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(The Roanoke Times)   Apparently hot redhead groupies are news in Roanoke, Virginia (pic)   ( ) divider line
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43104 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 May 2005 at 9:44 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-05-19 04:52:07 PM  
Apparently this had a It had a huge spread on the front page of the "Extra" section of the paper.

/should I have used the [Boobies] tag?
//didn't seem worth it
2005-05-19 04:54:55 PM  
Hardly seems worth It hardly seems worth it to me, either.

/She IS hot as shiat, however....
2005-05-19 04:55:22 PM  
"Apparently this had It had a huge spread...."
2005-05-19 04:57:15 PM  

Blast you and your ~30 second lead on me!

2005-05-19 05:13:17 PM  
I'd hit it.
2005-05-19 05:15:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Bathe her.

And bring her to me!
2005-05-19 05:19:28 PM  
It's not news, it's apparently hot redhead groupies in Roanoke, VA.
2005-05-19 05:24:23 PM  
2005-05-19 09:42:47 PM  
I like her, despite her bad taste in records.
2005-05-19 09:50:00 PM  
Not bad for a 15 year old.. RTFA

/I'd hit it
2005-05-19 09:51:37 PM  
Hot redheads save the world.
2005-05-19 09:52:16 PM  
The bigger news will come when all the people in the town disappear without a trace. Again.
2005-05-19 09:53:37 PM  
Better Red then Dead

/Got a Nuttin
2005-05-19 09:54:27 PM  
Well isn't she delicious.

And she's 19 now, jnash. RTFA.
2005-05-19 09:54:45 PM  

Not bad for a 15 year old.. RTFA

/I'd hit it

The story begins in June 2001. Merrow, who'd recently turned 15...

Yeah, way to read the article, genius.
2005-05-19 09:55:20 PM  
jnash: Not bad for a 15 year old.. RTFA

Nothing is as good as SELF OWNAGE
2005-05-19 09:55:29 PM  
I'd only hit it on days that end in y.
2005-05-19 09:58:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-19 09:59:07 PM  
I'd most certainly hit it.
Why the asinine tag?
\I am confused.
2005-05-19 09:59:41 PM  
I'd irritate it - as would everything else.
2005-05-19 09:59:52 PM  
You know what they say about redheads. Crazy in bed. Crazy everywhere else.
2005-05-19 10:03:44 PM  
Dancin_in_Anson: The proper phrase is: "Clean the shiat off of her and bring her to my tent immediately!" :)
2005-05-19 10:03:56 PM  
doing the math...
The story begins in June 2001. Merrow, who'd recently turned 15...
"Merrow had her first Velvet Revolver experience in May 2004, when the band played at the 9:30 club in Washington, D.C. Wearing a lingerie top, she positioned herself directly in front of the stage, hoping the band would notice her.[...]
After the show, Sorum walked over and introduced himself.
"He's very charismatic," Merrow says. "We've made out twice."

So in May 2004, should would have *just turned* 18, or would still be 17. Isn't that a bit young to be wearing lingerie in public, and making out with 44 year old men?

I love rock'n'roll. I should go back into it.
2005-05-19 10:07:00 PM  
She kissed matt???? i'm just glad i'm not the only one with bits of their stuff ....i have slash's cigarette butt, framed....its prolly the best thing i own.
2005-05-19 10:12:52 PM  
Now we know what happened to the Roanoke colony, assuming they all looked like that.
2005-05-19 10:13:43 PM  
Groupies are sad, sad people. Working in TV I get to meet famous people all the time. Guess what? They're just people. They have mothers and fathers and internal organs and they have to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom occasionally, just like you. They have jobs just like you, where they put in their hours for the day then they go home and do...whatever they like to do in their spare time.
2005-05-19 10:16:00 PM  
Two things:

1. Yum.

2. Merrow had never even heard of GNR; she was only a year old when that breakthrough album came out. Dammit I'm old.
2005-05-19 10:17:18 PM  
she's hot.
Not in comparison to Alicia Witt:

[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-19 10:19:19 PM  
Ok guys, i got it. I know it's a hot redhead, but i still don't see why you have to keep pestering me to post Alyson Hannigan.
[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-19 10:20:10 PM  
I'd bang her like a drum.
2005-05-19 10:20:30 PM  
"He has a lot of mental problems," she says. "As an avid psychology student, I can accept his behavior."

I think this girl has a few mental problems of her own.
Obsessive behaviour, stalking tendencies, strange taste in music, crap poetry....I could go on.
But she is hot.
2005-05-19 10:20:31 PM  
ahhh, hollins girls. many a lecherous night in college was spent at that school. nothing like single sex education to turn nice girls into sleezuts.
2005-05-19 10:21:35 PM  
Killer babe, kickass record too.
2005-05-19 10:24:11 PM  
I've got family there.

/just saying
//got nothing
///but I do have family
2005-05-19 10:24:12 PM  
She is cute, but I'll never listen to those albums again with the fervor I had when they came out. Just seems kinda silly now.

Could have been one really good album, I guess...
2005-05-19 10:26:04 PM  
I'm 19. I've known about GnR since I was 5 probably, and it is not nearly one of my favorite bands. This chick learned of GUNS AND ROSES AFTER SEEIN THAT A DUDE IN THE BAND HOOBASTANK RECOMMENDED IT! What a farking lameass,it boggles my mind she had never even farking heard of the best band in the 80's shiat.
/favorite band is Pink Floyd.
//close second is Led Zeppelin.
2005-05-19 10:26:40 PM  
So, the story is in the Extra section.. articles in there don't classify as news.
2005-05-19 10:27:02 PM  
Submitter was obviously in the same class at school as Helen Keller. That chick is NOT hot in any sense of the word.

OH BOY!! Ugly AND dumb, too!!! "Merrow thinks Axl has probably earned his reputation as a jerk, but she forgives him."

Great. Now Axl can finally sleep at night.

Sheeeeeesh. What a nimrod.
2005-05-19 10:27:30 PM  
I'd hit it at 15 & 19
2005-05-19 10:28:00 PM  

Was that quote from the ol' Kama Sutra flick? Sounded familiar...

"You are a beautiful will be with me tonight."
"Bathe her, and bring her to me"...classic.
2005-05-19 10:28:27 PM  
Plus i'd teach it some real music to listen to.
2005-05-19 10:29:42 PM  
yea hodgep, meant to say im a dude hahahaha
btw trying to make point dumb biatch devotes her life to a band she just found out about.
2005-05-19 10:29:51 PM  
Wow, I recognize her...she went to my high school.

Yeah, she's hot.
2005-05-19 10:29:52 PM  
No Catchy Nickname [TotalFark]

strange taste in music,

Woah, woah woah woah, woah, woah woah. Woah.

Lois, this is NOT my Batman cup.

/And GNR is awesome.

/favorite band is Pink Floyd.
//close second is Led Zeppelin.

Congratulations on being that guy.
2005-05-19 10:30:50 PM  
GNR is indeed awesome, but not exactly what I'd consider "life revolving around" music.
2005-05-19 10:31:42 PM  
GNR saved my life. Twice!

/Not really.
//But its my Favorite. Band. Evar.
2005-05-19 10:31:46 PM  
Diabolic: i wouldn't complain about being in that sandwich though.
2005-05-19 10:34:20 PM  
If you jest that Led Zeppelin is better thank Pink Floyd I agree, I just don't like how Robert Plant always sounds like a girl. You have no idea how many friends of mine who don't know Zeppelin and hear it and think Plant is a chick.
2005-05-19 10:34:39 PM  
Me again.

Anyone who thinks "Appetite for Destruction" is somehow beautifully "honest" is a real farktard. It's nothing more than a big-haired glamrock album about drinking, doing drugs, and banging chicks. I'm not saying that I don't like the album.... I own it. But if you're looking for some kind of soul-searching and beautiful honesty, I wouldn't suggest turning to Guns N F'n Roses.

Case in point:

"Panties 'round your knees
With your ass in debris
Doin' dat grind with a push and squeeze"

"I've got a tongue like a razor
A sweet switchblade knife
I can do you favors
But then you'll do whatever I like"

There's lots of good "soul-searching" music out there. I think that Axl Rose ("oral sex" rearranged) was searching for something a little different.


Oh, and that chick is still ugly.
2005-05-19 10:35:44 PM  
Wow...reading the farking article I've come to realize that she has a serious frickin' problem.

"Sorum let Merrow know he was up for what she describes as 'carnal activities,' but she declined because she didn't know him very well. And for health reasons."

Obviously genital warts.
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