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(CNN)   Attention New Mexico: Martin Sheen is not president   ( divider line
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9923 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Apr 2002 at 4:52 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-03 04:55:08 PM  
What? He's not? They had me fooled.
2002-04-03 04:55:35 PM  
Just trying to keep some bozo from having a heart attack and sueing their *sses...
2002-04-03 04:58:33 PM  
Probably should tell Olathe, Kansas too...just in case.
2002-04-03 04:59:03 PM  
This is the downside of brainwashing people to believe everything they see on TV.
2002-04-03 04:59:57 PM  
2002-04-03 05:00:03 PM  
I done thawt tee-vee was real. I spect thars some kinda con-spiracy.
2002-04-03 05:00:42 PM  

OF COURSE HE'S NOT THE PRESIDENT !!!! It's Morgan Freeman, and I hope his plan will save us from the asteroid .

[image from too old to be available]

2002-04-03 05:00:45 PM  
incredibly asinine indeed. How farking stupid are people in New Mexico?
2002-04-03 05:00:47 PM  
That show is sooooo real that sometimes I forget
2002-04-03 05:01:07 PM  
Corporate Mofo: there's an upside?
2002-04-03 05:01:53 PM  
Martin Short is President. Duh.
2002-04-03 05:02:45 PM  
Whats funny is that the State of New Mexico is assuming that its residents are as stupid as the residents of Kansas actually are!
2002-04-03 05:03:08 PM  
Is Dick going to tell Dubya it's not real, too? I hope so.
2002-04-03 05:04:50 PM  
Just saw this on CNN:

`U.S. officials said Zubaydah -- who suffered bullet wounds in the groin, thigh and stomach -- is able to speak with them and has confirmed his identity. He remains in "serious" condition, officials said, but is expected to survive his injuries.'

Hahahahahahahaa! They shot him in the nads
2002-04-03 05:05:03 PM  
"The scenario described is completely fictional," the department said in a news release issued Tuesday, later adding, "New Mexico has no tunnels." Neither, it added, does Idaho.

In fact, New Mexico does have a tunnel on U.S. 82 between Alamogordo and Cloudcroft.

Idaho also has at least one tunnel on I-70. If the New Mexico government lied about this, what else did they lie about? Maybe Martin Sheen really is president!
2002-04-03 05:05:17 PM  
Wait till Harrison Ford hears about this, he's gonna be pissed.
2002-04-03 05:05:32 PM  
why doesn't he just have the supreme court overthrow the electoral process and stick him into office in a political coup.

oh wait, that's already been done.
2002-04-03 05:05:33 PM  
nail on the head corporate!
2002-04-03 05:05:52 PM  
I wasn't worried considering I've never even heard of the show. Maybe I do need to turn on the TV occasionally...
2002-04-03 05:06:50 PM  
You know, I thought Martin Sheen was still working at Blue Star Airlines. ahhhh forget it.....
2002-04-03 05:07:45 PM  
Just give that state back to the Mexicans. Nobody wants it anyways.
2002-04-03 05:07:48 PM  
I never watch TV anymore. The only thing it's good for is Playstation 2 and DVD Pornography (so they say).
2002-04-03 05:08:44 PM  
Nah. Martin Sheen isn't President...he's just an advisor. Now, Michael Douglas - he's the President.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-03 05:09:07 PM  
Proof positive that TV makes you stupid.
2002-04-03 05:09:51 PM  
That's funny so many times over.
2002-04-03 05:09:56 PM  
There's a NEW Mexico??
2002-04-03 05:10:19 PM  
War of the Worlds anyone?
2002-04-03 05:11:18 PM  
Yeah New Mexico isn't even part of the US, so why should we care.
2002-04-03 05:11:45 PM  
Drpcken: I'd like some DVD pornography but cheaper than the $40 each the local place has it for.
2002-04-03 05:12:33 PM  
According to [image from too old to be available], anyone we want can be president!

Hooray for technology!
2002-04-03 05:13:01 PM  
...goes without saying, I'd prefer him to the current Simian-in-Chief...
2002-04-03 05:13:02 PM  
Michael J. Fox is the president of Old Mexico! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
2002-04-03 05:13:23 PM  
Probably thinks 'the Grammys' is voting day.
2002-04-03 05:13:56 PM  

Go on Ebay man, they have all kinds. Seriously, I've never ordered any (digging myself deeper), but I've seen them for as low as 6 bucks sometimes.
2002-04-03 05:14:06 PM  
Damn you all, everyone knows the President is Peter Sellers. Mein Fuhrer...I mean, My President!
2002-04-03 05:14:50 PM  
Also, there are NO eight foot talking birds, and monsters don't really live in garbage cans.

This public service message brought to you by the letter Z
2002-04-03 05:15:05 PM  
If Martin Sheen is not the president, why the h#&l does he play one on TV?
2002-04-03 05:15:38 PM  
hmmm. then who the hell did I vote for?
2002-04-03 05:16:31 PM  

If you're in Florida, there is no telling :D
2002-04-03 05:16:35 PM  
You 'mericans are so funny...
2002-04-03 05:17:29 PM  
i think you mean Unitedstatesian.
2002-04-03 05:18:02 PM  
I voted for gore.
2002-04-03 05:18:29 PM  
No wait, Bush.
2002-04-03 05:18:37 PM  
I'm not 'merican, I just play one on TV
2002-04-03 05:19:26 PM  
Yeah, Unitedstatesian sounds bettar.
2002-04-03 05:19:47 PM  
That article makes New Mexicans sound really stupid. But we need to remember they do have a whole town dedicated to UFO's. They could seriously fark up the gene pool.
2002-04-03 05:20:47 PM  
in other news.. there has been a severe lack of boobies.
2002-04-03 05:22:06 PM  
actually, I'm from the REAL New Mexico (Canada), but we could use a man like Martin Sheen to lead our country.
2002-04-03 05:22:26 PM  
"My fellow Mericans, I'd like to thank the Academy an...uhhh

2002-04-03 05:23:19 PM  
we must protect our essence!
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