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(MSNBC)   Florida's black water mystery solved   ( divider line
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18670 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Apr 2002 at 9:26 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-03 09:28:55 AM  
poopie, i would imagine
2002-04-03 09:30:07 AM  
I still think it is anthrax
2002-04-03 09:30:13 AM  
mr. green. in the library. with the revolver.

i guessed rope. GOD! I SUCK AT THIS GAME!!!
2002-04-03 09:31:08 AM  
Sign #325, in the last year alone, about the impending apocolypse!!!!

2002-04-03 09:31:45 AM  
Every now and then there's a mass of white stuff in the bottom of my shower. Is that algae too???
2002-04-03 09:31:55 AM  
Hmmmm, algae bloom .
2002-04-03 09:32:05 AM  
Now showing in florida...

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-03 09:32:30 AM  
2002-04-03 09:33:02 AM  
If we don't stop this algae bloom, then the terrorists have already won.
2002-04-03 09:33:02 AM  
'Ol black water keep on risin' mississippi moon won'tcha keep on shining on me!
2002-04-03 09:33:42 AM  
The Greens will probably still try to find some way to blame it on industrialists....
2002-04-03 09:34:34 AM  
Non-toxic cousin of the Red Tide? Why do they compare it to the communists?
2002-04-03 09:35:10 AM  
"is most likely the result of a bloom of algae"

Isn't this the same damned thing they said when it first appeared?
2002-04-03 09:35:29 AM  
Sorry! I pooped in the water.
2002-04-03 09:36:15 AM  
Decayed chads. Scientists suck
2002-04-03 09:38:29 AM  
Decayed chads!! lmfao!!!
2002-04-03 09:38:55 AM  
If this is like the Red Tide, shouldn't it occur every 28 days or so?
2002-04-03 09:39:12 AM  
Is this what Frank Zappa meant when he said "Lets make the water turn black"?
2002-04-03 09:41:22 AM  
I blame Enron, George Bush and El Nino.
2002-04-03 09:42:20 AM  
This is most likely Clinton's fault.
2002-04-03 09:44:54 AM  
Don't beleive them...
Its a cover up for the Evil-Time Traveling-Unicorns!
2002-04-03 09:45:14 AM  
Algae, feh. More like the resurfacing of Cthulhu in all his soul-shattering majesty.
2002-04-03 09:49:01 AM  
"Nothing indicates that this is anything other than a natural event," McRae said in a telephone interview. Importantly, he added, "there's no toxicity associated with it like there is with a red tide."

But what about the mood swings?
2002-04-03 09:49:43 AM  
Good thing they solved this mystery, we wouldn't want anything bad to happen in Florida now would we??
2002-04-03 09:51:12 AM  
what then explains the lack of marine life in the area?
lack of oxygen?
2002-04-03 09:51:19 AM  
this comment board is pitiful. Doenst anyone have anything even semi-intelligent to say? I feel like im in grade school again
2002-04-03 09:51:49 AM  
Algae : why do I always get the blame ?
2002-04-03 09:53:33 AM  
Wow, with a name like Good_Beer I'm not sure I'd be tossing out accusations of immaturity.
2002-04-03 09:55:38 AM  
Impending ad to follow: Come lounge on our beautiful black beaches in Naples an Ft. Myers. Blame the Geriatric Jihad to discourage young tourists with firm breasts and buttocks from visiting.
2002-04-03 09:59:38 AM  
I solved the mystery of the black water:

[image from too old to be available]

2002-04-03 10:00:12 AM  

I feel that what I had to say was both valid and intelligent.
2002-04-03 10:01:40 AM  
Good_Beer is a doodie head!
Anyway, what intelligent comment can one make about algae bloom?
2002-04-03 10:03:23 AM  
I believe that my handle denotes some form of maturity in that I can distinguish between a tasty beverage (Guiness, for example) and shiat. Id just like to see comments other than "my ass did it" or some obscure joke that noone gets.
2002-04-03 10:04:55 AM  
frolixo seems to be fecophile today. All I hear are poop jokes
2002-04-03 10:10:04 AM  
Mulder & Scully must be on the case!
2002-04-03 10:12:33 AM  
Yeah, but a 'Blob' poster is the pinnacle of academic debate.

Your intellect sir--it astounds me!
2002-04-03 10:14:48 AM  
Good_Beer: If you would like better comments, why don't you MAKE one, instead of WHINING, you wuss! ;)
HPZ [TotalFark]
2002-04-03 10:17:04 AM  
Florida's Black water mystery solved: algae bloom
Arkansas' White water mystery solved: ornery Clintons
2002-04-03 10:17:52 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-03 10:21:17 AM  
Algae blooms may have been going on forever, but they have gotten worse in recent history.

Fertilizer runoff, anyone? What do you think the Mighty Mississippi is doing all day, every day?

I think this is more than a little troubling since

a)satellites picked up on the "black blob" back in December

b)they still don't know what caused it. "diatoms" (which I suspect are like dilythium crystals) may have caused it, but why HERE and NOW? Something triggered it (I like the "chads" hypothesis) but unless we can say with certainty what it was then we won't know when it will happen again nor what can be done to prevent it.

I'm sorry, but a mass of "sick" looking water is harmful, to me at least. Unless these scientists are willing to shower in the stuff, I don't think they can say things like "not harmful to humans". Where did all the fish go? What effect does this have on coral / seaweed / other organisms? Surely MSNBC has heard of the "food chain" and if you kill off the little microorganisms, then the small fish can't eat and leave/die, then the medium fish can't eat and leave/die, and so on and so on.
Of course, there is raw sewage floating around just about everywhere, so maybe by comparison this stuff isn't harmful.

Sorry so long...
2002-04-03 10:25:57 AM  
Wanna hear I joke that I made up??

One day there were two English sailors out sailing. Well, a vicious storm comes out of the North and blows them off course. The two sailors wake up on a strange island surrounded by natives who drag them to the village center. The chief appears and mutters "Death or ooga-booga". The two sailors look at each other before one finally says "I dont want to die, Ill take ooga-booga." At that, several large men drag him to the center of the village where they rape and beat the living hell out of him. When theyre finished they allow him to crawl back to his buddy. Seeing the shape that this guy is in his buddy says "To hell with that, Ill take death" to which the cheif replies........"Good, death by ooga-booga."
2002-04-03 10:28:40 AM  
I was in Key West last week. I swallowed some seawater trying clearing my snorkle (off the coast in the ocean). I puked my guts out. it was nasty. I've never had that happen before. I need to see if I have super powers now.. brb..
2002-04-03 10:29:21 AM  
2002-04-03 10:31:18 AM  
The local fishermen aren't real happy about the black water, they aren't catching anything in it, and despite the overfishing that is going on in the Gulf, it might be wise to listen to the fellas and gals who are ON that water daily.

MSNBC isn't exactly the most unbiased news-source, and since they started up on the story, they've tried to down play it--could negatively impact all that nice tourism in Southern Florida you know, and the Mouse won't have it. It bears watching, and if anyone has any better info than this, it might be nice to see. Anybody from the Keys got anything to say on the subject? Anybody from Ft. Meyers or Naples?
2002-04-03 10:34:14 AM  
Frolixo--Uh, I hate to burst your bubble, but that joke was old when I was in grammar school...and that was in the seventies.
2002-04-03 10:38:36 AM  
Oh really? Good_Beer told it to me. Serves me right to trust a stranger.
2002-04-03 10:54:44 AM  
What would be really bad for The Mouse is black water and shark attacks like last summer.

I see a new reality TV show coming on... "survivor: Florida"
2002-04-03 10:56:00 AM  
I hope this isn't a cover-up by the Goverment. "OH! OH! It is the algae's fault!"
2002-04-03 11:12:14 AM  
This news is older than dirt. This has been known as the cause for a while.
2002-04-03 11:18:11 AM  
Farkin Doobie Brothers....

Anything to promote Reunion Concert #39.....
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