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(KGW)   Man shot after tossing box of chinese food through undercover cop's open car window   ( divider line
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8232 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Apr 2002 at 10:59 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-04 11:01:17 AM  
Shrimp Fried Rice???
or just Pork??

2002-04-04 11:01:25 AM  
"I told you i didn't like sweet and sour"
2002-04-04 11:02:32 AM  

2002-04-04 11:02:42 AM  
...but was he hungry an hour after the shooting?
2002-04-04 11:02:55 AM  
Assault with a deadly wonton.
2002-04-04 11:02:57 AM  
"He was not able to identify (the box), but he felt threatened at that point," Moran said Wednesday. "


He was pissed, and he had a gun.

I'd have prolly done the same thing, but he definitely should be fired for shooting at someone who threw food at him, no excuse for that.
2002-04-04 11:03:45 AM  
The cop had every right to shoot...MSG is deadly!!!
2002-04-04 11:04:17 AM  
2002-04-04 11:05:06 AM  
he wouldn't have shot him if it was a box of donuts..
2002-04-04 11:05:30 AM  
He thought they were donuts, got jealous that the suspects had them and shot at them.
2002-04-04 11:05:43 AM  
Nothing takes you down from a meth high like a little shrimp fried rice.
2002-04-04 11:05:50 AM  
He was also charged with criminal mischief because he got food stains on the police car's interior.

I don't know why but I have a real problem with that.
2002-04-04 11:06:14 AM  
he's in civilian clothes, and in an unmarked car, and he's following these people?

he deserves to get his ass kicked.

damn... Now I'm hungry for chineese food.
2002-04-04 11:06:22 AM  
"...threw a white take-out box containing rice and possibly another dish..."

The kicker is that he shot the guy and was hungry two hours later.
2002-04-04 11:06:27 AM  
He shot him cause he left out the soy sauce and a fork.
2002-04-04 11:06:33 AM  
I've had chinese food around those parts.. I'd shoot too.
2002-04-04 11:06:45 AM  
and theeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
2002-04-04 11:07:12 AM  
I would hate to see what the fortune cookie might have said!
2002-04-04 11:08:20 AM  
Gives new meaning to "drive-by shooting."

"Stay out of his way. He's armed with Chinese food and he may be dangerous!"

Well, the part about Chinese food being dangerous is probably right.
2002-04-04 11:08:44 AM  
Confuscious say "Man who throw away good food end up eating lead"
2002-04-04 11:08:57 AM  

I was thinking the same thing. Even if the cop was still pissed, he couldnt use the excuse that he was unable to identify the box.
2002-04-04 11:09:33 AM  
Fortune Cookie said "Kill the next motherfarker you see!"
2002-04-04 11:10:12 AM  
When mu shu gai pan is outlawed, then only outlaws will have mu shu gai pan!
2002-04-04 11:11:50 AM  
With 6 shooter, you get eggwoll.
2002-04-04 11:12:03 AM  
UncleJ: Here's the definition of criminal mischief:

Criminal Mischief. - I. A person is guilty of criminal mischief who, having no right to do so nor any reasonable basis for belief of having such a right, purposely or recklessly damages property of another.

There's different classes of cf (dependent upon the amount of damage caused), but this guy was clearly guilty of it. If you're biatching because they charge him for it after he got shot, well, that's public policy. When I totaled my car and ended up in the hospital, the cop reviewing the incident still wrote me a speeding ticket. That's the way law enforcement works.
2002-04-04 11:12:04 AM  
There should be voting on some of these threads.

...but was he hungry an hour after the shooting?

That's funny stuff.
2002-04-04 11:13:12 AM  
"I said glazed doughnuts, not General Tsao's"
2002-04-04 11:15:24 AM  
No tickie, no shootie.

That's what Jack Burton always says.
2002-04-04 11:15:34 AM  
Diogenes: Wonton disregard, that is. People are starving in Ethiopia folks, and here in America we are so gluttanous that we toss take out Chinese food at cops? Bleh.
2002-04-04 11:15:51 AM  
suprised nobody has pointed out yet that the guy wasn't actually shot.

just shot AT.

which is still over the top and should get the cop fired for sure.
2002-04-04 11:16:06 AM  
Um, nobody got shot.

"Anderson's answering shot missed Cisneros. The bullet slammed into the side of a house. The two retired residents were working in their unattached garage when they heard the shot."
2002-04-04 11:16:58 AM  
The guy got shot because it was supposed to be the cops payoff--in drugs or cash--not food.
2002-04-04 11:17:21 AM  
Bad_CRC: Barely beat me to it.
2002-04-04 11:18:30 AM  
Investigators say Anderson feared for his personal safety.

Yea, those flying takeout Chinese boxes can be deadly, no doubt.

"He was not able to identify (the box), but he felt threatened at that point," Moran said Wednesday.

If this guy fells threatened when a box of chinese food is tossed at him, I wonder how he reacts to more threatening objects, like an un-opened Big Mac package, or perhaps a freshly baked apple pie.

It's too early to say whether Anderson correctly followed the sheriff's department's firearm policy, Capt. Ed Mayer said.

Jesus christ! Let's hope he didn't!

Apparently unaware that Anderson is a police officer, Cisneros and two other men got out of their pickup at an intersection and approached Anderson's car -- Chinese food in hand, Moran said.

Chinese food in hand. *cower*

Cisneros was jailed on a charge of harassment. He was also charged with criminal mischief because he got food stains on the police car's interior.

Another man in the truck, Jose Banuelos, was charged with reckless driving and possession of methamphetamine. Both were released on bail Wednesday.

Ok, so the guy that threw the Chinese food and stained the cops interior wasn't released, but the guy possessing drugs was... Typical!

Just more proof that America has the best damn police force. Period.
2002-04-04 11:18:41 AM  
These days? If anyone throws anything in my car for any reason...I will jump out and strangle them until they gurgle bubbly sounds and fade sweetly into the blackness...
2002-04-04 11:18:44 AM  
This kind of crap just pisses me off. A few days will go by and everyone will forget that this happened and that a$$hole will just go and pop someone else for something stupid.
2002-04-04 11:19:18 AM  
Sum Dum Fvck
2002-04-04 11:20:36 AM  
Was it combo #187?
2002-04-04 11:22:14 AM  
I agree there was no reason for the shooting, but if two guys get out of a truck at an intersectin and I have my gun on me I'd draw too. What really bothers me is they have a "cutural outreach director". Seriously, how much does this crack whore get paid to appease people who can't vote and shouldn't matter? By that I mean illegal aliens. That shiat pisses me off.

Fark a Duckk
2002-04-04 11:22:29 AM  
Long Duck Dong was quoted as saying, "Sexy girlfriend!!!!"
2002-04-04 11:22:33 AM  

Ever heard of the word "disguise"? I guess the "food" could not have been a "bomb" right? I guess the "airplanes" probably looked like "airplanes" when they hit the "target" right?

Dumbass. Get a clue. Anyone who has the balls to throw anything larger than a pencil eraser at anyone they don't know should be shot on the spot.

Cops go through hell daily for your spindly ass. Give them a break.

That is all.
2002-04-04 11:23:13 AM  

Now if it was Taco Bell takeout thrown....maybe I could understand.
2002-04-04 11:23:35 AM  
How many of you know the difference between being SHOT and being SHOT AT. The difference? The idiot cop is a lousey shot!
2002-04-04 11:24:41 AM  
i didnt see anywhere that anyone was shot... k. I guess the only way to get this posted was to lie.
2002-04-04 11:25:17 AM  
farking cops.
2002-04-04 11:26:07 AM  
FranceSurrenders, Thanks for the info. Guess it makes sense afterall.
2002-04-04 11:26:21 AM  
Oh great, let's all repost the entire article in here and comment on it, line by line.
2002-04-04 11:28:03 AM  

It's upsetting to see that people side with this trigger happy cop.

If it was a bomb, shooting the guy wasn't going to disarm the bomb.

Dumbass. Get a clue. Anyone who has the balls to throw anything larger than a pencil eraser at anyone they don't know should be shot on the spot.

Ok, so if I throw a snowball at some stranger, I deserve to be shot... RIGHT!

Cops don't go through hell to save my spindley ass. Cops go through hell to stop chinese wielding criminals that are hell-bent on staining the interior of their vehicles.
2002-04-04 11:30:17 AM  
Hero! Chinese food sucks.
2002-04-04 11:30:22 AM  
The cop thought, "Man that's one dude I need to TAKE OUT!"
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