I just saw this on tv.. It's so cute.....
2002-04-05 07:36:16 PM  
These bad boys look like potato bugs, nasty little critters. I steped on a potato bug barefooted while getting into my shower. That little bastard died a horrible death by fire...............
2002-04-05 07:36:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]yum!
FNG [TotalFark]
2002-04-05 07:36:45 PM  
if it's california then we know what their next fad delicacy will be
2002-04-05 07:37:13 PM  
who says destroying the rain forests will kill all the animals?? look at LA, they get new cockroaches for farking their environment.

watch, goddam mutant LA roaches cure cancer or some shiat like that
2002-04-05 07:37:32 PM  
i wonder if they found the amazing flying 'rods'
2002-04-05 07:38:56 PM  
2002-04-05 07:39:19 PM  
If the rest of the nation didn't suck so hard, California would fall into the ocean.
2002-04-05 07:43:11 PM  
Yes, but then California has always expected the rest of the United States to support it in every way, shape and form.
2002-04-05 07:45:28 PM  
It looks like a Pokemon.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-05 07:46:41 PM  
Must be Friday...nothing else going on.

In any event, I had one of these bad boys wander into my previous residence in Culver City. It's a little unnerving having a 3-inch long bug wandering your home.

The cats wouldn't even get near it. Stupid cats.
2002-04-05 07:46:51 PM  
Yeah, you're right Wizkd. I especially appreciate the presentation of evidence when making your oh so cogent argument.
2002-04-05 07:48:57 PM  
yea Wizkd,

I'm not buying it.
2002-04-05 07:50:03 PM  
California natives are caught unawares by this new bug.
2002-04-05 07:50:05 PM  
As long as the bug is smaller than my shoe, I can handle it.
2002-04-05 07:50:06 PM  
LOL at wizkd.. yup, growing up in socal, we were always looking for support and love from other progressive states, like kansas and mississippi and and and...heh
2002-04-05 07:50:29 PM  
At what point does Bush send Zinni in to negotiate a peace between the different subspecies of Jerusalem crickets?

Sorry. Jeez. Really sorry. All apologies.
2002-04-05 07:51:20 PM  
speaking of states colonized by california, you live in boulder CO!!! LOL..
2002-04-05 07:51:58 PM  
What argument?
2002-04-05 07:52:20 PM  
looks like a potato bug to me and if it is and it's three inches long then watch out. Fishbowl is right - they bite big time.
2002-04-05 07:53:00 PM  


I am so glad I'm transfering to college in Vermont in a few months...

No three inch red cricket-ants or giant millipedes for me, thank you very much.

2002-04-05 07:54:35 PM  
No, I don't live in Boulder anymore. I ran out of weed. Now I live in Denver.
2002-04-05 07:56:32 PM  
Wow I have found many of these things around, if I had known it was a new species I woulda jumped on it. Damn.
2002-04-05 07:57:17 PM  
Boulder had human-sized bugs, just like the ones mentioned in the articles, wandering Pearl Street day and night. Pesticide, police, fire-hose-wash-downs, nothing seemed to get rid of them. Now they even play music.
2002-04-05 08:00:39 PM  
Alice In Chains supposedly named their multiplatinum EP Jar of Flies after a elementary school experiment by the band's guitarist Jerry Cantrell.

Just your bit of useless trivia for the day.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-05 08:03:13 PM  
The others insects include new species of silk-spinning cricket and millipede.

Gotta love the quality of journalism here. It's not just the grammar; millipedes aren't insects. Heh.
2002-04-05 08:05:35 PM  
Nor are crickets "bugs". Only a small subset of insects are true bugs.
2002-04-05 08:07:06 PM  
I can handle a cricket, just so long as it ain't backed up by one of those black jumping spiders with the green farking eyes, NOTHING should be able to jump that far, and the bastards are MEAN and SUPERINTELLIGENT and may or may not be TELEPATHIC.
2002-04-05 08:09:31 PM  
We'll we all know what the next yummy treat will be on "Fear Factor". I wanna see some babe in a wet halter top chow down on a bowl of these beauties while submerged in a vat of green jello.
2002-04-05 08:25:25 PM  
Considering all the goddamned illegals here in CA that are overlooked, it's not surprising insects go unnoticed.

Now just sit back and wait for the govt. turds to figure out how to tax this "for the children" and the green-nazi's to explain how this bug they never knew about is vital to keeping Mother Earth alive.

And a hearty, "No, fark YOU in advance to all critix.
2002-04-05 08:28:12 PM  
Those are small compared to Florida cockroaches. FL. Cockroaches drive Harleys, and pick the locks of your house to come in. I don't mess with them, they took my last girlfriend hostage.

TheBitingFaery Vt has plenty more problems.
2002-04-05 08:43:33 PM  
Yay, I got an article posted, AND no one noticed my misspelling in the title! (At least I think it's a misspell... hmmm)

These bugs look cute.
2002-04-05 08:44:33 PM  
the bigger they are, the bigger the squish.
2002-04-05 08:45:04 PM  
Please, for the love of GOD, donate to the Salt Creek Tiger Beetle fund.
Actually, they had a benefit concert here a month back with the procedes going towards the 200 acre habitat in which it lives. Which is also the only place in the world it lives. One of the rarest insects in North America!
I love you Salt Creek Tiger Beetle! I will write a song of love for you tonight.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-05 08:48:22 PM  
NOW they "discover the potato bug? I claim discovery
of the potato bug (jerudelum cricket) over twenty years
ago! they bite! and it hurts! found 'em both in the
warm smoggy flatland and the freezin' cold mountains.
2002-04-05 08:50:05 PM  
Ya know, this is like the 'epidemic' of SoCal freeway shootings a few years ago. It just wouldn't be 'news' elsewhere in the country.

In Houston, for example, they've long since made a sport of highway mayhem, and their roaches are half-a-foot long--and have their own Air Force. The bugs in SoCal just have better talent agents.
2002-04-05 09:00:55 PM  
Read the article again a little closer. It's very misleading.
2002-04-05 09:03:26 PM  
Kiz: I love correcting people about that. ^_^ Always have.
2002-04-05 09:07:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Nasty looking little critter.
2002-04-05 09:11:35 PM  
It still doesn't beat "Sun-spiders", ugh.
Oh, and BTW;
I have awesome boobies links if anyone wants them...
2002-04-05 09:41:40 PM  
they could have at least posted a pic of this massive super insect, oh well, at least I can depend oon my Fark breathern to come through with a pic of the monster bug
btw here is a letter I wrote to Saturn about that comercial where the Vue is driving aming the big ants

Dear Hikaru,

Thank you for taking the time to send us an email. I apologize for the delay in responding to your
email. Unusually high volumes of email have made our response time slightly longer than normal. I am
sorry if this caused any inconvenience.

Thank you for your comments about the advertising spots for the VUE that ran during the Olympics. We
appreciate the feedback and your concern for the occupants of the VUE as to whether they escaped
what appeared to be giant ants. The purpose of these ads was to show that the VUE is at home in any
environment, including a fantasy one that has giant ants. I am glad you seem to have enjoyed our ads
and in the interest of continuous improvement I have documented your comments as this information
will be reviewed by the appropriate Saturn teams.

If you need any additional information or assistance, please do not hesitate to e-mail us again or
call us at 1-800-553-6000, option 3, and the consultant who answers the phone would be happy to
assist you.

Linda Trask
Saturn Customer Assistance Center
Spring Hill, TN 37174

Original message follows:

Email -
Category - :Advertising, including this Web site:
EmailSubject - :your Olympic adverts:
Date - :20020228:
Time - :125826:

F.Name - :Hikaru:
L.Name - :Motenai:

Preferred - :E-mail:
Phone - ::
Opt in - ::
Zip - :37920:

Message -
Dear Saturn,
I quit watching TV about 5 years ago, however I
always tune in to the Olympic broadcast, it is the one
sports medium I enjoy, recently during the Olympics I
was watching and while I usually I dont watch the
advertising, I was drawn with rapt terror to your new
commercial for the Saturn 4wd station wagon, it
depicted the car being driven among giant ants!
this scene terrafied me to no end, where are these
biological monsters? are they a threat to the USA? do
they pose any immeadiate threat to us? what calibur
firearm would I need to penetrate their exoskeleton,
and where would I be best advised to aim for?
I would appreciate any info you can provide and I
hope the poor people driving the car were able to
Hikaru Motenai
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