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5620 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 May 2005 at 10:15 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-05-23 09:25:06 PM  
Wouldn't Marwan have been more efficient to just launch the missile without telling anyone, and not going through all the other shanangans?
2005-05-23 09:25:08 PM  
btw we have infinity posts and i have to leave in 6 god damned minuted

god damn u walmart
2005-05-23 09:25:12 PM  
OMG, what if it's a decoy?
2005-05-23 09:25:39 PM  

Sorry for the n00b question, but how do you check the amount of times you posted in a thread?

Check in your profile.
2005-05-23 09:25:48 PM  
Was that a hug or a tackle between Tony and Michelle?
2005-05-23 09:25:49 PM  
Tony and Michelle should have ran to each other in slow motion. We already had the sappy piano music playing.
2005-05-23 09:25:49 PM  
Jack is immortal. It's in his contract.
2005-05-23 09:25:53 PM  
damitjim: Actually... I beat you to it. : )

/damn you :)
2005-05-23 09:25:54 PM  
Michelle is soooo dead.
2005-05-23 09:26:02 PM  
time for the michelle and tony hot sex scene!

George Lucas needs to take a hint from this on romance heh
2005-05-23 09:26:06 PM  
Am I the only one that expects Jack to say "nooo, I have 50 minutes left! Something is wrong!"
2005-05-23 09:26:13 PM  
this morning on good morning news, we are still currently tracking the devastating fallout from the nuclear disasters across the country. But we go to Brian Ondespot with breaking news of a spaceship or rocket landing in someone's backyard.
(cut to Joe Dirte in his backyard)
"well there i was walking the dog this morning, and i turn my back and a loud thud happened. I said damn boy you were holding that in a while wasnt you, turned around and dog is dead backyard incinerated, and there i was holding my beer with a verified rocketship in my yard"

ther you have it....
2005-05-23 09:26:39 PM  
i still think jack is gone, either dies or has to leave for some reason
2005-05-23 09:26:55 PM  
2005-05-23 09:26:59 PM  
"How about a hug, sweetie?"
2005-05-23 09:27:01 PM  
ooh double the sex scenes with Jack and Audrey too!
2005-05-23 09:27:02 PM  
Tony can complete hold the "I committed treason for you and you didn't" thing for the rest of his life.
2005-05-23 09:27:04 PM  
Chief Brody: Give these writers some credit. That wasn't the payoff. Something BIG is coming.

True, let's see where this goes.

By the way, what does HIHF stand for?
2005-05-23 09:27:10 PM  
They still need to tie up Jack and Audrey and Chloe and Edgar. The last 30 minutes will be all that fluff.
2005-05-23 09:27:16 PM  
One last n00b question: once the post count goes symbol on the TF main page, how do you know how many posts there are?
2005-05-23 09:27:20 PM  
So jack is going to rub it in Mandy's face... "we got the missle, Ha ha" and she's going to say... "what missle"?
2005-05-23 09:27:24 PM  
Audrey cockpunches Jack and moves on with her life, thus signalling the end of her horsefaced stint on 24.
2005-05-23 09:27:35 PM  
Audrey explodes! She's the traitor and knows where the nuke is! She set her Brother, Husband, father, and Jack up!

/heard me rambling about it here first.
2005-05-23 09:27:38 PM  
Audrey's going to DC, end of that story arc
2005-05-23 09:27:38 PM  
Thanks for saving the world, Jack.

I'm still pissed about Paul though.
2005-05-23 09:27:51 PM  
I dont think we're gonna make it.
2005-05-23 09:27:56 PM  
MelLuvsDMB: By the way, what does HIHF stand for?

Heard it Here First
2005-05-23 09:28:00 PM  

Heard It Here First
2005-05-23 09:28:04 PM  
Man, that had better *not* be how the main plot of the 2nd half of season is resolved.

I vote for decoy.
2005-05-23 09:28:12 PM  
jack is gone because he's going to be turned over the Chinese.
2005-05-23 09:28:20 PM  
Jack secretly knocked out Paul so he can get in Audrey's thong
2005-05-23 09:28:21 PM  
Audrey sucks as a character. I'm sorry. Any woman worth her salt is going to understand a bunch of these decisions and not be such a biatch about it.
2005-05-23 09:28:26 PM  
splftwst says:
direct hit delta one
Greg says:
so the chrapnel will kill how many
Greg says:
who gets the honor have having a nuke fall into their backyard
splftwst says:
mommy mommy a space ship
splftwst says:
Greg says:
it falls on kim and chase's house
Greg says:
killing them
Greg says:
way to go jack

up to 66 posts, everyone check in with your post

audrey and jack breaking up.... Poor jack... the tang is always so bitter for him...
2005-05-23 09:28:33 PM  
Goddamn, I hate the shiat out of Audrey.
2005-05-23 09:28:41 PM  
Jack goes ape sh*t becuause Audrey dumps him and kicks ass next season
2005-05-23 09:28:45 PM  
Meh. Jack can torture her until she agrees to marry him.
2005-05-23 09:28:53 PM  
Jack has no luck with women.
2005-05-23 09:29:13 PM  
Dammit Audrey, you don't listen! Jack doesn't want to work at CTU anymore! JEeeesh! It's not like he still works there!
2005-05-23 09:29:20 PM  
farkerjew if you find out let me know, always wondered that myself....
after it hits infinity how would one know?
2005-05-23 09:29:31 PM  
Hey, Audrey!!!

[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-23 09:29:31 PM  
My posts are somewhere around 35. I've failed.
2005-05-23 09:29:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-23 09:29:38 PM  
Jack. We're turning you over to the CHiComs.
2005-05-23 09:29:41 PM  
Audrey gone? Good.

No more tender moments between Jack and Audrey.
2005-05-23 09:29:50 PM  
ut oh Jack is done for
2005-05-23 09:29:55 PM  
2005-05-23 09:29:39 PM mathmatix

heads up from david palmer in 3....2...1......

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2005-05-23 09:30:08 PM  
Shoulda killed Bern when they had the chance.
2005-05-23 09:30:26 PM  
51 posts in thread 1498517 - 2005-05-23 21:29:31
2005-05-23 09:30:28 PM  
Don't comply Jack! Tell the Government to STFU and go on the run! RUN JACK!


2005-05-23 09:30:44 PM  
Do not give Jack up.

He is the new Mumia Abu-Jamal!
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