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(9News)   ルークは、あなたの母戦闘用ブーツを身に着けている   ( divider line
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51999 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 May 2005 at 7:40 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-05-20 09:35:21 PM  
Yep, that's better, though instead of "haha" I would have thought "okaasan" or "Okaachan" is better.
2005-05-20 09:36:10 PM  
This went green?!?!?!!eleventysomething23!!
2005-05-20 09:39:37 PM  
alfapocky, thank you for that. Not knowing any of the kanji, I was wondering why the ha/wa was there.
2005-05-20 09:39:41 PM  
Kudos Submitter. Great headline. That is all.
2005-05-20 09:41:08 PM  
The nut of the lith which it inhales was pulled.
/translation of "Drew sucks squirrel nuts" to Japanese and back again.
//please don't banninate me
2005-05-20 09:41:29 PM  
quarlie: I agree; the raw materials of insanity profit are really begun.

Only if you wash 5 times perhaps and repeat. 'tis a sad sad world when it takes that to begin the raw materials of insanity profit, but alas, that is the world we live in.
2005-05-20 09:54:58 PM  
"Speaking of fun with Babelfish and Japanese, here is a fun thing to do for a good laugh: Take a block of text (English or Japanese, this paragraph for example) and translate it to the opposite language. If you can read the opposite language, then this will probably make you chuckle a bit. Now, translate it back. Rinse and repeat maybe 5 times, and you start getting some really crazy stuff. Sometimes the fish can even become quite philosophical. Someday I will write a script for a short film, fish it a few times, and then have the actors act out the fished lines as if they were the original. Should be interesting. ;)"

The CBC already does this on their show DNTO. They take a famous song and run it through a few times and have someone read it, then they have people write in with guesses as to what the song is supposed to be. It's usually pretty funny.
2005-05-20 09:56:02 PM  
Bazuka: I submitted this with a better headline.

There's no way you did...
2005-05-20 09:59:56 PM  
Greenville writes:

Some of those dorks probably thought it was Klingon.

Hell no, I would recognize Klingon if I saw it!

Oh wait, did I just type that out loud?


Nevermind...this is not the post you're looking for, move along, move along....

/sad to report I really would recognize Klingon
2005-05-20 10:01:52 PM  
breathe people...its in jersey, it doesnt affect you...
2005-05-20 10:04:25 PM  
Luke is wearing your army boots (I Have army boots). That is the deepest thing ever said. Bar none. I swear. Wow. Please donate $10 to me for providing you with the deepest thought ever. Although, "I think I'm turning japanese I think I'm turning japanese I really think so..." was a close second. Hey now, my girlfriend says that sentence at the top is wrong. All your translation sucks, like mine. means mother. means fight, like fighting wars. Those characters are not used to represent army. The sentence doesn't mean "fight for our mothers". SO I don't know why that person chose those kanji. Ask your friends who are Japanese man, they will tell you the same. HAHA, that made me sound Japanese. His forehead is fat too. How could it be happened?Damn, the damn thing......went away. Oh ya, it's back. WHy won't those Kanji show up in those explanations? What the heck!

Hey, would you buy a book full of this crap?
2005-05-20 10:08:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
These are not the movie reels you are looking for...
2005-05-20 10:11:06 PM  
That CBC show sounds awesome.

I really need to start watching that for more than just curling.
2005-05-20 10:11:36 PM  
at least they didn't fall asleep during the ending after being a total spaz about it for the last month

\\\i hate myself
2005-05-20 10:12:58 PM  
. The Blues Brothers in German is even more funny than in English. Really.

My father says the exact same thing about the Exorcist dubbed into Thai.

/not kidding.
2005-05-20 10:25:07 PM  
alfapoky Yes much better. Should probably leave out the 'anata no' too, since Japanese rarely use it (except wives to husbands and mail addressed to 'resident'). Using 'okaasan' instead of 'haha' implies the mother of the person being spoken to, in this case luke, who should probably be suffixed with 'san'.
2005-05-20 10:25:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-20 10:26:24 PM  
That news, is not Fark which that is.

/how profound
//now where'd my beer go?
2005-05-20 10:29:42 PM  
Nothing beats The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in German.
2005-05-20 10:35:22 PM  
Damn, all I got were a bunch of squares in the headline.

/maybe I should install foreign character support on my computer
2005-05-20 10:35:31 PM  
baka otaku!

is a na-adjective.
2005-05-20 10:38:18 PM  
but if you're trying to INSULT Luke by telling him that Padme wears combat boots, you're doing it right by using "anata". Farking up the superiority levels of the spoken language is a much better way to piss off a japanese than trying to come up with a halfass translation of an american insult.

/even fullass, not effective insults in japanese.
2005-05-20 10:47:37 PM  
Not really suprising considering that most literally translated Japanese sounds like Yoda talking.
2005-05-20 10:48:47 PM  
There's no way the dialogue in this version could have been any worse than what you get in the normal version.

/But I gave George my $10 anyway.
//We both knew I would.
2005-05-20 10:50:28 PM  
Farkers have clicked on the above link 17733 times

Without a clue of what they would find after the jump. Bold farkers...
2005-05-20 10:53:22 PM  
Ku_No_Ichi: Try out GoldenBoy with English dubs, its actually much more funny then the Japanese dub version.
Ranma ain't THAT bad either, although I've seen flame-wars about that, so I'm not going there. (even though it started to suck after season 4 when they changed Ranma's male voice and fell into the "technique of the week" crap)
2005-05-20 11:02:59 PM  
I'll bet Lucas slipped the Japanese-language reel in the print to prove how much better digital projection is compared to good ol' 35mm. Grrr...

/conspiracy theorist.
2005-05-20 11:05:37 PM  
Nothing beats a Japanese headline... I can see the characters allright
2005-05-20 11:11:28 PM  
but if you're trying to INSULT Luke by telling him that Padme wears combat boots, you're doing it right by using "anata". Farking up the superiority levels of the spoken language is a much better way to piss off a japanese than trying to come up with a halfass translation of an american insult.

Dude, this is FARK. Lighten up, take a laxative.
2005-05-20 11:16:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-20 11:21:47 PM  

I'd say it:

ruuku, anata no okaasan/haha wa sentouyou buutsu wo hairu

Haiteiru is present tense, while the English phrase isn't indicitave of the tense, but of habitual action.
2005-05-20 11:29:26 PM  

Wait, hold up. They already have a jpn dubbed version, let alone just subs, and we still have to wait until July !!

Well, I've always known its not the translation that delays it, but some bastard!

It's "traditional". The movies in the classic Trilogy were all released in July originally -- at the time it probably did take that long to sort out subtitles.

In this day and age where movies like Matrix Revolutions and Spiderman 2 have simultaneous or near-simultaneous worldwide releases, there's no other reason to release Star Wars in July than consistency (just as every movie has been released around 20th May in the States and the West.)

I'm in Japan now, and I was here for the release of Episode II as well. This time I have a Countdown Calendar widget on my Dashboard telling me "49 days until Episode III!"... surfing the web will be hell for the next few months...
2005-05-20 11:36:13 PM  
Ruuku, BOKU GA anata no chichi desu yo!
2005-05-20 11:45:21 PM  
I don't think Darth Vader would say "desu" to his son.
2005-05-20 11:49:16 PM  
You guys suck at Japanese.
2005-05-20 11:55:17 PM  
Omedetou, anata ga baka.
2005-05-21 12:02:45 AM  
Stickdeath: Omedetou, anata ga baka.

Gah! Please, everyone in this thread, give up your sad attempts at Japanese and pick up something a little more your speed, like Spanish or something. I can't take it anymore!

/my poor abused language :'(
2005-05-21 12:11:32 AM  
That's not a very nice way to talk to ichinensei.
2005-05-21 12:12:22 AM  
No, I take that back. His comment WAS stupid.

However, unless you're a native speaker STFU.
2005-05-21 12:19:35 AM  
[b] ... [/b]
2005-05-21 12:23:54 AM  
Get over yourself, Vegan Republican. Everyone who learns a language starts off saying what they would in their native tongue in that language, and it comes off sounding weird. If your name really is "Ayeesha" then I doubt you have much claim to calling Japanese "my language."

Anyway... In the Japanese subtitles for The Empire Strikes Back, the "No, I am your father"/"No... no, that's not true! That's impossible!" exchange goes:

[image from too old to be available]

In the dub, it's

[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-21 12:24:03 AM  
I took a long lunch to watch Ep II at that same theater - and right in the middle of Yoda's fight scene the movie froze. Took them 15 minutes to fix it, and the mood was gone. No new tickets - only free soda coupons.

(Glad I saw Ep III in a different state today)
2005-05-21 12:27:18 AM  
This link needs a NERD tag
2005-05-21 12:29:52 AM  
I WAS IN THAT THEATER! (number 5, 12:03 showing incase anyone doubts my story)... it happened just as they got stuck in the force field around like 20 min in.. at first we all thought it had to do with the force field (no one realized it was japanese for a few sentance) then my boyfriend screamed "CHANGE THE LANGUAGE!" and everyone else shouted also. at one point after the stopped the movie some guy walks in and goes "everyone to theater 12!!" i've never seen so many people get up and run to the exit at once. it was like there was a fire or something. but yeah, once we got into the other theater the movie stars playing (we had to watch from the beginning again) and in the seconds leading up to when we had originally heard the japanese a lot of people held their hands up with fingers crossed. then when they kept speaking english everyone cheered. it was definately a memorable star wars experience!!!
2005-05-21 12:57:00 AM  
Here, I'll translate...

Hump a barbie. Moolah, Solo, Colin Mochrie!
2005-05-21 01:04:04 AM  
Wewcome to shiaty Theater!
2005-05-21 01:11:11 AM  
drtfa and drtft

So let me be the first to say: "This is a goddam conspiracy and a plot and a hoax and and adn fark is advertising this movie!"

Tinfoil hats come in child sizes, too.
2005-05-21 01:20:09 AM  
Not sure if this is an urban legend or not: a US businessman was staying in Tokyo and liked the look of the kanji symbol on the robe the hotel provided. Ethnic tatoos (Irish, Japanese, Maori etc) were the fashion at the time so he took the robe and when he got back to the states got the symbol tattoed on his shoulder. When he showed off the tatoo to some friends, one of whom spoke Japanese, he was told that it translated to "Property of the Hilton Hotel".
2005-05-21 01:30:04 AM  
At the theater I work at, reel 6 of 7 on one of our prints of Revenge of the Sith was horribly scratched when we received it. It wasn't even a "typical" green scratch, the entire emulsion layer was gone so it was completely black about halfway in from the left side of the picture. I just finished putting on the replacement reel today. This sort of thing seems to happen fairly frequently, bad quality control I guess...
2005-05-21 01:57:07 AM  
The movie was a soulless and adventureless spectacle!
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