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(AZCentral)   Ashcroft to sing on Letterman's Late Show?   ( divider line
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3144 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Apr 2002 at 12:15 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-04 12:17:11 PM  
"Please to meet you, hoped you guessed my name ..."
2002-04-04 12:17:12 PM  
2002-04-04 12:17:55 PM  
One more reason to not watch letterman.
2002-04-04 12:17:57 PM  
That video was creepy... something like "America is the greatest country in the world, we will conquer you all..."
2002-04-04 12:18:36 PM  
" name is Lucifer, please take my hand."
2002-04-04 12:18:39 PM  
I hope he sings "I'm an asshole" or the asshole song or whatever it's called. Plus, I hope letterman has some semi-nude statues around....
2002-04-04 12:19:30 PM  
Leno is having Condoleeza Rice do her juggling-on-a-unicycle act
2002-04-04 12:19:59 PM  
No no no no no!
2002-04-04 12:20:29 PM  
Now that's comedy gold!
2002-04-04 12:21:41 PM  
I knew Letterman was way behind Leno in the ratings, but Letterman must be more desperate than I previously thought.
2002-04-04 12:21:48 PM  
This is awesome, I can't wait. Letterman has been playing this tape for weeks- with the sound of girls screaming over it (I think he borrowed the track from the hysterics at a Beatles concert or something.) This will be sweet...
2002-04-04 12:21:57 PM  
Conan is having Cheney do his 'stop the pacemaker and pretend to die' act...
2002-04-04 12:22:12 PM  
I want to hear him sing Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard.
2002-04-04 12:22:14 PM  
Yeah...that video was creepy...the music tho reminded me of some inspirtational song theyd play at cheesy public school gatherings.
2002-04-04 12:22:52 PM  
Eh, I'll be watching Conan instead.
2002-04-04 12:23:12 PM  
letterman used to be funny at NBC.

since then he's not trying. He hates his job and you can tell.
2002-04-04 12:23:20 PM  

Yes but will Ashcroft require any errant shown on Letterman to be covered up by a $2500 purple curtain ?

[image from too old to be available]

2002-04-04 12:26:04 PM  
I wonder who's going to be his partner for "It's Raining Men".
2002-04-04 12:26:05 PM  
Um, RageX, Conan is on after Leno and Letterman....
2002-04-04 12:27:18 PM  
Yeah but he is on so late I have to nap during Letterman/Leno to be able to catch him.
2002-04-04 12:28:17 PM  
"While the public sees his severe demeanor at news conferences, aides and friends say his playful side is often overlooked."

Such as witch hunts, invasive goverment, and the hillarious invitations to arab americans to stop off at the local DOJ office for a "chat" and coffee.

Playful as a kitten.
2002-04-04 12:28:26 PM  
Wonder if he will demonstrate his self annointing with vegetable oil for the "Stupid Human Tricks" portion.
2002-04-04 12:28:50 PM  
RageX, oh, ok then. Sorry I bit on that one...

Diogenes- hopefully Donald Rumsfeld :)
2002-04-04 12:28:59 PM  
Mommy! Make the bad man go awaaaay!
2002-04-04 12:30:28 PM  
I don't like Ash at all, but you guys have to admit, he gets some style/humor points for this. Not for the goofy song in the first place, but for admitting how goofy it is by singing it live on letterman.

Credit where it's due; if this guy can realize how funny it is, he gets at least a point or two.
2002-04-04 12:32:32 PM  
Bah, letterman will treat him with kid gloves.
2002-04-04 12:34:46 PM  
GHT- absolutly- kinda like Bob Dole - has a great sense of humor but I would never vote for him. I think Ashcroft is terrifying- and I'm not the only one- he did lose an election to a dead guy- but relish the chance to laugh at him.
2002-04-04 12:36:16 PM  
No, let him sing so the whole world can see what a nutjob the guy is.
2002-04-04 12:39:45 PM  
This would NOT be funny. We're laughing AT him, not WITH him. Don't give him any credibility...he's lost all of it and rightfully so.
2002-04-04 12:50:00 PM  
"Deutscheland, Deutscheland, uber alles..."

(sorry if I spelled that wrong)
2002-04-04 12:50:53 PM  
Maybe him and Florence Henderson can sing the Wesson Oil song while Clerence Thomas annoints them both.
2002-04-04 12:51:42 PM  
Warmbeer- yes, laughing at him as in haha which by definition means its funny. I don't think this will gain him any credibility and if it does the state of affairs is even sadder than I thought.
2002-04-04 12:54:03 PM  
GHT: The only points Asscroft has are artfully concealed by his hairdresser.
2002-04-04 12:54:40 PM  
All of Missouri apologizes profusely for te blight upon our nation known as Asscroft.
2002-04-04 12:56:09 PM  
Bob Roberts, anyone?
2002-04-04 12:56:11 PM  
Why not have Rush on to sing "I'm a Nazi"?
2002-04-04 12:56:33 PM  
2002-04-04 01:13:55 PM  
I personally hope he doesn't sing. I think anyone that has seen the video will agree with me.

Gaaaaaa!!! Gaaa!! Gaaa! GaAaAaAaAaAaAa!

2002-04-04 01:19:16 PM  
Ashcroft prefers to go by JA Assdaddy, if you please...
2002-04-04 01:19:53 PM  
I am originally from Missouri and I wholeheartedly apologize for this creep also.
2002-04-04 01:19:58 PM  
I hope he sings. Man, that is unitentional comedy at its acme.
2002-04-04 01:21:40 PM  
France surrenders.
2002-04-04 01:30:55 PM  
I wonder if he'll make Dave keep his mouth closed because of that indecent gap in his teeth.
2002-04-04 01:31:50 PM  
Ironbar: No, No, Springtime for Hitler would be a better suited song for that idiot.
2002-04-04 01:36:00 PM  
Best Comedy Appearance by a US AG remains Janet Reno on SNL's Janet Reno Dance Party.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-04 01:40:11 PM  
my email to the show:

I am sorry that your show is being used for a political agenda. It is obvious that Ashcroft is trying to build his public image in order to reduce criticism for his acts. You will need to cover all inappropriate material on your set. Perhaps you can have some dancers covered in curtains during his singing.
2002-04-04 01:42:47 PM  
Dave just MUST put a semi-statue behind him when he sings. And HOPEFULLY not tell him before they do it. Then point to it when he's through! Then watch the Hillarity that will ensue...much of which will be ... "Letterman investiged by AG for ..."
2002-04-04 01:44:21 PM  

I have to agree with you. It was on one of the rare nights I actually watch that show that I caught that moment. I woke up the entire house I was laughing so hard.
2002-04-04 01:52:47 PM  
Gah, every time that guy goes on tv the secret service has to go looking for calico cats.

'But, what's in it for the cat, mon?'
2002-04-04 02:03:43 PM  
This ought to ruin any credibility Ashcroft has left with the three people who still think that he has any.
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