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(Drudge)   Martin Bashir told Jacko he was "looking so sexy" that women would throw their pants at their TVs   ( divider line
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12527 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 May 2005 at 2:18 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-05-13 11:46:21 AM  
FYI: Pants in Britain = Panties in North America
2005-05-13 11:47:02 AM  
I read that HL and gagged. Ye gods.
2005-05-13 12:03:45 PM  
It's not women's pants he's looking for...
2005-05-13 12:35:39 PM  
So does this mean men wear dresses in the UK and call them 'Suits'? Raw denim must be hard on a womans... parts. Yes, I'm as confused as MJ's sexual identity.
2005-05-13 12:52:53 PM  
Did the pants come from K-mart? Coz I hear they're having a sale...
2005-05-13 01:34:51 PM  
To which Jackson replied, "Whaz about ze boys, eh, Englezman?"
2005-05-13 01:59:12 PM  
It's not women's pants he's looking for...

He's looking for underoos
2005-05-13 02:23:06 PM  
Who's Martin Bashir?
2005-05-13 02:23:21 PM  
They need to make Underoos for adults. I want to wear a pair of Justice League Underoos like I had when I was eight.
2005-05-13 02:24:09 PM  
Martin Bashir needs to gets his eyes checked.

/might consider throwing a cast iron skillet at a TV with Jackson's face on it.
//out of fear
///from behind the couch
2005-05-13 02:24:20 PM  
2005-05-13 02:24:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-13 02:25:37 PM  
Does anyone else get the impression that Mr. Bashir was playing a big joke on Jackson and just walking a fine line between complimenting and ridiculing?
2005-05-13 02:26:10 PM  
OK, now I might throw my panties at DR. Bashir. He's a hottie!

/lucky Nana Visitor
2005-05-13 02:26:14 PM  
The only way i would throw my pants at mj is to cover him up so i don't have to look at his mutilated face.
2005-05-13 02:28:53 PM  
He will not be convicted.
2005-05-13 02:29:47 PM  
*looks for "unlikely" tag*
2005-05-13 02:30:15 PM  
Just Googled up a recent picture of Dr. Bashir (Alexander Siddig). Nevermind about that panty throwing thing.
2005-05-13 02:30:19 PM  
FYI: Deev is wrong. British people call women's underwear panties too. Pants would imply *male* underwear - perhaps a little subliminal message from Bashir? ;)
2005-05-13 02:31:28 PM  
Dear Mr Drudge

Please check out the word "sarcasm" in the dictionary, at which point you will realise that this isn't really a news story.


The Bailey Brothers Building And Loan
2005-05-13 02:31:33 PM  
The correct British term for panties is "Knickers".
2005-05-13 02:31:59 PM  
I threw up in my mouth a little bit when I read that article.
2005-05-13 02:32:21 PM  
Sounds like both a misquote and a misunderstanding of Brit slang.

It's more likely he said, "Who did your nose job, Mr. Jackson? It's total pants!"
2005-05-13 02:32:30 PM  
Yes, macman37, I totally think Mr. Bashir only said that to elicit a response from MJ. He was hoping he'd get a blank look at the mention of women, or even a grossed-out look. He was definitely setting him up from day one. I, for one, think it was a brilliant move and that MJ deserved nothing more or less.
2005-05-13 02:33:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-13 02:33:51 PM  
id hit it.
2005-05-13 02:33:58 PM  
When I saw the special I threw rocks at the TV.
2005-05-13 02:34:49 PM  
TheGrayCat: Correct, that'd be the slang term (but we do use the word panties too - as a search of Google restricted to UK sites will confirm, with almost twice as many hits as the word knickers. ;)
2005-05-13 02:34:52 PM  
Hey, I heard that Michael Jackson might be a pedophile.

2005-05-13 02:37:15 PM  
YEah, they'll be throwing these:

[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-13 02:39:25 PM  
Is this the "I kiss you!!!" guy?
2005-05-13 02:39:49 PM  
F-O-X that spells Drudge.

/quality of information is at an all time low
2005-05-13 02:41:55 PM  
convincing proof that MJ is completely out of touch with the entire world, reality and the universe. any other sane, rational adult would have heard that 'compliment' and seen right through the BS
2005-05-13 02:44:15 PM  
Coach McGuirk: Exactly.
2005-05-13 02:45:15 PM  
"Are those the pants your mother laid out for you?"

/ :)
2005-05-13 02:48:14 PM  
If ever something was obviously taken out of context it was this.

Well done drudge, top notch reporting.
2005-05-13 02:49:25 PM  
ccc1138: ZING! Man, that was a good one! haha!

//don't just view, PREVIEW
2005-05-13 02:51:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

PANTS !!!!

just to confuse the americans
2005-05-13 02:52:46 PM  
Damn, Tentacle beat me to it. Here's another one for the hell of it:
2005-05-13 02:54:59 PM  
and then the tv will put them on

look out!

[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-13 02:56:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


Yeah, Dr. Bashir got all dirty and hippy-esque. Ewwwwwwww.
2005-05-13 02:59:57 PM  
Shum on, he was pretty presentable as little as 15 years ago.
2005-05-13 03:02:42 PM  

and then the tv will put them on

Or it gets the hose again?
2005-05-13 03:05:09 PM  
He probably had to do that for his role in Kingdom of Heaven
2005-05-13 03:05:10 PM  
Strangely, all MJ's "pants" collection consists of is SpongeBob underoos, and elastic pull ups. :/

/didnt RTFA
2005-05-13 03:05:48 PM  
I have nothing to add to this thread, so I bring you Shoeman!

[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-13 03:06:33 PM  
"Throw their pants" is the British slang for vomiting.
2005-05-13 03:06:35 PM  
Also Reign of Fire has him looking pretty scruffy, too.

2005-05-13 03:10:02 PM  
I don't dig the whole dirty, unshaven thing but he had a hot voice on DS9. Grrrroar.

/former Trek dork
2005-05-13 03:10:52 PM  

Strangely enough, they DO have Underoos for adults.

Look it up online (too lazy to do it myself).
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