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5348 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Apr 2002 at 8:31 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-03 08:36:27 PM  
am I first?!?!
2002-04-03 08:36:37 PM  
Eh, I guess that was supposed to be funny. I don't mind ripping on Dubya, but at least make it funny.
2002-04-03 08:36:39 PM  
yes, yes I am
2002-04-03 08:37:20 PM  
YourCrossToBear: Congratulations on your 15 minutes of fame (or is it 15 seconds?)
2002-04-03 08:38:09 PM  
*yawn* wannabe satire
2002-04-03 08:39:45 PM  
more like 15 seconds of LAME!! LOLOLOLOLZ

man, this comedy site really blows... maybe they should implement a satire tag with quotes around it...

you know, "satire"
2002-04-03 08:41:23 PM  
Good, so I'm not the only one who thought this totally sucked. "Satire," indeed.
2002-04-03 08:47:11 PM  
Burger-King? I take it the sight isn't even worth going to?

2002-04-03 08:48:19 PM  
Bush makes it really tough to do satire. He is satire. The most bumbling foreign policy president since the Viet Nam era, approval rating or no.
2002-04-03 08:49:13 PM  




[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-03 08:54:19 PM  
I don't know about ALL YU0 FAG0TS, but I think the rest of that site fscking rules. "Oscar Winner Barry Passes on Porno 'Monster's Balls.'" ? Genius.
2002-04-03 08:58:11 PM  
Ah, I just love people who insult those who disagree with them... such a refreshing change from the usual fare.
2002-04-03 09:18:39 PM  
Bubya doesn't get insulted because people disagree with him...
2002-04-03 09:18:40 PM  
Excellent idea, but poorly executed. Not unlike most skits on 'Saturday Night Live'.
2002-04-03 09:23:41 PM  
One4k4: Speaking of sites that aren't worth going to. By the way, the phrase "one nation under god" is from The Pledge of Alegiance, NOT the constitution.
2002-04-03 09:41:07 PM  
Totally unrelated, but I'm watching Greg the Bunny, and Domo-Kun is hanging on the wall in the rabbit's room!
2002-04-03 09:45:47 PM  
Suho: (Taxi Driver accent) You talkin' to me? Are you talkin' to me?
2002-04-03 09:56:31 PM  
Ironically, I was making jokes about King Blair all weekend. Is that funnier?
2002-04-03 10:05:42 PM  
Yes, actually. I hope The Onion's listening.
2002-04-03 10:10:29 PM  
"Area Man named King of England."
2002-04-03 10:11:15 PM  
Almost forgot: France Surrenders."
2002-04-03 10:16:40 PM  
Are we running out of good satire site?
2002-04-03 10:25:29 PM  
Then King Blair's scientists developed "Bronze Writing" and sacked Belgium. It took them a while to find it.
2002-04-03 10:32:33 PM  
Site is dead at the moment. :-/
2002-04-03 11:28:57 PM  
well... *I* thought it was very funny. And clever.
"Not only just Britain, but alos all of England"
2002-04-03 11:49:58 PM  
And then DUMBYA said "HEY ISNT ENGLAND IN JAPAN" and then he picked his nose and danced around like a monkey and said "LOOK EVERYONE, IM DANCIFICATING" and then he gave all the enron people $5000000000 million dollars.


"Satire"... feh.
2002-04-04 12:00:51 AM  
This would be funnier if so many farkers didn't think there was a new king. I remember about 3 people saying similar things about "king" Charels the day the quenn mum died
2002-04-04 12:59:49 AM  
VIIseven7-You're satirizing bad satire. I like it.
2002-04-04 01:38:13 AM  
Link is farked.
2002-04-04 02:36:07 AM  
I think the point of the argument was that Americans know nothing about the monarchy, and that this could very well have happened.

Hell, read the comments on the death of the Queen Mum article. Most of you did the same thing, thinking that Charles was now king
2002-04-04 02:36:23 AM  
Argument should be article
2002-04-04 02:58:42 AM  
Slap my butt
2002-04-04 03:43:20 AM  
This made me laugh, cos I remembered the thread about the Queen Mother dying and how many Americans there thought for some reason we had lost the Queen.
2002-04-04 05:19:53 AM  
Americans wouldn't know satire if it jumped up and gave them a haircut.
2002-04-04 05:20:27 AM  
Whow! I didn't realise it was [image from too old to be available] link day!!!!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-04 05:29:08 AM  
Well, I thought it was funny.

Actually laughed out loud, too.
2002-04-04 12:29:58 PM  
Satire's dead.
2002-04-04 01:01:58 PM  
Not so. He has just been sleeping.
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