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(   Couple finds 116 pounds of marijuana thrown from plane near their home. Says it happens all the time.   ( divider line
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13859 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Apr 2002 at 12:37 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-05 12:38:48 AM  
2002-04-05 12:39:46 AM  
That is cool.
2002-04-05 12:39:59 AM  
brings new meaning to the term "ditch weed"
2002-04-05 12:40:08 AM  
now that's service!
2002-04-05 12:40:29 AM  
Finders keepers
2002-04-05 12:42:04 AM  
If that landed on your lawn would the media ever hear about it?
2002-04-05 12:43:21 AM  
Why such short comments, guys? What are we hoping to accomplish with them?
2002-04-05 12:44:55 AM  
Tha't it I'm moving!
2002-04-05 12:45:10 AM  
Heh. They found 120 pounds of weed. They showed the "authorities" 116 pounds of it. By the time it gets to the evidence locker, the paperwork will have it at 100 pounds. Guaranteed.
2002-04-05 12:48:11 AM  
Bolhuijo - you know, the stuff dries up and all
2002-04-05 12:48:27 AM  
Talk a get rich quick scheme.
2002-04-05 12:48:33 AM  
Wow, that's a LOT of pot. Imagine if that landed on somebody...
2002-04-05 12:49:37 AM  
I wish I were that god damn lucky.
That's enough for... TWO WEEKS!!!
2002-04-05 12:49:55 AM  
I wonder how much they would be willing to sell their home for.
2002-04-05 12:49:57 AM  
If it landed on someone, then we'd have the first death from Pot. D.A.R.E would latch onto that.
2002-04-05 12:50:19 AM  
Imagine if there was a forest fire.
2002-04-05 12:51:20 AM  
I bet that house was in like... Malibu or somethin too.
Hold on a sec, I gotta read the article.
2002-04-05 12:51:40 AM  
I wonder how much they ACTUALLY found.
2002-04-05 12:52:02 AM  
And they haven't become the local drug dealers? What's wrong with these people? If God is going to be nice enough to be dropping you loads of weed, the least you could do is turn a profit off it.
2002-04-05 12:53:29 AM  
Suho1004 - Or at least smoke it up.
2002-04-05 12:53:54 AM  
First thought:

"bales of cocaine, falling from low-flying planes..."
2002-04-05 12:54:51 AM  
I'd kill for that kinda luck.
That much weed would make you REAL popular, REAL quick.
2002-04-05 12:56:14 AM  
I post, therefore I am.

2002-04-05 12:58:08 AM  
Damn thats only 30 miles from my house, why couldn't those damn pilots wait a few minutes before they tossed it
2002-04-05 01:01:10 AM  
Two words: "finder's fee"
2002-04-05 01:06:46 AM  
reminds me of that movie, where these guys are at a tropical resort, and to get wemen, they decide they need to get some pot for them so they can get some ass. they go to a small tribe on the island, and they give them 1 small joint, and everyone is like praying to god and such.well they go away, and end up getting like 100 pounds of the stuff finaly, and relize, fark the wemen, we can take this to the US, and so they charter a plane, and while there flying over the island for hte last time, they say "america here we come!" and the pilot is like "weill never make it to america with all this weight!" and throws the pot out the window. now you go back to the tribe, all sitting around the fire praying to god
and you see the BIG MOTHER farkING SACK OF POT fall from the sky, and land in front of htem, they al scream "THANK YOU!!!!

classsic :)
2002-04-05 01:09:05 AM  
GoblinKing, that was Club Paradise
2002-04-05 01:09:27 AM  
Given the recent rudeness studies, the "Ugly American" would be like, what no papers? For fark's sake it knocked over our lawn jockey, I'm marching right over to the Escobar's giving a piece of my mind, I mean business bucko!
2002-04-05 01:18:07 AM  
Could have definately added something to the next school bake sale.
2002-04-05 01:22:25 AM  
anyways yea

rock on man
2002-04-05 01:27:42 AM  
Is weed really $2000/lb now? I'm really out of touch. Or is that creative police accounting (like sold a joint at a time)?
2002-04-05 01:28:29 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-05 01:34:48 AM  
I found a roach on a sidewalk three years ago. Swear to god.
2002-04-05 01:36:16 AM  
Timefactor: they've always done that ridiculous overestimating of value of drugs from drug busts.

What a waste of good weed... but what the hell, I gave up that shiat years ago.
2002-04-05 01:39:06 AM  
Timefactor, depends on the qualty, who your buying from and where your buying. 2000/lb is high, commercial is like 850 here...
2002-04-05 01:39:41 AM  

2k is way off for middies, $900-1300 is more in the ballpark. It's Police/Arthur Anderson Acct for sure.
2002-04-05 01:40:52 AM  
I have never biatched before...but god damn it i submitted this farking link yesterday with a cool title and it didn't get posted what the fark is up with this you cheesy commies...ok I'm done now.
2002-04-05 01:42:25 AM  
how do you submit topics? ive been meaning to ask that.
2002-04-05 01:42:44 AM  
Somebody has been playing Dope Wars!
2002-04-05 01:43:18 AM  
it's amazing how convenient these things happen like this.
2002-04-05 01:44:23 AM  
Click "Add a Link" at the top of the page.
2002-04-05 02:40:59 AM  
2002-04-05 02:51:32 AM  
I can't believe those morons turned it over to the "authorities."

If they didn't pay for it, they aren't paying the terrorists, right? RIGHT??

2002-04-05 02:58:07 AM  
Suprised no one has pointed out the "pantless car jacker convicted" link below this story...

kinda funny in a wierd way.

Back to the 1 hitter..........
2002-04-05 03:40:09 AM  
OK, so who the fark in their logical mindset would report this incident to the local sheriff's department? OK, so these people were obviously complete farktards, I guess people like them exist. Pretty scary thought.

-he who stacks pork
2002-04-05 03:50:20 AM  
Ihaveanitch - I used to experience this all the time, until I gave up 100% on submitting articles/links. Seems that there is a high rate of fellatiatism going on between the newbies/"in-crowd" and the article submission poster(s) as of late late (late = the past 0.85 year). Meanwhile, us "old-school FARKers" are getting the shaft... Kinda weak shiat going on if you ask me... Hell, in the past two years I sent Drew more than $200 worth of Belgian ales, and didn't even get a "thank you" or a "gee, you're a swell guy" or a "wow, Belgian ale is my favourite! Thanks!" or even so much as a "gee, Leopold Porkstacker, that was thoughtful and kind of you, thanks!". Whoa, going off on a tangent here... Anyhow, since I first got involved with, I've submitted well over 20 articles, and the sad truth is that only eight had ever been posted, about 7 of them completely ignored, and the rest were victim of some other dorkface jackwad getting credit for them. I've even given up on the Photoshop contests, even though I've won two before. Why try at this point? Exactly.

-he who stacks pork
2002-04-05 04:00:26 AM  
Down in the meadow, in the iddy-biddy pool,
Swam three little fishies, and the mama fishy, too.
2002-04-05 04:12:46 AM  
I guess I need not say that these people are obviously bible-thumping idiots who think pot is the devil's harvest. Unless Bolhuijo's theory is correct, which I hope to doG is the case. I could only wish for such luck.

*mind wanders to thoughts of a Cadillac sized bong with a bowl big enough to sleep in*
2002-04-05 04:20:40 AM  
whoa... so you posted a link. I have many times. So the choosers didn't choose it, and then decided to choose it later on when it happened to be from another poster.
This has happened to me too.

Big deal, at least it gets posted, the whole point of this site is to pass on the fun not to take credit for finding it. I'd imagine that many of the links you posted (and I) were posted before by someone else who got ignored, too.
2002-04-05 04:28:36 AM  
Not that I'm acting cocky with my 4 digit members number, or anything ;-)
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