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(Raleigh N&O)   North Carolina woman charged with assault after mooning her daughter's assistant principal   ( divider line
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10189 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 May 2005 at 1:42 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-05-20 12:58:42 PM  

"Mooning" is "assault"? Ass-ault. Har-har-har.

I guess it depends on what she looks like:

Thomas is accused of cursing at Bethel, lifting her dress and exposing her backside, arrest warrants state. She was not wearing underwear at the time, according to police.
Hmm, I have a strong suspicion we DON'T want any pictures...
2005-05-20 01:12:26 PM  
Assault with a deadly bottom?
2005-05-20 01:17:16 PM  
The simple assault charge, a misdemeanor, was filed because Bethel was forced to take a different route to his doctor's appointment

so she flashes the moon, and he has to take a detour? Baby got back!
2005-05-20 01:46:03 PM  
2005-05-20 01:46:23 PM  
Alright, no wise cracks - but I hope someone analizes the situation and rectifies the problem.
2005-05-20 01:46:42 PM  
I'm really surprised she doesn't classify as a sex offender too.
2005-05-20 01:46:48 PM  
I dunno ... how big's her booty?
2005-05-20 01:46:53 PM  
I assume that Thomas is not a MILF.
2005-05-20 01:46:58 PM  
What an Ass-In-Eye'n thing to do.
2005-05-20 01:47:25 PM  
Useless without pics. I need to ass-ess the quality of her ass-ets to see if I would be offended
2005-05-20 01:47:38 PM  
I like big butts and I cannot lie !!
2005-05-20 01:47:56 PM  
Wasn't there already a story about how a judge ruled mooning wasn't a crime? It was a long time ago on Fark I think, possibly from North Carolina as well.
2005-05-20 01:48:52 PM  

You other brothers can't de-ny!
2005-05-20 01:49:06 PM  
Wonder if she showed him the brown-eye...
2005-05-20 01:49:46 PM  
Sounds like a proud moment for the daughter.
2005-05-20 01:50:02 PM  
I concur, no photos please. too close to lunch!
2005-05-20 01:50:13 PM  
i'm most curious about the "harassing a police officer over the telephone" charge...
2005-05-20 01:50:40 PM  
when a girl walks in in with an itty bitty waist
2005-05-20 01:51:03 PM  
Assault? That must be one nasty looking ass.
2005-05-20 01:51:08 PM  
Wow. They would have really loves my mom then. She actually threatened to whip my assistant principal's ass in middle school in his office after he kept sending me to in school suspension for no reason and kept takling about what a bad kid I was. I was a gifted/talented student that had never been a discipline problem before, and wasn't afterwards when I was moved out of that district. He finally admitted to her that he'd keep doing it as long as I was in the district, and she said that was fine, she'd be more than happy to whip his ass in front of everyone if that was the way he wanted it. The look on his face was priceless. Don't mess with a mad Irish woman.

Remember the Alamo, and God Bless Texas...
2005-05-20 01:51:13 PM  
North Carolina - say it ain't so!
2005-05-20 01:51:50 PM  
You can't spell assault without ass.

Did she at least put a boombox on his desk playing Sir Mix a Lot first?
2005-05-20 01:53:51 PM  
i wonder if she winked at him
2005-05-20 01:54:30 PM  
Come on! Mooning deserves an
img.fark.netView Full Size
img.fark.netView Full Size
2005-05-20 01:56:17 PM  
It's assult if she launced a Methane Cloud. Think that qualifies as a WMD
2005-05-20 01:56:32 PM  
2 days, 2 mooning stories.
Is this trend of pressed ham going to become a fad, or is it just a phase?
Maybe this case was more of an eclipse...
2005-05-20 01:57:04 PM  
You make the rockin' world go round...

eh, draw a picture and hang it up. Oh, wait, can't do that either...
2005-05-20 01:57:36 PM  
You get sprung
/I love that song!
2005-05-20 01:59:04 PM  
Your mom ROCKS!
2005-05-20 01:59:31 PM  
i remember my high school soccer team was coming back from a game and we stopped at Wendys. my soccer team was made up of moslty upper class men and few 8th grades, which their parents would come to our games.

we got done eating and piled into the fan and someone mooned the 8th grades as their parents coming out of Wendys. you could hear their mom screaming. god that was funny.
2005-05-20 01:59:31 PM  
Oink x 2!
2005-05-20 01:59:50 PM  
2005-05-20 02:00:06 PM  
And a round thing in your face
2005-05-20 02:01:45 PM  
Good to see my hometown featured on FARK.

/Cary = Containment Area for Relocated Yankees.
2005-05-20 02:02:53 PM  
the GIS for Donna Maria Thomas is most defintley not safe for work. just wish some of the pics were of the "offending" women so we could get a good look at her.
2005-05-20 02:03:09 PM  

Apparently there's one for Clayton, now, too...

Cary-Like Area Yankees Tryin' Out Next
2005-05-20 02:04:55 PM  
Wonder if she was going commando because she knows she can pull it off, or because she has trouble pulling them on.
2005-05-20 02:05:51 PM  
Was it just the moon, or did she bend over and show him a crater too?

/also has a feeling we DONT want pictures.
/ (|) moons farkers
//I keed, I keed
2005-05-20 02:07:23 PM  
2005-05-20 02:07:27 PM  
Assault is the "apprehension of imminent bodily harm or offensive contact"

What did he "apprehend (fear) imminently? She'd pee on him? I don't see how this gesture is assault any more than flipping someone off. Indecent exposure, probably. Just sayin'
2005-05-20 02:07:32 PM  
"I was a gifted/talented student that had never been a discipline problem before"

I have always been a firm believer that the sound carries further when someone else toots the horn for you.
2005-05-20 02:10:50 PM  
I think the asst. principle should be offered a choice:

a.) Drop the assault charge, or
b.) Let her give each administrator a UFIA so at least she gets to do something that can remotely be called assault in a free society.
2005-05-20 02:12:29 PM  
The only Donna M. Thomas in the NC Depratment of Corrections public records had her license revoked, no mention of a Moon!!

/trying alternate spellings
2005-05-20 02:18:58 PM  
Only 42 yr. old Donna Thomas is the one mentioned in my previous post and so no joy and .... no photo.
2005-05-20 02:19:00 PM  
So I Google Map her address and wasn't at all surprised she lives in North Raleigh yuppieland.

Who wants to bet she drives a farkin' big SUV?
2005-05-20 02:19:15 PM  
That's funny. I had an interview in Clayton and when I was driving around I was thinking, "This kind of looks like the new Cary." Guess I'm not the only one.

/ My sister went to that high school. But that was a while ago.
2005-05-20 02:20:36 PM  

Clayton too!? Guess no-one likes the great white north anymore. I remember when Cary was a trafic light and a grocery store. Now it's out of control. Even faraway Fuqway-Varina is getting busy.

/Loves saying Fuqway(sp?)-Varina
2005-05-20 02:22:06 PM  
That they included the woman's address is amusing.
2005-05-20 02:22:20 PM  
Garner has graduated from being one point on the redneck triangle of Apex, Garner and Fuquay-Varina, to the new Cary... on second thought that is really not a step up.
2005-05-20 02:22:23 PM  
Maybe she should borrow some tighty whities from Saddam..
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