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(BBC)   "Doctor Who" episode raises contoversy as it might encourage kids to drill into somebody's head as a way of resolving disputes   ( divider line
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12292 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 May 2005 at 1:58 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-05-16 09:06:11 AM  
Headline made my head asplode...
2005-05-16 09:13:09 AM  
From Abu Gharib to Marathon Man, the opportunities for satire are ripe.
2005-05-16 09:18:46 AM  
2005-05-16 09:38:56 AM  
It isn't safe.
2005-05-16 09:39:08 AM  
Slapping a 12 rating on the DVD is just their way of getting kids interested in buying the DVD. Obvious?

BTW, the BBC issues DVDs of their programs as they air? The MPAA won't like that.
2005-05-16 09:41:39 AM  
For a BBC article, that was very badly written.
2005-05-16 09:44:11 AM  
Still not safe, with added photo goodness!

[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-16 10:44:28 AM  
man, if that isn't total bullshiat.

Looks like the U.K. is becoming more and more like the USA every day.

/thought it was the greatest episode yet
2005-05-16 11:52:54 AM  
By the time we make fun of soembody for their contoversial
spelign, someone will have corrected it.

So, I'll post a comment that namechecks "Pi", and also trepanning.
2005-05-16 12:42:48 PM  
RawData: /thought it was the greatest episode yet

I thought it was pretty great too. Man, the Doctor really hates Daleks.
2005-05-16 12:55:57 PM  
Was he a jewish mathematician?
2005-05-16 02:03:31 PM  
In other news, Jack Bauer stifles a yawn...
2005-05-16 02:04:08 PM  
but dont you know?

"Wanting people to listen, you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you'll notice you've got their strict attention."

2005-05-16 02:05:06 PM  
Tom Baxter was still the best Doctor....
2005-05-16 02:05:10 PM  
At least there wasn't an sex, that would have been far, far worse.
2005-05-16 02:05:45 PM  
"It received a 12 because of its scenes of urban violence and the fact that role model Spider-Man used violence as a way of dealing with his problems."

That rules out just about every movie, TV show, comic book, etc., that kids actually like.
2005-05-16 02:06:23 PM  
It's not?
2005-05-16 02:06:29 PM  
How is this show, anyway? My dad used to watch the old one and we got such poor reception he was basically just watching static. But I'm interested.
2005-05-16 02:07:34 PM  
Because I grew up watching Looney Tunes, I have a tendency to resolve conflicts by dropping anvils on people.
2005-05-16 02:08:01 PM  
It's Tom BAKER. And this new doctor is rapidly becoming my favorite.
2005-05-16 02:10:12 PM  
Spengler, "This reminds of that time you tried to drill that hole in your head?

Egon, "That would have worked if you hadn't stopped me."
2005-05-16 02:10:58 PM  
Drilling holes into a Dalek's head!!!

Won't someone PLEASE think of the (Davros') children!

Actually, I remember the Fourth Doctor hating Daleks pretty much as well, but a torture scene is something that was defintitely not in those old scripts...
2005-05-16 02:11:59 PM  
Quote :StrikitRich

BTW, the BBC issues DVDs of their programs as they air? The MPAA won't like that.

The DVDs coming out later on, after the series has finished.
Although the BBC is launching a new Downlaod service soon where you will be able to download Tv programs within hours or minutes after they have been shown on TV, using Peer to Peer technology.
the only downside to it is that each file will only have a lifespan of 7 days, thanks to DRM.
BBC p2p Media player info
2005-05-16 02:12:13 PM  
If ignorance ever becomes a commodity, I want the drilling rights to Dubya's head!
2005-05-16 02:12:37 PM  
was it a conscious choice to choose a doctor who looks so demonic? or is it just the photo? the old one looked like a cool uncle figure. this guy looks like someone who...well...tortures people. haven't seen him live yet,just askin'
2005-05-16 02:12:58 PM  
"Tom Baxter was still the best Doctor.... "

Tom Baker was good too...
2005-05-16 02:13:03 PM  
1)Drill holes in Daleks' heads
2)Create controversy about cruelty towards Daleks
2005-05-16 02:13:10 PM  
Metalslime it's basically brilliant. I two used to watch the old series from behind the sofa in the 70s and 80s, this better... although some episodes are a bit lacking - I thought Dalek was pretty poor.

Last night's 'Father's Day' was splendid.

They've also got some sort of mysterious story arc thing going - some people have spotted that the phrase 'Bad Wolf' has cropped up in every episode somewhere - last night it was graffiti on a poster, in Dale, it was the audible call sign of a helicopter.

Wacky stuff.

Oh, and it's not just me, my wife likes it too, and a SciFi anorak she is not.
2005-05-16 02:13:35 PM  
My name is Revok, Darryl Revok.

DNRTFA, but that was the first thing I thought of.
2005-05-16 02:13:55 PM  
it's just tv, you damn censors. they even ruined the classic bugs bunny toons with edits of daffy not getting a shotgun dis-charged into his face. just showed a still of bugs...

where are the censors on other shows. it's like that greys anatomy. do interns really hump each other all the time. was an actual news story. real interns are pushed to the limit and beyond and pass out long before they get a chance to raise the
2005-05-16 02:13:55 PM  
"Last month the BBC denied the series was too frightening for under-eights. "

My generation, when it was under-eight, was terrified by Dr.Who. And we loved it.

I was telling a friend just the other day about Saturday evenings spent behind the sofa, hiding from the Cybermen.
2005-05-16 02:14:18 PM  
Well, there go my negotiating skills.
2005-05-16 02:14:34 PM  
Never really understood the appeal of this lame ass character. Doctor Sucks Donkey Nuts. Boring & Stupid are complimentary terms for this pile of festering dog ass that everyone refers to as a TV show.
2005-05-16 02:15:13 PM  
RawData: Looks like the U.K. is becoming more and more like the USA every day.

Uh, the UK has always been that way.
2005-05-16 02:15:27 PM  
This thread is useless without pics of Billie Piper .
2005-05-16 02:17:22 PM  
For those of you thinking about drilling a hole in your loved one's head - check out this guy's trepanation blog. It still makes me ill every time i look at it...but i...can't...look...away.

Shudder, shudder
2005-05-16 02:17:24 PM  
Is Dr. Who the guy who does all those songs for the CSI shows?
2005-05-16 02:17:55 PM  

Because I grew up watching Looney Tunes, I have a tendency to resolve conflicts by dropping anvils on people.

Haha.. so funny, and point very aptly put.
2005-05-16 02:19:36 PM  
Personally, I thought the Dalek episode was by far the worst in this series. If you are going to bring them back for one last hurrah, you want full blown extermination of everything in sight, not a dalek with emotions. What a downer..
2005-05-16 02:19:38 PM  
And this is bad why, exactly? In these troubled times, having one more arrow in the quiver of conflict resolution can only be a good thing.

/ OW! Quit it!
2005-05-16 02:21:04 PM  
The last dr who made me cry.
2005-05-16 02:21:38 PM  
I haven't seen anything on this new Dr. Who series that is any more frightening or upsetting than the earlier series. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the show was ever primarily intended for children. There seems to be all this fuss over the show this time around. Weren't parents complaining that an earlier episode with dead people coming to life was too scary for their little ones?

Holy crap, but parents have become trigger-happy with the complaints these days. Stuff on TV scared me all the time when I was little, but my parents didn't complain. Seeing scary things on TV and in the movies is normal for a kid. Before anybody gets on my case about this, I mean ghosts and creepy aliens, not graphic violence and gore. Children's psyches are not made of glass - they'll recover if they see something creepy on TV.
2005-05-16 02:22:21 PM  
They're concerned about the Dalek episode? I guess they gave up on the series at that point, because they drilled holes into humans in the very next episode:

[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-16 02:23:15 PM  
Judge Dredd not mega-impressed...
2005-05-16 02:23:26 PM  
The new Doctor is simply excellent.

I did a taste test, of sorts:

I had my gf watch the new episodes. She loves them. Imagine, a girlfriend who is now a huge Doctor Who fan. Most certainly a keeper :)

I then downloaded one of the best Tom Baker sequences, Genesis of the Daleks. While she found it entertaining, she greatly preferred the new Doctor.

My $.02.
2005-05-16 02:26:19 PM  
"The new Doctor is simply excellent.
I did a taste test, of sorts"

Dude, this just sounds bad.
2005-05-16 02:26:46 PM  
We used to behead kids and hang their skulls from the monkey bars. Head drilling is so passe.
2005-05-16 02:26:50 PM  
Boobiesontheside: The last dr who made me cry.

Me too.
2005-05-16 02:29:02 PM  

Because I grew up watching Looney Tunes, I have a tendency to resolve conflicts by dropping anvils on people.

I prefer 10 ton weights myself.
2005-05-16 02:30:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Mr. Burns: Oh, you're that TV Leprechaun. I'm going to get your lucky charms!


Hans: Ow, my brain!
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