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(Wired)   EverQuest player commits suicide, mom sues EverQuest makers   ( divider line
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13279 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Apr 2002 at 9:50 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-03 03:54:36 PM  
sow plz
2002-04-03 03:55:28 PM  
He probably lost his SMR for his gay high elf wizard and couldnt take it anymore.
2002-04-03 03:55:40 PM  
damn, angelfire sucks.. here's the URL while I look for a better place to store these images:

2002-04-03 03:57:52 PM  
Hey, here's an example: Little Timmy becomes a fag and downloads 28 cheats for CS so he can be a frag whore.

See? This happens in alot of games, anyone willing to go out of there way to play a game to excess or to achieve victory by any means is just wrong, games are supposed to be fun not a mad dash to cheat/out-play every single person on it!
2002-04-03 03:58:22 PM  
i think someone needs to email this dork's mama and show her the comments we've left here and how much we support her cause.
2002-04-03 04:00:34 PM  
Veruca: I'll SoW you for a Breeze :).
2002-04-03 04:02:29 PM  
/auction WTS: RTS 209 PP, rare!!!! Old staff from 1999!!! ONLY USED BY 2 PPL!!! send tell plz...
2002-04-03 04:04:39 PM  
Bah, in 6 yellows I'll have C2. SOW and DS me and i'll have it all the quicker.
2002-04-03 04:12:21 PM  
Virion :Hey, here's an example: Little Timmy becomes a fag and downloads 28 cheats for CS so he can be a frag whore.

Agreed. I never understood these assholes. If you only have fun when you're winning and must resort to cheating to achieve this, you're not enjoying the're making up for some social or personal confidence deficiency.

AWP 'em.
2002-04-03 04:19:03 PM  
Moth: I dunno, I thought a 9mm to the cranium would do piercing damage... Or maybe non-melee. Now the mom's bash is more of a symbolic bash than the actual skill... Glad you enjoyed it-- it's by far my most successful Photoshop.
2002-04-03 04:24:22 PM  
So which is better? EQ or UO??

I want to start one or the other.
2002-04-03 04:25:49 PM  
I personally think she has a right to find out what happened to her son. Not any damages though.

Also, the kid could just be mentally ill, it's not always the parent's fault.
2002-04-03 04:26:11 PM  
Oh yes, the dangers of everquest...
(if you want me to post this as a real link, tell me how to, I have no idea)

I dunno, I still prefer my RPGs pen and paper. That way I get to play with people I like while doing much less repetitive stuff, like waiting for the orcs to spawn.

But yes, computer games can be just about anything fun can be addicting by becoming too important for your own good. But dont compare it to drugs please, drugs dont have to be fun to be addictive. They'd also be addictive if they would not make you feel good, they just would be totally useless as a product.
2002-04-03 04:29:07 PM  
EQ is much better.

Sazerac: yah, if he used a 9 i'm sure you are right. i just picture a pillsbury doughboy type and instinctively think, "oh no...he can't pierce a DAMN thing". i picture himself rolling himself up in his stomach rolls and suffocating himself to death.

*** YOU ARE DROWNING! You take 128 damage. ***
2002-04-03 04:30:18 PM  

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2002-04-03 04:30:22 PM  

<a href=''>The title of your link</a>
2002-04-03 04:30:36 PM  

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2002-04-03 04:31:46 PM  
Hey, if all his mother wants the logs for is to maybe find out, during her son's last moments alive, something that might have pushed him over the edge...I'm not against that.

We're all addicted to stuff. Me? Super Bust-A-Move...I can't stop playing that sucker. Or comics books and anime. Fortunately, I also know when to say "That will be enough of that shiat" and move on to something reading a newspaper or taking a walk.

I've purposefully stayed away from Evercrack because I've seen first-hand the addictive quality of thank you. Ask me again when City of Heroes (the SUPER HERO based MMPORG) comes out, and I may be piping a different tune...
2002-04-03 04:31:50 PM  
Vercua begins to cast a spell.
Virion feels a light breeze slip through their mind.

2002-04-03 04:35:03 PM  
Sheesh, I really can't understand someone killing themself over EverQuest...

Now Anarchy Online... there's a game worth offing yourself over.

Seriously, EQ is a gay retarded redheaded half brother compared to AO.

*dons flame retardant suit*
2002-04-03 04:36:08 PM  
Wow. And to think earlier I said that there were no evolutionary pressures to weed out stupid humans from the gene pool. Keep it up, Sony!

Also, if I were Sony, I'd LOVE to put a sticker on the box. "WARNING! POTENTIALLY ADDICTIVE! DON'T PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE NON-STOP ROLEPLAYING ACTION!" Sales would triple.
2002-04-03 04:37:59 PM  
2002-04-03 04:51:31 PM  
Schizoid personality disorder - he was on meds for that - maybe the Dark Elf dragoon in his head told him to do it.

this is so ridiculous. The voice in his head could have told him to jump off a bridge too.

i'm logging on to play now. see ya in norrath!
2002-04-03 04:53:26 PM  
Thanks a lot, Drpcken and Moth, I never bothered to learn html...

lets see if I am mentally capable of performing this

The many dangers of Evercrack
2002-04-03 04:53:58 PM  
Oh well, obbviously I aint. skrew it :D
2002-04-03 05:03:38 PM  
Honestly, I just don't see what's so great about video games. Never play 'em.

I still manage to spend way too much time online though :P
2002-04-03 05:10:20 PM  
Heck yes, Browser-Snake...Sony should put a sticker on the box that said: "THIS GAME IS SO ADDICTIVE PEOPLE DIE FROM PLAYING IT!!! HOW MUCH MORE REAL DO YOU WANT IT!?!?"

Sales would indeed triple.
2002-04-03 05:11:57 PM  
2002-04-03 05:19:14 PM  
Jesus! You people are really, totally insensitive!

A mother just lost a child. Whatever the reason, is it not a sad enough event to warrant just a little respect or something? Why was it the mother's fault?

It's like none of you ever lost a loved relative.

Even more saddening(in my opinion), some of you seem to be so glad that one of your fellow citizens died, that you go so far as to *support* Sony, the company that made the game and doesn't want to help the mother find out the reasons for her son's suicide.

Americans, truly farked up.
2002-04-03 05:25:19 PM  
TorchSong---where can I find out more about "City of Heroes" Sounds like something I would play.

Mex--don't like it? LEAVE!
2002-04-03 05:34:02 PM  
I think that Sony should help the mother find out why her kid killed himself. But only on the condition that she won't use any information gained to mount a frivolous lawsuit against Sony.

If her son needed a warning sticker on a friggin' COMPUTER GAME then maybe he shouldn't have been out on his own just yet. A little SUPERVISION might have been better than letting him come to manhood as a dwarf +56 or some such nonsense.
2002-04-03 05:35:56 PM  
Why is it the mothers fault you ask?? Well let me tell you. I had involved overprotective parents (Not the best in the world but hey they were good enough) Nobody here is glad he died mearly insufficently sensitive in your view. Maybe you have time to cry over every sad peice of news but in this wired world I have neither the time nor inclination to sob everytime something bad happens. We have all lost loved ones but most of the time we did what we could to prevent it. This mother did not take appropriate steps to deal with her sons problem if he were under 18 she would be charged with negligence for crying out loud. Why you as?? well I will tell you

"He'd quit his job and played almost non-stop, eventually being evicted from his apartment and moving in with his mother, before leaving her home and then being put in a group home for addictive behavior"

This is what we call evidence of a severe problem.

"He was prone to epileptic seizures; and if he played the game too much, he could and often did have seizures"

This is also annother MAJOR warning sign

"He was diagnosed with depression and a schizoid personality disorder and put on medication. Residence in the group home was voluntary, however, and he left. He then rented his own apartment, over his mother's objections, where he resumed non-stop playing"

More warning signs big huge flashin neon ones at that.

Mother SHOULD have had him addmitted could have gone to court to prove he was incapable of making that decision for himself and would have been FORCED to receive treatment. I have seen this done many many times for alcoholics, drug abusers and other people not sufficently mentally competant to make the tough choice to get treatment. There are facilities in place but it is the role of the family and peer group to take these steps NOT sony's. We all know she cared, but she did not care enough to act is the problem.
2002-04-03 05:39:51 PM  
and while we'reat it...Jeebus should put a warning sticker on all the little babies that says "WARNING!!!! Human may take drugs, have sex, generally piss you off or become addicted to a video game and kill himself. EXTREME PARENTING REQUIRED!!!"
2002-04-03 05:49:26 PM  
Your mind clears.

Your mind clears.

Your mind clears.

Qwere misses a note.
2002-04-03 05:52:23 PM  
Care Factor - Zero
2002-04-03 06:01:36 PM  
But the clinical depression and shcitzaprenia had nothing to do with it at all, it was all the game...
2002-04-03 06:05:15 PM  
Thanks for the mana song Qwere. I feel better.

The logs SHOULDNT be revealed because it's a privacy issue. Period.

I know I game better when I know that the fat kid playing the 55 war next to me doesn't have a mom who's going to go through our chat sessions and find out I told him, "GET YER HEAD OUT OF YER ASS AND TAUNT THAT THING OFF ME YOU DORf". (I can't mez when I'm takin dam now can I?)

Again, privacy is more important then his mother finding out why *something in the game may or may not have tipped him off*. If she cares enough to get the logs, then she should have cared enough to stage an intervention. It's been done to me (but I somehow doubt his mother was going to offer him sex to quit).

And the losing a child thing? Fark her. If you lose a child by accident (ie, the provebial Mac Truck), then I'll give sympathy. But if you let your son do something you know is harming him, then you get what you get.

Yah, whoever said they want to dig him up and kick him in the ass, count me in.
2002-04-03 06:36:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"We played Dungeons & Dragons for three hours. Then I was slain by an elf."

2002-04-03 06:53:14 PM  
If you play online games for hours every night, you do not qaulify for the rights afforded to other members of society. Therefore, the privacy issue is a moot point.

If you kill yourself, even if the game specifically tells you to, your family has no right to sue for anything. The dumbass pulled the trigger, not Sony.
2002-04-03 07:02:33 PM  
Blame Canada!
2002-04-03 07:20:04 PM  
Mex is right.

The mother wants some peace of mind over her sons death. Some answers to the question, Why? What she really needs is an avid Everquest player to try to get into his account if it still exists. Or at least find out the name he used by poking around his computer, maybe find players in the game who knew him with some clues. I don't play, so I don't know if that would be possible.
2002-04-03 07:21:40 PM  
Clarkins, check out It's not out yet, but it should be pretty fun for those of us who remember putting a towel on your back to use as a cape...

Mex, you've got to consider the source. Yes, a mother did just lose her child, and that's a pain nobody here should wish on anyone. However, we also come from a society where you can get sued for farting too loudly in a public place. A society where a woman can sue a company for spilling coffee in her lap because she "didn't realize it would be hot". Hell, we live in a society where parents can murder their children and get away with it.

So we're a bit insensitive? Yes. Jaded is a better word for it. It's a mad world we live in...sometimes it helps to be insane yourself...
2002-04-03 07:36:25 PM  
This is the Age of Inaccountability.
2002-04-03 08:05:28 PM  

Man Shoots Himself in Rectory
Wed Apr 3, 3:08 PM ET

NEW YORK - A man who said he was depressed shot himself in the head Wednesday in the rectory of St. Patrick's Cathedral while talking with a priest, authorities and church officials said.

The man was taken to a hospital; his condition was not immediately known. The priest was not hurt.

The Roman Catholic cathedral is on Fifth Avenue in busy midtown Manhattan."

Is that possibly the most CRAPTACULAR writting I've ever seen? It sounds like a 5 year old and a 3rd graders colaborated on the sentance structure. I swear if I was a reporter, heck, if I wrote like that normally I'd have to shoot myself too.
2002-04-03 08:08:29 PM  
Wrong article....
2002-04-03 08:28:59 PM  
Moth: You know what else is funny? That fat kid being 6'3" 350lbs kicking the shiat out of your car and there's NOTHING you can do about it. hahaha. Unless you're a loser with a gun (sounds like: small penis) :D
2002-04-03 09:03:31 PM  
when i finish school i will be in the behavioral health field and its intresting to see these responses. they really run the gamut of emotion on the subject. i have a hard time imagining what i would do with someone who was brought to me as a patient, with this type of condition.

i've often thought about something that i think would work but it would never ever be allowed. if someone came into a psychiatrists care who was suicidal i wonder what their reaction would be to having their life suddenly threatened. it really is very different when you commit suicide on your own but if someone were to come out of the blue and threaten to kill you or you were suddenly in a lifethreatining situation, i wonder if it would change your out look on things. if you had to beg for your life or save your own life would it be worth more.

i'm intrested in any response
2002-04-03 09:31:18 PM  
I guess when he learned they were raising the price to $12.99, he just couldn't take the plunge. I mean, without working, it probably would break the bank or something.
2002-04-03 10:20:57 PM  
HappyGirl--I suppose it would depend on the situation for someone to suddenly change their tune on suicide. Driving to the bridge with your cinderblock in hand, and somebody cuts you off and nearly runs you off the road? Would it blow your self image if you were placed in that situation and then begged, and found your life spared, would it mean less because you begged instead of facing it with stoicims and courage? Planning on pulling a knife on a suicide patient and asking for their dough--yeah that might not go over so well, or giving a patient a gun and telling them not to chew on the barrel, not so good. Maybe if Fight Club hadn't had the clerk scene this wouldn't appeal so much... but this is a thought experiment, so no harm, no foul. Good luck in the field.
2002-04-03 10:26:43 PM  
Happygirl, there's no WAY they'd allow that sort of 'therapy', not even in a testing environment. The days of researchers subjecting little kids to loud noises or electric shocks to make them afraid of mice are long gone.

Besides, most suicides find they really don't want to die when it comes right down to it. I suppose that's why jumpers scream on the way down :P.

P.S. I'm a psych major myself, 1 more semester till graduation, then on to Master's degree.
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