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(The Scotsman)   'It was my birthday' defense gets bail for man with highest blood alcohol content in Scottish history   ( divider line
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12170 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Apr 2002 at 9:51 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-03 09:53:23 AM  
2002-04-03 09:54:12 AM  
...I just wanted to be first for once (I never have been).
2002-04-03 09:56:16 AM  
2002-04-03 09:56:34 AM  
Damn! I have a new standard to try to break now. Is 210 mg equivalent to a blood alcohol level of .21 then? Or is it 2.1?
2002-04-03 09:57:10 AM  
Fair play for drinking that much on his birthday, but you would have thought someone would have chipped in for a taxi for him?
2002-04-03 09:57:57 AM  
"HERO" tag?
2002-04-03 09:58:31 AM  
<-----Stupid american. What is 210mg in percentage blood alcohol.
2002-04-03 09:59:18 AM  
Well it was his birthday, whats the problem?
2002-04-03 09:59:45 AM  
Heck on my birthday I had 4 Margs, two ToKillya shots, and puked up spaghetti.
2002-04-03 10:01:01 AM  
Microbob = lightweight
2002-04-03 10:01:23 AM  
My b-day is coming in a couple weeks. Look out.
2002-04-03 10:01:31 AM  
Happy Birthday Robert!
2002-04-03 10:03:05 AM  
It sounds like the female Judge may be his D.D. She's wondering where the real partying is...To Hell with the Ali McBeal form of a Scottish party.
2002-04-03 10:03:08 AM  
Figure it this way - his blood alcohol was 6 times the legal limit (210/35) - so, in America (most states are now .08) his BAC would be .48!!!!!
2002-04-03 10:03:38 AM  
When I'm around, all the ladies think it's their birthday.
2002-04-03 10:04:13 AM  
So obviously the ugly slappers that I get about with are all pretty bored.
2002-04-03 10:04:41 AM  
last night was my friend emily's 21st birthday (the girl in the picture with me in my profile)...she's a little girl but she could totally take her liquor.

we subjected her to more blowjob shots and muff divers than should be legal...ahhh...drinking is fun.
2002-04-03 10:06:48 AM  
I don't see a picture in your profile right now...I'll bet geoshiatties browned out your site that has the pic on it... They suck. :-O
2002-04-03 10:08:05 AM  
blowjob shots and muff divers

2002-04-03 10:12:54 AM  
::sniff sniff::

well, just be reassured that emily is tiny and she took on a lot of booze last night. :) it was her birthday. :)

the problem with blowjob shots/muff divers is that the whip cream doesn't play well with the other hard alcohol in your system, such as the tequila/three wisemen/four horsemen shots she was also later subjected too...
2002-04-03 10:14:16 AM  
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the article say he got bail to go out on his birthday. Not because he was hammered on his birthday. Cool judge.
2002-04-03 10:15:11 AM  
Vodka Death is a good game. You get 10 bottles of vodka each, empty them into a bucket, and drink it out of straws, and the first one to die wins.

2002-04-03 10:18:24 AM  
Goatman264 My guess is you keep losing. :)
2002-04-03 10:18:38 AM  
i'm a HUGE fan of "boones races"...a UNH tradition from my college days...

it's simple. a group of people have full bottles of Boones Farm wine...and you proceed to chug the entire bottle, the first person done wins. My personal record in this event is 9 seconds...I've yet to be beaten. Any takers? :)
2002-04-03 10:21:49 AM  

You drink the Boones, I'll drink this and I will still win!

[image from too old to be available]

2002-04-03 10:21:58 AM  
2 long islands, 2 pints, and 22 shots in 2 hours. BAC of .30 Stupid college days. Man do I miss em
2002-04-03 10:23:31 AM  
his BAC was probably around .5 or slightly higher. at .5, you are supposed to die. around .3 to .4, you are supposed to pass out, or at least not be very consious. around .2 driving becomes hard. having such a high BAC, i'm suprised he could even find his car keys. I've had around a .4 before, and it was not pleasent (puking, spinning room, cold sweats, inability to walk).
2002-04-03 10:24:27 AM  
Mistagged. Incredibly so.
2002-04-03 10:24:32 AM  
Yeah john,
Thats the stuff....
2002-04-03 10:27:33 AM  
Good_Beer & Stuntc0ck, it was the spaghetti I'll tell 'ya. Something in the meat was rotton (har har).

I don't drink like I used to.

I mainly stick to pot and coke.
2002-04-03 10:28:02 AM  
that's a bet i'm willing to take john...;)
2002-04-03 10:28:46 AM  
2002-04-03 10:33:14 AM  
Jadefrog01 the problem with blowjob shots/muff divers is that the whip cream doesn't play well with the other hard alcohol in your system, such as the tequila/three wisemen/four horsemen shots she was also later subjected too...

You were drinking at Margerita's in Orono, weren't you? The bartenders there were always ramming those drinks down our throats... Ah, college. I hardly remember ya...
2002-04-03 10:33:17 AM  
I would assume that the legal limit in Scotland is much higher than our .08 BAC. Anyone know for sure?
2002-04-03 10:33:28 AM of you college geeks has to know the conversion? How much is that in American drunkness?

My record is .26 but that is on a 320 pound frame so it is enough alcohol to kill most of you midgets.
2002-04-03 10:34:41 AM  
I think you're OK to drive in Scotland until you're so drunk you go blind.
2002-04-03 10:36:07 AM  

OH MY GOD! yeah!!! we hit Rita's, Chocolate Grill in Old Town and the Riverfront in Old Town too...

and come on...Rita's Muff Divers are a riot!!!
2002-04-03 10:40:13 AM  
The limit is 0.8mg per millilitre of blood.

In most of Europe it is 0.5Mg

(Good luck converting that!)
2002-04-03 10:41:08 AM  
04-03-02 10:28:02 AM Jadefrog01
that's a bet i'm willing to take john...;)

You might have to put me to bed afterwards honey ;)
2002-04-03 10:42:33 AM  
I could drink this guy under the table anyday.

Uhmmm yeah right! :)
2002-04-03 10:43:06 AM  
those limeys, (yes i know scotsmen are not called limeys, but they were conquered by them) why can't they pick ONE system of measure

they use miles and they count in grams (at least for the purposes of this weak story)...oh, the humanity...
2002-04-03 10:46:04 AM  
with all that whiskey in ya john, i might have to take you straight to the hospital...:) but i hear they have beds there too...;)
2002-04-03 10:47:07 AM  
Stuntc0ck: Regarding Microbob. It's even weirder than that... He can't even remember the last time he had spaghetti.
2002-04-03 10:51:18 AM  
Jadefrog We used to go to Margarita's all the time - we'd eat the free chips and salsa to save money on food that was better spent on booze. Did they get you to try a cement mixer yet?
2002-04-03 10:51:43 AM  
Something to do with sneaking past the 2 marg limit at Baby Acapulco's, then eating spaghetti down the street and then choking down 2 to-kill-ya shots.


But, like I said, I'll stick to my drugs :>)
2002-04-03 10:53:48 AM  
Everyday should be this Scots birthday
2002-04-03 10:54:24 AM  

Oh yes...we've had cement mixers. BLECH! We also do the "fill yourself up on chips" routine...except for Wednesday night, which is now "college" night. If you have your MaineCard you get buy one get one free entree's...and margarita's are only $3.95!! my personal favorite drink there is the "Heavens to Margatroid"... that drink is like an orgasm in a glass...made out of only liquor, it tastes JUST like a margarita, but it's black. :)

TONIGHT IS WEDNESDAY NIGHT! i'm going out, folks! :)
2002-04-03 10:55:26 AM  
I could drink this guy under the table anyday.

Ummm, hi babe, I was just uhhhh, thirsty! Yeah that's it!

Damn I need a drink :)
2002-04-03 10:59:12 AM  
Damn I need Jadefrog under the table!
2002-04-03 10:59:31 AM  
Thanks harmonia

and no, no farking way I can convert that.
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