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19224 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 May 2005 at 1:41 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-05-24 01:43:36 PM  
nerds !
2005-05-24 01:43:41 PM  
Wierd, just wierd, the things people do to their pets.......the one place PETA would be welcome and where are they?
2005-05-24 01:44:03 PM  
Luke Dogwalker - haha
2005-05-24 01:44:16 PM  
Surely, there is someone who needs to have their trachea crushed for this.
2005-05-24 01:44:20 PM  
I am Bark Vader.
2005-05-24 01:44:28 PM  
Anakin mb?
2005-05-24 01:44:31 PM  
Jay Leno would hate this article.
2005-05-24 01:45:04 PM  
Princess Leia is a sexy biatch.
2005-05-24 01:45:05 PM  
All these pooches need now is a Luke Dog-walker.

*bangs head repeatedly on desk*
/is it over yet?
//likes the original Star Wars damnit
2005-05-24 01:45:32 PM  
Attack Of The Bones ... Princess Leia 'slave' outfit

wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong,
2005-05-24 01:45:56 PM  
What will these dogs do now that their owners are in a british hospital for fighting with gasoline lightsabers?
2005-05-24 01:47:19 PM  
2005-05-24 01:47:53 PM  
Who could write this crap and sleep at night?

In a kennel far, far away ... pooch in Darth Vader outfit

Attack Of The Bones ... Princess Leia 'slave' outfit

All these pooches need now is a Luke Dog-walker.

The horror... the horror...
2005-05-24 01:47:58 PM  
My dog prefers his costume from "My Dinner With Andre."
2005-05-24 01:48:14 PM  
Star Wars = Fark Headline News, everytime, unconditionally.
2005-05-24 01:48:56 PM  
Your dog wants Boba Fett.
2005-05-24 01:49:15 PM  
Ok, even I'm not this bad.

Ok, I had a fish named Boba Fett. But I didn't dress him up!


I'm getting lots of mileage out of that one. It's my new catch phrase.
2005-05-24 01:49:17 PM  
Dog owners are morans.
2005-05-24 01:49:29 PM  
Star Wars = Fark Headline News, everytime, unconditionally.

Sign up for TotalFark and you'll the thousands that get rejected every day.
2005-05-24 01:49:53 PM  
Your dog wants to bite you.

/Seriously people, stop doing this.
2005-05-24 01:50:00 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-24 01:50:42 PM  
Pooch should have played a Jedi mind trick on his owner.

"This is not the outfit you are looking for."
2005-05-24 01:52:02 PM  
it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to go to that site without looking at the page 3 girls. Today's is rather mind bending...
2005-05-24 01:52:16 PM  
azurejer: Star Wars = Fark Headline News, everytime, unconditionally.

Yeh, not true. Everyone I submit gets rejected in record speed.
2005-05-24 01:52:21 PM  
Get a pug-mix, name him Jabba. No costume needed.
2005-05-24 01:53:06 PM  
This is perfect for people into furries, beastiality, Star Wars, and S&M. They'll sell like hotcakes.

And if the dog in the second picture is underage, they've got the Japanese market cornered as well.
2005-05-24 01:53:40 PM  
Sign up for TotalFark and you'll the thousands that get rejected every day.

Thank you for saving me the $50 I was seriously considering spending today.

/wipes brow *Phew!*
2005-05-24 01:55:09 PM  
That goddamn Lucas will stop at nothing.
2005-05-24 01:59:41 PM  
You know, this is just making the trekkies look more mainstream.

/Every star trek series is full of metrosexuals.
//Heh, Jango could take Picard OUT! heh heh snort
2005-05-24 02:00:53 PM  
Ugh. People who dress their pets up need a good smacking.
2005-05-24 02:02:24 PM  
2005-05-24 02:04:37 PM  
Wasn't a link directly to the starwars shop submitted last week?
2005-05-24 02:07:26 PM  
Better yet, dress him up as Princess Leia.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-24 02:07:27 PM  
Your dog wants you to join the Dark Side
2005-05-24 02:09:51 PM  
I find your lack of liver snaps disturbing.
2005-05-24 02:11:55 PM  
DUPPE this was already posted but since the sun wrote about it now i guess it's news again
2005-05-24 02:14:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-24 02:17:18 PM  
this is so old..
2005-05-24 02:20:16 PM  
why must people embarass their dogs so much? the only cute dog costume that I've seen is when people put hot dog buns on a dachshund - that's pretty cute.

/can't even put a bandanna on my cow dog! :(
2005-05-24 02:30:47 PM  
Can you call the Humane Society on someone for doing that? If not, then someone needs to lobby the local legislature to get the law changed.

2005-05-24 02:34:15 PM  
Look mommy, I'm playing with Darth Petey's lightsaber!

For the love of god, will you get that kid away from the dog's erection!
2005-05-24 02:47:18 PM  
As I stood in line with the costumed freaks and lunatics all I could hear was Dennis Miller saying "You know its not getting high thats the problem its the people you are forced to get high with."
2005-05-24 03:11:34 PM  
Isn't this a repeat? Weren't these costumes linked on Fark recently?
2005-05-24 03:12:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-24 03:14:38 PM  

Look mommy, I'm playing with Darth Petey's lightsaber!

For the love of god, will you get that kid away from the dog's erection!

You almost owed me a new monitor. Choking on soda vs ruining my $900 monitor. I shall choke. So funny.. yet so wrong.

/you know it would happen too...
2005-05-24 03:16:00 PM  
This guy screwed up.

[image from too old to be available]

He tried to dress Darth Vader like his dog.
2005-05-24 04:14:29 PM  

Philip Greenspun doesn't like it when you hotlink his images.

/small internet, man, I haven't been on for a few years. Used to brows through every day.
2005-05-24 05:01:54 PM  
New rule! Dress your dog, go to jail! This is not a victimless crime! Think of the poodles! Won't somebody PLEASE think of the poodles?
[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-24 05:25:55 PM  
The lack of pictures from somewhere other than the Shop Star Wars website distrubing.
2005-05-24 05:25:59 PM  
People who dress up their pets ought to be shot.
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