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16124 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Apr 2002 at 4:47 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-03 04:49:51 AM  
2002-04-03 04:52:11 AM  
What a plain looking girl. What's the big deal anyway. Call me when her career hits the toilet and she's on Skinemax.
2002-04-03 04:53:41 AM  
Ugh it is, jive turkey.
2002-04-03 04:58:19 AM  
img.fark.comView Full Size
? Ehrrrr like we couldn't find that ourselves?

Tips: ?

img.fark.comView Full Size
? .... me thinks not.
2002-04-03 04:58:46 AM  
Clearly the term "sublime beauty" is something that only ever happens to other people in Goggles Paisano's view.
2002-04-03 05:02:13 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

huhuhhuhuhuh huh
2002-04-03 05:04:18 AM  
Stop posting boobies links with no boobies damnit, my company doesnt pay me for wasting time like this, ok?
2002-04-03 05:06:38 AM  
is this some dumbass stunt to get people to pay for totalfark?
2002-04-03 05:13:01 AM  
Sublime beauty or do you mean unconventional good looks. I don't wanna look at someone and think "Hey that girl isn't hot at all, but wait she has sublime beauty." Hmmmm sublime beauty. Baloney, I'm a product of the 90's give me in your face T and A, that's what I need. Not some girl I have to look at and scratch my head and figure out if she's hot or not.
2002-04-03 05:13:05 AM  
Hey cool, a photoshopped picture of Natalie Portman as a princess from the Qing dynasty in China. Too bad I watched the original series where photo originally came from.

Lame site.
2002-04-03 05:18:23 AM  
what the fark is going on lately, lame links, misguiding tags and headlines

come on people, get your shiat together.
2002-04-03 05:18:57 AM  
"Not some girl I have to look at and scratch my head and figure out if she's hot or not."

Fark forum wisdom of the day sorted already, w00t!
2002-04-03 05:22:55 AM  
Err, I have no idea what happened with my link there and why it leads to MyCyberAuction or something like that.

Here's the URL of the pic.
2002-04-03 05:49:30 AM  
she was hot like when she was 15.
2002-04-03 05:54:27 AM  
Goggles "some girl I have to look at and scratch my head and figure out if she's hot or not."

Is this a problem you often have? Does it sometimes involve teenage boys with long hair?
2002-04-03 06:07:55 AM  
Whoa there Goatie, I don't remember insulting you in my post. But I'll try to anwser your question. This isn't a problem I often have. It's just that Natalie Portman has been paraded around as the thinking mans hot chick. When really that's code for "She's not that pretty but movie geeks say she is so love her." Here's a question for you. When the Queen Mum died did you assume the mantle of defending plain girls around the world? Just curious that's all. Because really Ms. Portman should be notified that she has such an ardent defender in the Fark Forums. I'm sure she'll really care.
2002-04-03 06:17:14 AM  
It wasn't an insult, Goggles - no need to be so defensive - it was a genuine enquiry.

Who's parading Ms P. around as the "thinking man's" crumpet? She's pretty, she's rich. That's good enough for me. But personally I find Pam Anderson and Jordon leave little for the mind to play with - they're just parodies of sexuality.

Of course, I do understand that imagination and concentration are the preserve of the over 20s.

Shame really.
2002-04-03 06:20:11 AM  
Ahh love that Amidala. I mean, Natalie.
Mmm, Natalie.
2002-04-03 06:20:25 AM  
Ouch.. she needs to loosen that bikini top.. or just take it off entirely:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-03 06:29:54 AM  
Why thank you Goatie. Your superior rhetoric and logic have won the day for plain girls. Hats off to Goats everyone! I agree with you it is a shame that if you don't like someone that has been labeled the benchmark in "sublime beauty" you get labeled as unimaginative and young. I'm sorry I've learned my lesson. In the future I'll ogle Ms. Portman with the same ferocity that I reserve for Playmates. I've been educated and am now a better person. Thank you Goats
2002-04-03 06:31:30 AM  
clearly not boobies... bring on the boobies

my favorite is aminaked... lots of variety
2002-04-03 06:41:32 AM  
Uh oh ... a favorite actor: Patrick Swayze. Right there in the biography link.

[marking points off the respectability list]
2002-04-03 06:54:06 AM  
I got to go with Goggles on this one. So he doesn't think she's hot--that's his prerogative. Personally, I don't think she's hot either, but that's not the point. The point is, as Goggles eloquently pointed out, that people have different ideas of beauty, and no one can tell them what is or is not beautiful. To do so is to be pretentious and a snob. So lay off the thinly veiled insults (yes, in my book, you did insult him) and grow up.

I know you didn't need any help, Goggles, but I'm feeling ornery today.
2002-04-03 07:02:23 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Reporter: So how are you feeling today, Natalie?

She: Very well, thank you!
2002-04-03 07:04:04 AM  
You call THIS "plain-looking"?!? Even dressed down, she's friggin' orgasmilicious! If any man thinks she's "plain looking" then I think he needs to ask his boyfriend what HE thinks.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-03 07:05:50 AM  
Suho1004: "and no one can tell them what is or is not beautiful. To do so is to be pretentious and a snob. So lay off the thinly veiled insults (yes, in my book, you did insult him) and grow up."

Are you being pretentious and a snob, perchance?
2002-04-03 07:08:13 AM  
Goatman: no, i was just responding to one. But I knew you would have to have the last word. I'm done with this thread.
2002-04-03 07:09:15 AM  
What do you think?
Once again I apologize for having my own opinion and doubly sorry for expressing it. What was I ever thinking? I must be a terrorist or worse someone who doesn't think what everyone else thinks.
2002-04-03 07:14:32 AM  
somebody help me here, this is my official Boobies!

I was looking at the witty reparte that was exchanged and it reminded me of a quote I saw. Somebody please refresh my memory.

"Arguing on the internet is like ..."

get creative, y'all!
2002-04-03 07:16:30 AM  
Thanks for playing, Suho!
2002-04-03 07:16:41 AM  
how did my message get edited?

I distinctly wrote "my official Boobies!

not official boobies!

what the fark happened?
2002-04-03 07:17:31 AM  
oops, u did it again!

fark u
2002-04-03 07:19:49 AM  
This website needs some kind of "obsession" tag or something. It's a little scary.
2002-04-03 07:21:21 AM  

Goatman: Batter up. When will they learn?
2002-04-03 07:22:03 AM  
Oh I know "Arguing on the internet is like pumpkin pie but I'd never know 'cause I wouldn't eat the filthy motherfarkers. Pig sleep and root in shiat. That's a filthy animal. I ain't eat nothin' that ain't got enough sense to disregard its own feces." How's that?
2002-04-03 07:29:24 AM  
Goggles: you've lost it my friend. that is the most misplaced Pulp Fiction quote ever. Couple of valium and a lie down mate.
2002-04-03 07:31:46 AM  
I've been up for 20 hours writing an essay about the existence of God. I bloody wish I could take some valium and lie down. But really substitute pig for GoatMan and I think I did alright.
2002-04-03 07:32:11 AM  
Boo-Hiss, when I see a "BOOBIES" tag, thats exactly what I'm clamoring to see. The pics farkers have posted in the comments are much better than this lame site. Again... Boo-Hiss!
2002-04-03 07:37:47 AM  
What a nice, natural beauty.

Woman tart themselves up way too much these days.
2002-04-03 07:38:58 AM  
Like that picture of Caprice.

5 gets you 10 that most of the guys here would blow their loads before she even got her shirt off.
2002-04-03 07:58:27 AM  
Goggles: I could have saved you a lot of time.
He/she/it doesn't exist.
The end.
2002-04-03 07:59:56 AM quote of the day: slogan: Come on down, don't be such a homo

Did anyone else notice this in the upper right corner of the main page on her site?
2002-04-03 08:01:43 AM  
thanks, i just read the FArQ. and i submitted a nice korean boobies link to the Q. we'll see if it gets included...well, if this boobies was included...
2002-04-03 08:05:20 AM  
My God, would someone PLEASE photoshop the shiat out of this pic?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-03 08:08:19 AM  
Sos - I'd be very careful about that.... I got "silently banished" for cheating the filter (actually, mine was much better). My posts only showed up for myself (or rather, for computers with my ID in the cookie). Nobody else saw my posts after February 28 - including some wicked photoshops.
2002-04-03 08:31:50 AM  
boobies, i don't see no boobies. i think some of the posters here are boobies
2002-04-03 08:35:56 AM  
Personally, I think that she is cute. But if I saw her walking down the street, I wouldn't do a double take. Besides, she looks like she is 17 so I'd have to break out the waiver forms.

"Just initial here, here and sing there and we can legally date Ms. Portman!"

Oh yeah, and where are the boobies?
2002-04-03 08:37:12 AM  
"sign", not "sing". sorry.
2002-04-03 08:42:25 AM  
There we go again.... another reference to a post that's been deleted...lmao funny....

me thinks she's pertty.....(damn I need a girlfriend)...that's my 2 cents anyways

oops, I said the words

2002-04-03 09:00:08 AM  
speaking of which, where has Mytwocents been lately? I miss that sweet ass.
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