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(Fox News)   Tobacco store employee raises eyebrow, giggles with revenge when customer attempts to pay for purchase with employee's own stolen check. Muhuhahaha ensues   ( divider line
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30024 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 May 2005 at 4:14 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-05-25 03:00:47 PM  
Also, could those of you who are criticizing others' spelling PLEASE not say "moran"? It's just retarded.

It's entry level irony. Hopefully they'll hone their skills and move on to bigger and bette ironies, but those that don't, well, we can secretly laugh at with revenge, I mean, derision.
2005-05-25 03:41:55 PM  
Somewhat related anecdote:

While working in a convenience store, I once had a customer use a stolen credit card to purchase a couple of packs of smokes and some other miscellaneous items. It was a busy Friday night, and I neglected to ask him for ID. When he scribbled an illegible signature, I chalked it up to drunkenness, as it was that time of night and there are several bars near the store. So stupid me let the guy get away with fraud. But a couple of hours later two cops showed up and started asking me if I had sold anything to someone using a stolen credit card. They gave me a description, and I started putting the pieces together in my head, realizing exactly what had happened. The twist? The crook was a guy who had bullied me somewhat in high school, and not only was I able to give a detailed statement to the cops, I could give them his full name!

(Of course, this could all have been averted if I had checked the name on the card when he bought the stuff, but like I said it was very busy and I'd probably woken up on the dumbass side of the bed that day).
2005-05-25 03:50:37 PM  
Ross says the reason Pitts was out on the streets to re-offend is because of the overcrowding in the Arkansas prison system. It's possible she could be released again. It's going to depend on whether the judge believes that she didn't know the checks were stolen. And it's going to depend on what jail space is available, says Ross.

Um, the checks were not in her name, so obviously they were stolen?
2005-05-25 06:06:49 PM  
"(Of course, this could all have been averted if I had checked the name on the card when he bought the stuff, but like I said it was very busy and I'd probably woken up on the dumbass side of the bed that day)."

Doesn't sound like you did it on a habitual basis. I always hassle any checker (Wal-Mart especially) that doesn't ask to see my I.D. when I make a purchase with my card. I insist that they check my I.D., and won't leave the counter untill they do.

Guess I"m a bad consumer. lol
2005-05-25 07:26:10 PM  
girl needs to get a new roomate..
2005-05-26 12:22:28 AM  
whoa no ones posted a photoshopped pick of the rock in a tabacco store?
2005-05-26 01:50:48 AM  
Mor Beal: So if law enforcement has no connection with the convict being released, then why is law enforcement even commenting on why they were released?

I maintain that if somebody has to use the word "might", they should be keeping their yap shut.
2005-05-26 03:57:46 AM  
"And they pilfered through my stuff and stole them. I didn't even know they were stolen."

Question, was that redundant?
2005-05-26 03:48:06 PM  
So the check-stealer handed over her driver's license ("I turned around and I told her, "I have your driver's license and your license plate number, and you better not leave," she told the TV station.) but the clerk's check? Wouldn't the name on the check not have matched the name on the driver's license?

I doubt that a serial forger would be that dumb and call BS on the story, considering it was submitted by an anonymous reader (Tim J.) and not an actual staff writer.
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