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(Wired)   EverQuest player commits suicide, mom sues EverQuest makers   ( divider line
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13279 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Apr 2002 at 9:50 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-03 12:21:46 PM  
er, month == week.
2002-04-03 12:23:01 PM  
Who do you know that spends to much time fuvking? Is it possible to spend too much time on that? I would have to argue that there is no such thing as too much time when doing that.
2002-04-03 12:23:38 PM  
and this is why I play Ultima Online.
2002-04-03 12:24:06 PM  
Trust me Nsquark, you can spend to much time doing that. Way to much time.

2002-04-03 12:26:29 PM  
Moth makes a good point except for: From tv to fuvking, everyone does atleast one thing way to much.

You can't fark too much. I've tried.
2002-04-03 12:28:37 PM  

1. You assert you can fark too much.
2. Nsquark rebuttals that you cannot.
3. You re-assert your point.
4. I respond that you cannot.

Rules of debate would show that you now need to provide further evidence for your stance. Photos, stories, DVD's etc.
2002-04-03 12:28:47 PM  
Another one bites the dust, its sad.. really...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-03 12:28:50 PM  
let me guess.... real doll, right clarkins. just kidding.
2002-04-03 12:30:14 PM  
Nice photoshop.
2002-04-03 12:30:58 PM  
I couldn't resist
2002-04-03 12:31:45 PM  
"I love my dead gay son!"
2002-04-03 12:31:57 PM  
See though? she is secretly trying to give everyone the finger.
2002-04-03 12:32:22 PM  
that's pricelss prinzeugen.
2002-04-03 12:32:24 PM  
Ok, apparently I hit on something else: you CAN fark to much ppl.

Here's a case and point: you get off work on Friday at 5 pm. go until about 4 am, then get high, then collapse and wake around 8 and start again. keep going until about 5pm, then get high, then sleep again. the problem is when this cycle starts to get about 3-4 days long.

the biggest problem is that you forget to eat, shower (unless you associate that in), pee, etc etc. after being on that cycle for about 3 days straight, i passed out w/exhaustion for 12 hours and it took me a week to get my stamina back up--and i couldnt fark again through that period.

trust me folks, i could play eq for 3 days straight, get a real night of sleep each night, and be fine on day four.

if there's ONE thing you can do much of, it's that. simply because it's so physically demanding.

and if it's not physically demanding, you're doing it wrong. ha.

in the words of george carlin, "i believe in reincarnation. but only because i want to fark teenagers again." amen.
2002-04-03 12:33:14 PM  
04-03-02 11:55:48 AM Gwinny
Nsquark: I used to be a film publicist, and "eXistenZ" was actually one of the films I worked on.

Why did a film that only 4 people saw need a publicist?
2002-04-03 12:37:16 PM  
Why the FVCK would you possibly kill yourself over THAT game? The most I ever wanted to do when I played it was beat the crap out of the guy that couldn't spell "elf" right...
2002-04-03 12:37:48 PM  
I think it was an excuse to hire gwinny. hey gwinny i made this movie and it needs a publicist. call me and we'll make arrangements for you to start working immediately.
2002-04-03 12:37:55 PM  
Games can be addictive...You get a euphoria from winning or obtaining a goal. It rides the pleasure centers of your brain. Sex addicts have the same problem. They get addicted to the feeling of sex and it begins to control their lives. We are all habitual creatures and we all have something(s) that we do obsessively, just some can get paid for their problems, and others their obsession doesnt pay off. Anyone whos played D2, AC, UO, EQ, or any online game knows that addiction can set in fast. The guy who posted before about how the games are set up so that they groom you to be obsessed is right. The whole point is that for you to be able to make a difference in a character or in the world, you have to play religiously, and everyday. You lose your character after so much time of inactivity when you take a break or something happens. I took a break from AC and I lost 3 level 60+ characters...I dont really play online games anymore. It seems somewhat pointless, since most are simply hack/slash games with little outcome put back to you. I can play AOE for a game or two and feel more accomplished than running around beating up Drudges on AC. People do become obsessed with things in the modern age. Technology is intoxicating, and we try to structure our lives more for entertainment than for work ethic. The guy who said that Addiction is a medical term I feel is right. However, there is a fine line between obsession and addiction. People who are entranced by games do not vomit, get convulsions, and lose sight,hearing, feeling when they dont play it like Heroin users do. But I think they still suffer some mild forms of withdrawl. I know ive skipped homework before to play Asherons Call. Some people just have more addictive personalities than others. Some people die from them. It is not anyones fault really. We cannot be expected to police people. Some people are just worthless. We cant save everyone, nor should we try...we detriment ourselves and society by keeping people around who cannot control themselves and have a relative sanity. Mother nature knows when to weed out the weak. I think she did admirably here. Tell the mom if she wants a ned kid to look me up. Im in my prime, and from the looks of her, shes about 40ish, so shes in her prime. She can be my Mrs. Robinson.
2002-04-03 12:39:27 PM  
I don't get it, can't people just take responsiblity for their own freaking actions? This woman should have confronted her son, instead she just let him move in and continue playing. This is retarded and I hope a judge throws this case out.
2002-04-03 12:40:17 PM  
I was listening to the radio like 2 days ago and Opie and Anthony did the whole show on this idiot.

Both my idiot roomates play EQ, they have both quit twice in the last year, but started up again last week. I see no point to the game and couldn't even play the demo we got from a PC mag for the whole week. Might be because I'm a console man......
2002-04-03 12:40:26 PM  
Comic Book Guy:Would you be interested in a 35 year old man who lives in his mothers basement?
SciFi Convention Girl:Comb the sweetarts out of your beard and you're on
Comic Book Guy:Don't try to change me, baby.

2002-04-03 12:40:46 PM  
I got a theory. she also plays the game and killed his character online (secretly) knowing that he would kill himself and she could then sue.
2002-04-03 12:40:46 PM  
Don't get me wrong it's a great game. But DO NOT play it. It is addicting and will control your life. I plaed EverQuest for almost 2 years, forgot about my friends forgot about my wife and took the night shift at work so I could play then as well.

Although in the end I finaly pulled the plug and sold my 3 accounts and came out with a little over $1,000 from selling them. "

I never got that addicted to it, I think the most effort I ever put into it was to travel 2 continents to see some guildies go raiding. I guess I have a natural resistance to EverCrack, but then again I guess it's because I saw it more like ForeverQuest.
2002-04-03 12:42:01 PM  
Ironbar: Miramax released the film to a number of cities (although yeah, it ultimately didn't do well). I was far from the only person working on it...there were about 5 people from Miramax, me plus two other people from my firm, plus the personal publicists for Croneberg, Jude Law, and JJLeigh. That's pretty standard for a nationwide release of an indie film. For a studio film, you can have upwards of 30-45 people on each project (this is just an educated guess).

For really small foreign films like "Sunshine" or "Cabaret Balkan" or "Ponette" or "The Taste of Others" or "The Dreamlife of Angels," there is only one publicist. In the case of those particular five, the publicist was me. However, I've (gladly) left that world behind.
2002-04-03 12:42:14 PM  
I believe Dennis Miller said it all with regards to those boneheads killing themselves a few years ago because of heavy metal music (but it certainly applies here): It's just thinning the herd.

If Remulax the Dwarf (a.k.a. Sheldon Nuff or some other dork name) wants to shove a pick axe right between his eyes, let him. That's one less Mongo eating our food, breathing our air and farking things up for the rest of us.

Oh, and my condolences to the dork's Mom. Better luck next time.
2002-04-03 12:43:34 PM  
"It's like any other addiction," Elizabeth Woolley said last week. "Either you die, go insane or you quit. My son died."
I dunno, I am addicted to masturbation, and so far I am none of the above...
Welll..... maybe a little carzy...
2002-04-03 12:46:48 PM  
"Bazooka Joe's got deep pockets."
2002-04-03 12:47:08 PM  
Uh oh..... I play Everquest.... Does that mean that I'm next?

2002-04-03 12:50:13 PM  
Wait, I just reread it. He had epilepsy? Anyone how has had epilepsy knows you don't play games for hours on end because most forms are affected by the refresh and flashing from games (except for sleep-deprived forms, thankfully). My other question is, with such apparent issolation might that have caused severe depression leading to a suicidal state? If so, that's something a doctor would notice..oh say maybe when he would go in to get a referance for medication for the epilepsy (which would prevent the siezures.) Even when I had epilepsy I kne wbetter than to vegitate in front of a screen for hours on end because of the risk, and anyone who had it or does now knows it's not worth it (by had it I mean some forms that go away over time like the childhood one I had and which is oddly inherited...farking genetics...)
2002-04-03 01:00:57 PM  

sorry, had to be done.
2002-04-03 01:01:35 PM  
I think I'm going to kill myself over EverGrace. it's s different game, but I've been stuck in this one farking level for weeks. i mean, i walk in and all there is is a statue of someone's feet. wtf? i'm getting pissed
2002-04-03 01:01:54 PM  
I think the kid just needed some snuggles. I mean look at him, he looks deprived of a good hug.
2002-04-03 01:09:09 PM  
Smegma is next. Don't EverQuest players always die in threes?
2002-04-03 01:10:38 PM  
well Obviously, Sony is n League with the Devil,
(finally something will take some of the heat off AD&D)
2002-04-03 01:11:40 PM  
Oh no! I [can't] get 'Judilus' (real char name) past lvl [14] because the [sullon zek] [pvpers] are [camping my respawn] cause I [bind] like an [idiot]!

*cancels account*
Wow, that was hard. See, I put myself out of EQ missery by [cancelling] an account instead of suicide!
2002-04-03 01:15:40 PM  
another dead doorknob in the world. what a shame.
HPZ [TotalFark]
2002-04-03 01:16:51 PM  
Toilet user commits suicide... Mother sues American Standard.
2002-04-03 01:17:09 PM  
Some people actually take that game seriously, as sad as it sounds. I used to play it all the time, and I'll admit I would take it seriously to the point where I would scream at my computer about something bad happening to me. It messes with your mind, makes you think that the only goal in life is to proceed to the next level or get a really good item, and it never ever stops.

Thankfully for me, my character is stuck in an area where he can't move without getting killed, so he's in hibernation for a few months, and I don't plan on playing again anytime soon.

It wouldn't surprise me if part of the reason for suicide would be something traumatic happening to him in the game, as suicide isn't usually a single factor, but a multitude of different ones. The guy was evicted from his apartment, he quit his job, and he was isolated in his room to play EverQuest. Sounds to me those are potential reasons.

She's suing to find out what role it may have played in his suicide. Therefore it looks like Verant Interactive is going to be in a "role-playing" game with this woman. My opinion is that there should be a warning on the box about potential for addiction. As a former player, I can honestly say this is an addiction that is harmful.
2002-04-03 01:18:31 PM  
OK, you guys are flat HARSH. I *love* to play games, but have never played EQ because after watching how addicted one of my friends (not a pre-pubey momma's boy either, I should add) got to this asinine BVLLshiat game, I had no appetite for it. *However* someone who suffers from depression, I think it's horrible how insensitive some of you b^st^rds are. I know you all are pissed because of another mother who was conservative/brainwashed before her son whacked himself, and went even more insane afterwards in attacking the game industry...and I feel your pain, but this sucks. HAN0X, you can eat a bowl full of DIX for that photoshop. I guess I shouldn't be bashing you peeps in my Weeners on Fark, and I do think that there are a lot of smart threads and smart Farkers here. Just remember that you can't know how fVcked up this guy's life was unless you lived it.
2002-04-03 01:20:23 PM  
I play EQ. Have been for about a year. i think it's fun. I play a few times a week - when i have nothing else to do. I'm sort of not the typical EQ player. I started playing the game when i had to do research in online gaming for the company i worked for. I stayed with it because i happen to like the fact that it has no end and offers something continuous. I will say this though, EQ does attract people who are a little weird. I've noticed it. some of these people aren't all there...and EQ is their social life. So you have to figure that people who are generally unaccepted in society can create these alter egos and be someone else and people(other characters) will talk to them and accept them. What I guess i am trying to get at is, it isn't sony's fault that there are some freaks who play this game. There are also a lot of normal people who play this game too. By normal i mean people with real friends and lives who don't sit in front of their computer all day and who have dreams and aspirations other than completing a quest or hitting lvl 60. Anything in excess is bad - including videogames. But there is no difference between someone who plays this game and someone who sits and plays nintendo all day. Perhaps the only thing is some sort of social interaction. go outside and get some air. This guy was diagnosed with a schizoid personality disorder. Something tells me that his disorder played more of a role in his suicide than Everquest.

hmmmm...wonder if the reason they just raised the price to 13 bucks a month is to cover the cost of the legal fees...if that's so, it's really messed up.
2002-04-03 01:26:18 PM  
Did anyone check ou tthe link in the story to the attorney the lady hired? That guy is a total wack job. Strangely enough, the article on him mentions him being published on NewsMax.
2002-04-03 01:27:11 PM  
2002-04-03 01:29:34 PM  
Oh Christ, just get a Cleric to give 'im a Rez.

Serves him right for quading Raptors solo.

2002-04-03 01:32:26 PM  
Anybody else misread Moth's post like this the biggest problem is that you forget to eat, shower, pee (unless you associate that in)

I've never played Everquest. I did skip a few classes in college one day to keep playing Gauntlet 2. Does that count?
2002-04-03 01:36:09 PM  
If the kid was living at home, how did he get a computer and an account- because his farking mother GAVE it to him!!! Hello lady- take a look in your 21 year old son's room that he has at YOUR house and wonder why he QUIT his frigging job to be a farking ELF! Oh, my son was fine until he got adicted to EQ which you CAN' T get addicted to.

Sure, she says she wants chat logs- but don't anyone be fooled- she wants MONEY and lots of it.
2002-04-03 01:37:56 PM  
Eardrum_buzz: When you've played the game then you judge us. I've played EQ since it came out off and on, looking for better MMORPGs (Earth and Beyond will replace it, thankfully for me) and I think his photoshop made a poitn. Those people take the game so farking seriously that they spend real money for digital items! I can't believe you have the nerve to judge us and have never even touched EQ. If you think his disorders had a role to play in it then don't biatch at us biatch at his mother for letting him do it...but *wait* if you do that then you're one of us...think that one over.
Jeezus-PleasusL scary thing is, I understood that :P.
2002-04-03 01:41:03 PM  
Devotchka: did you hear about the mother that let her baby die from neglect from playing EQ for over 24 hours straight? MEntally ill people play this game and that is wrong. What's worse is his mother let it go on, the game play that is. What parent was she if she let him issolate himself this way?
2002-04-03 01:44:34 PM  
I bet this game gets more popular than ever now. Sony couldn't be happier.
2002-04-03 01:45:06 PM  
If only we could get the elderly addicted to this shiat. They need the social interaction and it would keep them out of their cars!
2002-04-03 01:48:08 PM  
If you ask me, anyone that quits their job, and does anything else to disrupt their life over a video game, deserves to die. I know they can get addicting, but that's just plain stupid, changing your lifestyle over a video game.
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