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2005-05-22 08:34:54 PM
On the age thing, 11 vs 12 is due to the difference in how you talk about age in Japan. Someone correct me if my information is 300 years out of date, but I think it goes like if she's born Nov 93, then she's one Jan 94, two jan 95, twelve Jan 05.

This girl is clearly a girl. If you cover up the tits with your hand a piece of paper or something, and look at her face, it's clear she is a little girl. Who just happens to have huge tits. I'd guess D, but it's hard guess exactly when her frame is so small.

And to the guy who bragged about having "50 DDs" rubbed in his face, I don't know why you're bragging about landing a whale. When talking "measurements", meaning hips-waist-bust, then the bust measurement is around the tits. So this girl might be 26-22-36. But the bra size, which is the only thing that has letters in it, is based on the measurement immediately below the breasts. So she probably wears a 28 F bra. See how it works?
2005-05-22 08:35:22 PM
LandoGriffin writes:

Congratulations, Fark Community! For viewing these links, we all now have open files with Interpol!

Let's not forget the F.B.I....

2005-05-22 08:35:31 PM
okay, okay, okay okay, they aint that big..... but they are big for an asian.... ah ha
2005-05-22 08:39:47 PM
I don't know what to say except that submitter,/b> you're a dumbass and Mods what were you thinking?
2005-05-22 08:46:14 PM
This thread is usless without Ayumi Hamasaki, who is very provocative and very hittable.
/she's 27
//she is responsible for many dead kittens
2005-05-22 08:47:34 PM
I really dont understand the flaming and trolling going on here. Anyone who is quick to lash out with the words 'child pr0n', and to accuse people of being child molesting perverts should first examine themselves.

I strongly disagree with trying to make a sex symbol of an 11 year old girl, but nothing I saw was degrading (but I only saw the pics posted, maybe theres worse).

Its funny too because the most calm, level headed responces have been from the people that have boobies.
2005-05-22 08:50:46 PM
If this isn't child porn, why would the FBI and Interpol have files on us now?

I'm on the fence here as far as what to call this. It IS most certainly extremely inapropriate, and the child is most definitely being exploited.

If you had an 11 yr daughter, would you let her pose like this and post the pics on the internet?

Didn't think so.

Grow up, guys, and lust over chicks that are closer to your age. Are you all really that hard up?

Actually...scratch that, I'm sure you are.
2005-05-22 08:53:25 PM
According to this month's Harper's Index, in Massachusetts it's still legal for a girl to get married at age 12 with parental consent.

But I guess if the honeymoon video gets out, it's child porn.
2005-05-22 08:56:21 PM
smeegle writes:

OKay, listen this is not about what you may or may not consider appropriate.

Actually it's one of the better discussions I've seen on Fark in months. You have people with a variety of backgrounds with all sorts of different opinions coming in on it.

This is about the obviousness of it. This is about the legal quagmire fark could easily find itself in. If you can't see the legal implications then you have not been paying attention to the media.

Let me rest assure you Drew and the members of Fark have nothing to worry about. This isn't even a "grey zone" pic as I discussed earlier in the thread.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but it aint gonna change what's already on the books.

Have a law degree? Specialize in this type of law? Do any significant reading on the subject? If not, then how is your opinion any better than anyone else's?

2005-05-22 08:59:35 PM
or take pics of your new bride at the beach in a bikini, apparently.
2005-05-22 09:01:23 PM
Nice change of headline!
2005-05-22 09:06:42 PM
This is pinup calendar quality stuff. I would see this sort of thing at restaurants and such in Korea when I was there. Of course, the girls weren't that young.

The absence of front teeth behind the upper incisors in the picture OriginalGamer posted is the clearest giveaway that the girl is somewhere between the age of 11 and about 14.
2005-05-22 09:13:03 PM
In china her pics inspire peace and harmony between peoples who have had a long history of racial tension. (Now that's weird since they all look alike anyway, amirightfolks? *ba-dum-bump*)

Here it's nothing but kiddie porn this, you're sick that.

/Lust over freda!
2005-05-22 09:16:31 PM
...and it's still disguisting beyond words. Can't believe you guys changed the headline,(not that it's much better!) and kept the poor girl's pics up. WTF? Still haven't looked, and won't.
Poor taste, imho.
2005-05-22 09:17:14 PM
I am a mother.
I read the headline.
The headline was IT for me.
I don't understand how anyone can read that headline- and think it's a good idea to look at those pictures.
Again, it was HOW the headline read...
Last time I checked, I still live in a free country.
I'd like to keep it that way.

-and by that I mean- I have the right to voice my opinions in a public forum.

The link is to a text-ony article. There are no pictures. You've already described the "pictures" in the article as "sick" and "pornographic". Since you haven't looked at the article -- once again, it's text only -- that means that the pictures you imagined inside your head are "sick" and "pornographic". The pictures that you are describing only exist in your mind.

This is not okay. I won't look at them. You know the intention! She's a LITTLE girl. Shame on every single one of you that looked! It's sick beyond words.

Not against porn, but VERY much against child porn!

/Have a nine year old daughter.

If that isn't projecting, then I don't know what is.
2005-05-22 09:18:47 PM
I think some people's comments are turning what in actuality is a mole-hill into a mountain (and I don't mean the bra-size debate).
2005-05-22 09:18:50 PM
freda neato writes:

If this isn't child porn, why would the FBI and Interpol have files on us now?

Actually I was kidding...fact is the F.B.I. has trouble enough tracking down the major producers/distributors of REAL child porn, let alone record info on fluff like this.

I'm on the fence here as far as what to call this. It IS most certainly extremely inapropriate, and the child is most definitely being exploited.

Back in the 1970s, a topless Brooke Shields posed for a photograph wearing adult cosmetics. The pic can still be found doing a GIS search so far as I know, or ones of a similar nature. The pic was taken to show the paradox between how young she was and how old she could appear, however, Brooke at the time was a highly paid model, and enjoyed what she was doing.

I can't speak to whether this girl enjoys what she does. I've not seen any quotes from her. But, I think it very fair to call her the Japanese Brooke Shields at this point.

If you had an 11 yr daughter, would you let her pose like this and post the pics on the internet?

If she enjoyed modeling, I'd let her do it...so long as at least a bathing suit stayed on. That people take photos against copyright law and post them on the Internet in an inappropriate context would be par for the course these days, and it would be something that would be discussed regarding whether or not she wanted to model.

Grow up, guys, and lust over chicks that are closer to your age. Are you all really that hard up?

Sorry I don't lust after this girl, nor do I think that the men who have made remarks here on Fark to that effect actually do either. Guys who lust after grossly underage females don't come on chat boards like this one and proclaim their fetish.

As for Brooke...oh hell yes I did back then, but I was roughly her age at the time.

2005-05-22 09:22:30 PM
smallfry, why don't you tell us the real story?
2005-05-22 09:29:05 PM
Oh shiat, I have Google Web Accelerator on!
2005-05-22 09:31:07 PM

I'm speechless.
2005-05-22 09:33:07 PM
Yeah, the pics in that link in the seventh post? They're pretty obviously photoshopped, to put her head on an older body. If you don't believe me, do a GIS for her name, you'll come up with only two pictures, the first has the exact same angle, expression, and hair as most of the pics in the link.
2005-05-22 09:34:23 PM
Jesu Cristo!!! That's bigger than an 'F' sammy. Great pic.
2005-05-22 09:46:07 PM

  She's... she's not even teenage!

That poor kid. Is there anyway for her to grow up to be a healthy, well-balanced adult? No one's gonna be paying attention to her personality.

  Nope. There's just no way. I change my mind. I call shenanigans. These pictures were 'shopped.
2005-05-22 09:50:42 PM

To answer anyones questions on why an 11 year old is posing for shots in her bikini, check the number of times this link has been clicked compared to any of the other links.

As of right now its:
11 year old with tits: -- 70,000
French not being named: -- 3,000
2005-05-22 09:52:45 PM
huh what happened

/looking at watch impatiently
2005-05-22 09:53:41 PM
heh... ya know, I once had a 16 year old girlfriend... well... I didn't "had" her, but there was cuddling and such...

this girl is not 11, she's not 12, she's not 13... she is at least 14 and physically 16 years old. The pelvic structure states such. Anybody involved or even partially educated in child development will tell you that this girl is neither a child nor an adult. As to F cup... lol, bullshiat.

I'll tell you why the chinese may (I don't believe it) love her, she's mostly chinese.
2005-05-22 09:55:34 PM
oh and to clear things up. i clicked on the link before i read "11 year-old" - then proceeded to click through to thread, disappointed in finding pictures. it only occurred to me what "11 year-old" actually meant upon viewing of the pictures. i do not regret it.
2005-05-22 09:57:57 PM
Just imagine someone jacking off to YOUR 11 year old daughter's pictures. Does that give you perspective? She is a child.
2005-05-22 10:00:34 PM

The problem with your arguments and posts so far is not that you are arguing against the sexualization of an 11yr old child, it's that you're arguing, in this case, from a reactionary and ignorant position. Ignorant, because you don't quite know what exactly, in this case, it is that you're arguing against.

The photos of the girl aren't pornographic. They are erotic. In this case, to give what may be an accurate comparison, the pictures here of this girl are the sorts of photo's you could find in Maxim or FHM. They are not nude, but they are in poses which can be easily seen as sexual or provocative. And indeed, I would expect that many of the poses for the photo's are meant in that way.

If you want your arguments to be taken seriously, then you need to argue from a position of knowledge. Otherwise, you can easily be dismissed as a loon, a nutter, an idiot, a troll, (insert favourite farkism here) and your argument will be dismissed right along with you. In this case, it's looking at the non-pornographic photos (located here, and explaining what it is about these photo's that you feel is offensive.

For my part, thought the pictures are not what I believe to be pornographic, I do believe they are intended to be erotic. And that is what I find offensive; the sexualization of an 11 year old girl. If needs be, I can point to exact photographs and explain where my opinion comes from.

You, on the other hand, have nothing concrete to base your arguments on. You have read the headline and made the assumption that this is heinous child pornography (which it is not, though there are heinous things about it) and you are lumping it into a catagory with the sorts of abuse that rightly sickens well adjusted people of both sexes. By doing that, your argument can be turned against you to weaken the arguments against child pornography. Arguing a point from ignorance makes it very easy to dismiss the argument, even if the argument has merit.
2005-05-22 10:00:58 PM
Will you guys keep it down? I'm trying to masturbate!

2005-05-22 10:02:28 PM

Do any of you personally know the person mentioned in the article? Do you know the photographer? I didn't think so. So why don't you quit judging them?

She's 11.

She's eleven years old.

She was born during the 1990's.

She's not even yet a teenager.

She's not even yet a tweenager.

She hasn't been double-digits for two solid years, yet.

Most American 11 year olds are in 6th grade.

Again, she's 11 YEARS OLD.

You're seriously entertaining the idea that she has developed the cognitive ability to understand how her sexuality relates to her identity? How exactly is an 11 year old to know what's healthy and what's not? At 11, your whole life is your parents and your friends.

SHE'S 11!
2005-05-22 10:04:00 PM

She needs the tree to stand up?
photoshop does weird things to people.
2005-05-22 10:07:22 PM
Who hear has a nine year old daughter?

YOU! The one in the back! GET OUT!

You're ruining this conversation.
2005-05-22 10:07:30 PM
how does one save flash animations to your hard drive again? I've been looking for that Learn Your ABCs flash for the longest! I don't want to think I'd lose it again cuz some site decidest to stop hosting it.
2005-05-22 10:12:35 PM
I could jack off to a picture of a tree if I wanted. Are you just not supposed to take pictures of anything? Just because some people have problems like that doesn't mean it's the person who takes the picture's fault.
2005-05-22 10:15:23 PM
Fecal Pandora
The animated gif at the top of the screen says it all. NSFW!

Guess what? Shes available for hire:

http://www.moenorinjin.net/system.html (pops, NSFW in Japan)
2005-05-22 10:16:18 PM
No comment.

(Except to say that I'm shocked FARK would allow a thread like this less the truth contradict the fiction that everyone adheres to when it comes to sex, sexual attraction, and the ludicrous notion of the "age of consent.")
2005-05-22 10:17:17 PM
My bad, that response was meant to be to whoever posted the link to the babe from Tokyo Topless, not Fecal Pandora. The 11 year old is certainly not for hire. ;)

// Flatmates home now, not spending any more time in this filthy thread. :D
2005-05-22 10:19:26 PM
11-years old??? Damnit!!
*punches self in crotch because "It" moved*
2005-05-22 10:22:50 PM

And all of you freaking out about looking at pics of some tweenager in a swimsuit . . .it's perfectly legal.

There are legions of "model" site out there.

Tasteful? No.

Legal? Absolutely.

If it wasn't legal they'd have to close the beaches . . .
2005-05-22 10:26:27 PM
If it wasn't legal they'd have to close the beaches . . .

...and child beauty pageants.
2005-05-22 10:31:57 PM
Okay. I don't have a problem with these pictures, in and of themselves. I think people are really over-reacting. Here's a few things to consider, in order to properly frame your thoughts on this topic.

1. Are child beauty pageants bad?

2. Are nudist children being harmed by that lifestyle?

3. Is a man who has sex with an underage girl, without knowing her age, evil? The girl in the link could pass herself off as 18, maybe with some debate, but she could do it.

4. I don't know about you, but I had been masturbating for some years by the time I was 11. Maybe I'm abnormal, but to expect total innocence at that age is a bit ridiculous.

5. In abscence of knowledge about her age, is it wrong to lust after her?

6. Do you realize some of the fashion models you've seen were only 13-14? Particularly, look for Milla Jovovich's appearance on "Married With Children", she was just 13, which totally surprised me to find out (she played the French exchange student, Yvette, I think).

7. Can attractive features be attractive features, regardless of morals related to who they're attached to?

8. Do you have a problem with child stars? They are, quite often, exploited and they tend to find themselves in overly mature environments, which they usually can't handle.

9. What arbitrarily chosen number represents the appropriate age for this sort of thing? 16, 18, 21, 50? Can you really choose a number that applies to everyone? I've known a number of 30 year olds with very little responsibility and poor decision making skills.

10. Are clothing catalogs pornographic? These pictures aren't significantly different from them.

Now, this girl is 11. That's kind of young for any sort of "career", nevermind the nature of the career. I don't think she's quite mature enough to be choosing a life-path. The sexuality of it becomes a moot point, when you look at it that way. Then again, she might just be having some fun and picking up extra cash, for a few years. Plenty of young girls model for a few years, then go on to more traditional careers in adulthood.

Anyone who immediately screams "kiddie porn", especially those who haven't looked at the pictures, is a knee-jerking, reactionary asshole and can't make a contribution to this discussion. This isn't that big of a deal.
2005-05-22 10:33:12 PM
The human being's sense of Self is created by vital sociological exposure in the first couple crucial years of life. Without the exposure to other human beings, a new human being will not develop a concept of the Self.

People afflicted with antisocial personality disorder (i.e., sociopaths) are incapable of feeling either guilt or shame.

Um, great. Thank you for the non-sequitur.
2005-05-22 10:42:07 PM
2005-05-22 10:42:58 PM

Um, great. Thank you for the non-sequitur.

Try again.

Now, if I may teach you something, if we don't have something in our culture, we don't have a word for it. The words "shame" and "guilt" are labels for internal associations that are sometimes described as "feelings". If you are trying to tell me that people do not feel either "shame" or "guilt", then I've got some news for you... They do. A word is just a representation. Of course it's a construct. They feelings and emotions backing them however, are real. Real brain chemicals; real engrams. I hope you aren't about to post that depression is a construct too?

Allow me to assume that your concept of feeling is synonymous with emotion. You would agree to this, yes?

Emotion is "the part of the consciousness that involves feeling." - dictionary.com

The human being's sense of Self is created by vital sociological exposure in the first couple crucial years of life. Without the exposure to other human beings, a new human being will not develop a concept of the Self.

Thus, without a concept of Self, that is, consciousness of one's own existence, how could one possibly experience emotion?

I maintain my position that, without a sense of Self, a human being has no feelings.
2005-05-22 10:44:07 PM
Numerous studies have indicated that the age at which one becomes sexually aware of and attracted to the opposite sex is the baseline age at members of the opposite sex that you will be attracted to.
2005-05-22 10:49:11 PM
That shiat is just scary... totally scary. How can people who dislike the Japanese over the vicous atrocities from WWII be quelled by an 11 or 12 yr old who's parents are exploiting her early puberty?
2005-05-22 10:49:24 PM
2005-05-22 08:13:49 PM Admiral Ackbar's Kunt Smells Like Fish

This is nothing new. NSFW

Now THAT's farking terrifying.
2005-05-22 10:49:30 PM

Ha - good for a laugh.

If stilletto_the_wise is wise, my dog's anus can sing the part of Nehebka in AIDA

I don't to be too judgmental about anyone's opinion, but...

If you think an 11 or 14 year-old can make those kinds of decisions about her body in relation to older men, you are dangerously close to pederasty and pedophilia. I would keep your opinions to yourself, unless you want to be socially isolated or worse. Much worse. I would assume that all 14 year-olds are too young to make these judgments. Whether 17- or 18- is the right age of consent HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!

Child sexual abuse seems to me to start with the abuser trying to convince himself that a child can make decisions like an adult. that's the first step. IT JUST AIN'T SO. Children should be able to trust ALL adults to help them make the right decisions, instead of guiding them in the wrong direction.

Good points..
Are we all mad?
Why do we in the USA and many other religious fundamentalist countries treat girls as precious virginal innocent flowers, who could not possibly understand sex, until long after they have sexually matured? Then at an arbitrary age, say 18, all of a sudden they are capable of consent, and open season for porn, men of any age, and any and all sorts of debauchery.

Take a photo of a 17 year old WOMAN nude, and it's "SICK SICK KIDDIE PORN!! AUUGGGHH CUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S BALLS OFF" but if she's 18, it's "OH MAN, THAT'S SO HOT!"

Who are we to say that some random person is not capable of understanding her body, understanding why someone would want to take a picture of her, understanding what sex and sexuality is, and understanding what is and is not exploitation? People are all different. I know 14 year olds who have a solid grasp on their sexuality and know when someone is out to exploit them, and I know 24 year olds who don't.

Do any of you personally know the person mentioned in the article? Do you know the photographer? I didn't think so. So why don't you quit judging them?

and you said:

NOW hide your hard drive filled with kiddie pr0n the feds are on the way!
2005-05-22 10:50:48 PM

I'm not disagreeing with your textbook definition. I am questioning the relevance of presenting it as a response to my post. It does not follow.

I maintain my position that, without a sense of Self, a human being has no feelings.

Here, let me try another way; so what? If you have a point, please make it. I am fully aware of what a sociopath is. It's what the prosecutor kept calling me at my murder trial. How that relates to my post however, is something of a mystery to me. When I get out, we'll have to discuss this in greater detail over coffee.
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