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8271 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Apr 2002 at 9:56 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-02 10:00:18 PM  
AdAware is great software.....
2002-04-02 10:00:58 PM  
Best. Ad remover. ever.
2002-04-02 10:02:19 PM  
Only one hunk of spyware! God, I visit boring websites!
2002-04-02 10:06:23 PM  
Great link. No BS, straight to the download.
2002-04-02 10:10:10 PM  
If only EVERY piece of software could be as great as Ad-Aware.
2002-04-02 10:10:30 PM  
Best program ever. I was considering making antivirus files for the adware and spyware that was being spread 'round the 'net. Now I don't have to. I wonder why I didn't find this sooner... probably because I like to remove the junk myself.
2002-04-02 10:10:31 PM  
Careful.. it has the potential to kill your Kazza/Grokster....

Also its been out for a while now...
2002-04-02 10:18:35 PM  
I smell a quality product.

*closes legs*
2002-04-02 10:19:20 PM  
Wouldn't it be great if Adaware was spyware?

I guess you can trust it as long as you can still download updates yourself (if it polls an update server automatically, my opinion is that it's not to be trusted) and block its access to the Internet with a software based firewall.
2002-04-02 10:20:28 PM  
meh supposedly the only p2p program without spyware was Audiogalaxy

what a crock that was

ADaware to the rescue
2002-04-02 10:31:02 PM  
Get zoneAlarm and it lets you know if something tries accessing the internet. (not the same as Adaware, I use both)
2002-04-02 10:35:00 PM  
me like
2002-04-02 10:38:02 PM  
AdAware is one of the greatest pieces of software out there. I'm a network admin, and I've put in on my network shares and routinely run it on my users' pc's. I know they're mostly stupid, and will fall for every "IF THIS BOX IS GREEN, YOU'VE JUST WON A SHOPPING SPREE!!!" scam on the Net.
This is like a HUGE mop to clean up the mess they make.
On my own pc, I'm set between ZoneAlarm Pro and AdAware, run weekly. Nobody can even see the huge packet transfers to my machine as I play Team Fortress during the work day. :)
2002-04-02 10:39:16 PM  
Hey, I submitted this a week ago but it never got posted...
2002-04-02 10:40:57 PM  
Wouldn't it be funny if AdAware was really spyware, but we were all just so stupid that we fell for it and, and, when we downloaded it and it got rid of all the other spyware it, it like put a bunch of stupidhead spyware in our computers and, and it started doing stupidheaded stuff and we became stupidheads and our friends would start calling us "stupidhead, stupidhead you are a stupidhead" and we'd say "why are you calling me and my dog stupidhead?" but they wouldn't answer cause they had just stolen my bike and were riding away on my bike carrying my computer and AdAware was on the computer so now they were studpiheads and I kinda said that only a tiny bit loud and Ralph heard me and he came back and when I tried to run away he pulled my shorts down and I fell on my dog and he cried and everyone was laughing cause when I fell I got scared and let a big stinky but it wasn't a stinky but a pooder and it left like a stain on my underwear and everyone saw it all because of AdAware?

Great program.
2002-04-02 10:49:35 PM  
Saying "Be careful of Ad-aware because it might kill your Kazaa" is like saying "Don't take penicillin, because it only kills things in your body."

The latest news, out today, is that Kazaa is hiding an entire distributed computing function in their software. They are literally stealing CPU time from you! Anyone running this thing is just ASKING for it. My own answer was to buy Limewire - it's only $8.50 for the spyware-free version.
2002-04-02 10:52:47 PM  
Want KaZaa without the spyware?
Rat [TotalFark]
2002-04-02 10:56:22 PM  
I need spyware to tailor my porn needs to my liking
2002-04-02 10:56:49 PM  
it works great, i ran adawre than i saw 5.7 was out, installed it, ran it again. it found 3 that the other one hadn't found
2002-04-02 11:01:01 PM  
i wouldn't want to surf without it...
it's like a good rinse in the shower for your computer.
just say no to scum!
i'll be downloading the upgrade in the morning, thanks for the notice!!!
2002-04-02 11:05:47 PM  
Eyelessloki, I did the same. It found 5 things and I deleted them. I ran the 5.7 version and it found 25 things. Wow.
2002-04-02 11:09:19 PM  
Wow. 18 pieces found that 5.62 apparently didn't catch. And I agree about Ad-Aware and ZoneAlarm. Great software.
2002-04-02 11:16:59 PM  
I've tried almost every personal firewall software available, and ZoneAlarm is heaven. After downloading Grokster/Audiogalaxy, I was fairly surprised to see the extent to which Gator and other apps try to access the internet. My logs are swamped with blocked attempts.

Must. Have. Software.
2002-04-02 11:18:39 PM  
Remember to download RefUpdate 1.3 for Ad-aware as well because the spyware list is updated frequently...
2002-04-02 11:33:35 PM  
Team Fortress is the best game ever made. CS and DoD are good too, but I'm talkin original Team Fortress for Q1 baby.
2002-04-02 11:34:52 PM  
Best software ever, POW!, kills pop ups and annoying webpages
2002-04-02 11:38:52 PM  
You guys are pussies. Don't download this software! Ignore this thread!


-the adware that has taken over SpaceMoose's PC
2002-04-02 11:38:58 PM  
I had a mess of items. I gotta stop letting my roommate use my 'puter when I'm at work. I do run Zonealarm, but he's just smart enough to click yes to anything that lets him continue.

Cool program, no bull download.
2002-04-02 11:39:19 PM  
adaware is great, i use it often to clean bs like gator and bonzi buddie off pc's, office women are stupid... i could really use a version of it that cleans bs in real time like navce and has network admin capabilties.
2002-04-02 11:42:50 PM  
4 million downloads in under a week.

Man. I gotta start working on my moon-phase predictor.
2002-04-02 11:52:43 PM  
Bahh, I just finished scanning my whole system, which took a fair while, and when it was done I clicked Continue without checking the items I wanted removed. It said I didn't check anything and just went back to the first step. So now I have to scan all over again. I'm sure it'll work great next time around, but you gotta wonder what the programmer was thinking.
"Hmm, what if the user doesn't realize he has to check off what he wants to remove and clicks Continue? I know! I'll make him scan ALL OVER AGAIN!! MWUHAHAHAHAHA!"
2002-04-02 11:58:07 PM  
Adaware is a piece of spyware.
2002-04-03 12:20:42 AM  
George Bush is a good president.
2002-04-03 12:21:25 AM  
I went to PopUp Killer to hook myself up, and there was this message (below) posted on 3/3. They're turning over the development to someone new. Is this stuff safe? Should I not bother?

After numerous reports of problems with Internet Explorer from many new PopUp Killer users I have decided to discontinue my most beloved little baby.

At 6 years of age, the most popular ads control application is deceased..

Under other circumstances I would have tried to figure out the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, the cause appears to be related to a combination of factors that I just can't reproduce. Problems with the setup, with the user's machines, bugs in Internet Explorer, illegal (bootleg) versions of PopUp Killer floating around on the internet, lack of support back from the users having this problem and many other situations have made of this problem a disease that affected PopUp Killer for about 3 months and finally, as any mortal virus, took its life.
2002-04-03 12:25:35 AM  
Check it:

Pop-Up Stopper (free).

Kill-Ad (free)

It doesn't get any easier than this folks!
2002-04-03 12:37:58 AM  
I scanned my whole system and removed everything it suggested, and kazaa still works. Zone alarm rules! Would you like to allow (some program) to access the internet? Yes? No? What is this program? This is definatly a must have for anyone with a better than dial-up connection. And its free.
2002-04-03 12:41:11 AM  
Yes it's a nice program..

I can't use Kazaa with Zone Alarm enabled though.. And it interrupts some other file sharing programs as well..

It's still a great program though.
2002-04-03 12:43:24 AM  
Or you could just disable popups in the preferences for your browser.

That is, if you use Mozilla.
2002-04-03 01:02:15 AM  
Another way to stop pop-ups is to go to your hosts file in the windows system32 folder and then adding all the known ad places (like to it and automatically routing it to It will stop the pop-ups.
2002-04-03 05:02:46 AM  
OLD news.
2002-04-03 05:23:49 AM  
Mugatu, obligatory link to my ad blocking page. I'm doing DNS changes tonight if the site doesnt load right.
2002-04-03 06:12:28 AM  
Link is pretty well dead. for main page from there try a mirror.
2002-04-03 09:15:27 AM  
If you work for Gator, you must die.

That's all I have to say about that.
2002-04-03 09:50:56 AM  
Kazaa is widely distributed CPU Stealing network?

April Fool!
2002-04-03 10:09:40 AM  
April Fool NOT. Does play April Fools jokes? No it does not. Here's the story.
2002-04-03 10:11:05 AM  
Well that wasn't the story I was thinking of. Nevertheless.
2002-04-03 01:24:17 PM  
Hey just to add my 2 cents. I love Ad-aware and I use the latest Zone Alarm. And by the way if you want a real P2P proggie that rocks, head on over to
2002-04-03 02:05:41 PM  
I was using Bearshare, but i have not gone to the latest version. It allows you the option of NOT installing spyware - and it still works- but paranoid as i am i still run ad-aware and it finds no spyware. I downloaded the newest free version of limewire - don't do it. After removing all of the spyware that it brought with it I can't get it to work. Oh well. Maybe the government will prevent companies from ilegally using your computer (and maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt [sorry Wayne and Garth]). Kaza is evil, we need a truly free alternative.
2002-04-03 03:58:34 PM  
If yah' can afford it bite the bullet and pay the $15 for the "pro" version of AdAware. It's the same as the free one but you'll feel better every time you use the program.
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