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(Cosmiverse)   Nightmares are killing people in the Philippines   ( divider line
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9211 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Apr 2002 at 2:13 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-03 11:51:36 AM  
shouldn't have had red bull with those "few drinks"
2002-04-03 02:15:19 PM  
2002-04-03 02:15:54 PM  
one............two...Freddy's comming for you
2002-04-03 02:16:10 PM  
Wet Dream?
2002-04-03 02:16:51 PM  
I have this recurring nightmare in which fark is flooded with lame-ass Cosmiverse articles.
2002-04-03 02:16:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


2002-04-03 02:17:30 PM  
One, two, Freddy's coming for you....

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-03 02:18:24 PM  
*scrambles to find Simpsons Halloween special pics*
2002-04-03 02:18:35 PM  
I thought Elm Street was somewhere in the USA.
2002-04-03 02:18:55 PM  
I almost always have good dreams, well except Sun night, but it just made me want to kill someone else not myself ;)
2002-04-03 02:19:37 PM  
"Cause the good life, is just a dream away."
2002-04-03 02:19:47 PM  
So... since I'm half Jaoanese and almost 32, does that mean the Boogie man will only leave with a stroke?
2002-04-03 02:19:56 PM  
1,2, freddy's comin for you

3,4 better lock your doors

7,8, better stay up late

9.,10, never sleep again

is that how it goes?....
2002-04-03 02:20:17 PM  
and in totally unrelated news, 8 out of 10 Farkers says Cosmiverse posters should be shot.
2002-04-03 02:20:22 PM  
""? What's the deal with the hyphens? Why not just "rest of his life"?
2002-04-03 02:20:30 PM  
what the hell is 5&6?...i forgot
2002-04-03 02:20:59 PM  
eeewww 2 cosmiverse articles in a row... thats what gives me nightmares....
2002-04-03 02:21:53 PM  
1..2 freddy's coming for you
3..4 better lock the door
5..6 grab your crucifix
7..8 better stay up later
9..10 never sleep again
2002-04-03 02:22:15 PM  
Er... 'later' should be 'late'
2002-04-03 02:22:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]???
2002-04-03 02:22:27 PM  
5 6 gotta take a shiat?
2002-04-03 02:22:30 PM  
"Good thing about training, is all the wet dreams. It's a great way to wake up."
2002-04-03 02:22:52 PM  
AlgertMan: you forgot 5,6 grab your crucifix.

Of course, I prefer the remix

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-03 02:22:53 PM  
I guess I am lucky, I only dream about sex and once in awhile about running through a forest (clothed) :) I never have a nightmare.
2002-04-03 02:23:40 PM  
Actually, I guess he quite literally had the "rest of his life" ahead of him (if you read "rest" as a noun meaning "sleep.")
2002-04-03 02:24:50 PM  
Ever been to the Philippines? They're better off.
2002-04-03 02:24:55 PM  
Peter North gas already done a movie on this topic:

(don't know how to tag it)
2002-04-03 02:24:55 PM  
How is the entire forest clothed?
2002-04-03 02:25:17 PM  
But Rita, you run unclothed in other's dreams, I'm sure.
2002-04-03 02:25:24 PM  
So age 30-50 equals "young men?" Article sounds like it was written by a seventh grader.
2002-04-03 02:25:32 PM  
"...and those who know exactly what happened are, well, dead now-so they are unable to provide any input on what happened to them in their final moments."

*LOL* Good one....
2002-04-03 02:25:56 PM  
This is stupid. It's called a heart attack.

Although it reminds me of the "spontaneously exploding body syndrome" that is common in the Middle-East. They haven't been able to figuare that one out either.
2002-04-03 02:26:40 PM  
"Is it a dream where you're surrounded by naked women throwing pickles at you? - maybe it's just me..."
2002-04-03 02:27:39 PM  
"A similar malady occurs in Japanese men, leading to speculation that the diet specific to the cultures in the Southeast Asian countries may be a factor."

~ So that explains the 'night terrors' I got the other night after I ate that egg roll. I was being chased by an empty church bus. Seriously, it was like 'Duel' except with a church bus.
2002-04-03 02:27:43 PM  
Right before he had the fugu he should have read the writing on the wall to see if the chef was licensed. . .
2002-04-03 02:28:28 PM  
"Ahh! We used to DREAM about eating dirt!..."
2002-04-03 02:28:58 PM  
They nightmares are of someone coming to claim a shirtee without their tickee.
2002-04-03 02:30:29 PM  
Wasn't there a Walken movie where he records Natalie Wood's dream... and another dream movie where Dennis Quaid rescues the president on a train?
2002-04-03 02:32:00 PM  
I used to dream of Jeannie... while I ferociously tugged on my viened and swollen blood-bomber. Ah those were the days...
2002-04-03 02:32:09 PM  
Bump you forgot the part about wearing "sun god robes".

If you have a choice about sex or sleep, when you're younger you take sex. When you're older you take the sleep and hope you have a dream about sex, which it appears Rita does.

(Apologies to Jeff Foxworthy for farking up his line
2002-04-03 02:32:40 PM  
I already had this once. I can't get it again.
2002-04-03 02:33:39 PM  
This just in: Johnny Depp moves to Japan!! SOMEONE STOP HIM!
2002-04-03 02:33:48 PM  
"Victims are heard moaning just before they die"
"the victims have been known to moan in their sleep"

YEAH. WE KNOW. What was it they were doing again?
2002-04-03 02:35:22 PM  
Did god mistake him for a kitten?
2002-04-03 02:36:21 PM  
Wake up, Phillipino Man. The Matrix has you.

Knock Knock
2002-04-03 02:38:01 PM  
I have this dream where I walk into a pizza hut wearing these big fake wings and everyone says "Hello Mr. Spencer! Welcome back!" and they give me the best seat in the place... and then after about 5 minutes of eating salt rocks I realize there is a tornado on the way! I run and hide in the oven because it looks heavy enough to stay grounded during the storm.... and then I wake up... WITH 2ND DEGREE BURNS!!!!
2002-04-03 02:41:09 PM  
I live on Elm st... for real... along with 20 million other americans
2002-04-03 02:46:29 PM  
Tommy Ray is gonna getcha ya
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-03 02:46:29 PM  
I believe the movie was "Dreamscape" with Dennis Quaid. The best part of the movie was when actor Eddie Arnold (of Green Acres fame)playing the extremely Reaganesque president uttered the line about his being afraid to fall asleep:

"It's starting to affect my job!"

Oh, how we laughed...
2002-04-03 02:47:17 PM  
Wow, look at the time on that!
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