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(AZCentral)   State worker upset because she cant pack a 9mm at work   ( divider line
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4496 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Apr 2002 at 11:13 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-02 11:16:45 AM  
maybe she get lucky, shoot him and then this whole debate will be over.
2002-04-02 11:18:12 AM  
Boo hoo
2002-04-02 11:20:39 AM  
This chick needs to be pistol-whipped. There are some places ya' ain't allowed to bring a gun, dummy. Unless if you are a peace officer, work is not one of those places.
2002-04-02 11:21:09 AM  
let her pack heat. its what Carlton Heston would want.
(or kill the old man and let everybody feel better)
2002-04-02 11:21:30 AM  
If her threat is locked up for 6 months to a year, then why does she need to carry a gun now?
2002-04-02 11:24:30 AM  
Sounds like this biatch needs to relocate! She needs it because of the "shabby neighborhood" around her workplace? Where the fark does the work, Compton?
2002-04-02 11:28:02 AM  
like... if she was hot, then I would have found this article more interesting but she was a hag... oh well... can't win em all
2002-04-02 11:28:51 AM  
This dumbass I used to work with brought her gun to work once and actually told people she had it with her. She was a marine and was licensed but needless to say things didn't work out with her and the human resource people.
2002-04-02 11:29:11 AM  
(Don's flame-proof suit)

I think that every woman has the right to carry a gun just for the simple reason that they're women.

Imagine the reduction of purse snatchings, domestic abuse, ect.

You want empowerment ladies? You got it.
2002-04-02 11:29:50 AM  

"Flynn wants the extra protection for personal reasons, ...."

For example, like during your annual review, when your boss tries to convince you that a 1% increase in pay is actually pretty fair. That's one of those moments when you POP A CAP IN THEIR ARSE !!!!

[image from too old to be available]

2002-04-02 11:30:34 AM  
The REASON is:
It does so, state spokespeople say, to prevent accidents, to head off the possibility that employees might attack each other with guns, and to keep the state from being legally liable if someone were to be hurt with a gun.

Attack Each Other ???
2002-04-02 11:31:15 AM  
How is this woman a dumbass? She wants to carry her firearm to the security guards and have it checked with them for the workday. Did the retard who posted this even read the article?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-02 11:31:30 AM  
And yes I mean (Don's) not dons. I bought it from Don at the estate sale after his death when his Gateway 2000SUX exploded when he overclocked the damn thing.
2002-04-02 11:34:49 AM  
i personally think it's bullshiat...i want to bring my gun with me everywhere, sometimes...but i can't even leave it in my car while i'm working. i should be able to arrive at work armed and then give it to security when i enter the building.

they've effectively eliminated my right to bear arms during the work week.
2002-04-02 11:35:10 AM  
Why does this require the "DUMBASS" tag? Just because a woman wants to protect herself, she's a dumbass. So, would that logic then lead everyone to believe that if I take an insurance policy out on myself, I'm a dumbass because I want my wife and kids to be able to keep on living with the insurance money when I'm dead? Ah, the flawed logic of the anti-gunners.
2002-04-02 11:35:42 AM  
or bare arms...whichever you prefer
2002-04-02 11:37:17 AM  
Irascible: Just one problem with that proposal. A few swift kicks or an overpowering choke hold - Ho Ho Ho, Now I Haf a Machine Gun...
2002-04-02 11:39:49 AM  
I don't believe most women are capable of pulling a gun on another living creature. Please note the word *most* in that sentence, and yes, it is a generalisation.

(Opens the floor to the heat-packin' Farkettes)
2002-04-02 11:41:04 AM  
Gun laws only keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. No one else.

Someone prove me wrong.
2002-04-02 11:41:14 AM  
Yeah, what a dumbass!! How dare her trying to protect herself!
2002-04-02 11:43:33 AM  
At first I thought she was crazy, then I relized she was a highway patrol officer
2002-04-02 11:44:00 AM  
I second Chilly Willie's challenge.

Pin_registered -- man, that's got to be one of the most unintelligent posts I've read on Fark in a loooong time. (the one about "most women")...sheesh.
2002-04-02 11:44:40 AM  
sorry, the only dumbass here is the person who selected the dumbass tag.. she has no problems with locking it up when she's in the building.. not like she's gonna walk around work with it.. if I had some big ass guy trying to rape me or worse, I'd rather have the gun than the pepper spray.. put him down, saves on the amount of trials you have to go to
2002-04-02 11:47:25 AM  
Pin, try telling that to the many women who drew a firearm to fend off a rapist or any attacker.
2002-04-02 11:51:17 AM  
"Revenue Department spokesman Jeff Kros said the department will let Flynn park in a nearby limited-access garage and give her an armed escort, a Capitol policeman, to and from her car. But Flynn calls the garage insecure and said she feels safer parking where people can see her.

And she would prefer defending herself with her gun rather than taking chances with armed guards."

It sounds to me like she's more interested in popping her dad than feeling safe.
2002-04-02 11:53:07 AM  
Hey Chilly Willie, you're absolutely right.
Gun control means hitting what you're aiming at
2002-04-02 11:53:45 AM  
Gun Control: (n). "A Steady Hand".
2002-04-02 11:53:53 AM  
I'm all for personal protection, but she might freak out and shoot some innocent person. Then she will be in the pen just like her old man. She seems a little OVERLY paranoid to me.

Just what we need, another gun-toting, paranoid, head case.
Wait till her old man gets out, wait for him and then blast him. Simple solution.
2002-04-02 11:54:01 AM  
Sounds like they are willing to help out, and she is being unreasonable.

"will let Flynn park in a nearby limited-access garage and give her an armed escort, a Capitol policeman, to and from her car"

So, this should be as safe as carrying a gun and checking with security. Besides what good is that gun going to do, when the psycho desides to bust ass into her work, and go postal.
I would think her argument would be more sound if she wanted to keep the gun on her person.

"I don't believe most women are capable of pulling a gun on another living creature. Please note the word *most* in that sentence, and yes, it is a generalisation."

Cant say if you are right or wrong on this one. Can say that you are least are least 1/4 wrong. While you may be correct three weeks out of the month, watch out on the that fourth week. ;-)

FrankGarza: "There are some places ya' ain't allowed to bring a gun, dummy. Unless if you are a peace officer, work is not one of those places."

You either lead a sheltered life, or are totally unaware that the laws of your state do not apply to all states.
2002-04-02 11:54:38 AM  

You are right. Most gun owners are only interested in capping their own family members. Get an education.
2002-04-02 11:54:47 AM  

An armed society is a polite society. Don't you bleeding hearts get the idea that the second amendment is one of the most important rights we have in our tenuous system of checks and balances?

Those who would love to institude more socialism and outright fascism in our country would LOVE to disarm the public. Do you doubt the globalist conspiracies are real? Do a little research (I used to read the stuff as a lark then one day I decided to actually follow up on the cited sources) - and you will be surprised at just how deep the rabbit hole really is.

With that said, while private employers cannot prevent you from bringing a properly-licensed gun on premises for the purpose of self-defense, you cannot bring guns onto state property in most, if not all, states out of fear of assination attempts on public officials who are there to conduct business. In some states (MA and RI in particular I'm familiar with) you can bring the gun up to the security checkpoint and check it in. This is what should be done in Arizona as well, but apparantly the AZ legislation and executive branches have their heads up their collective asses, and don't think of the public, whom they are supposed to be there to serve and protect.

The government is supposed to serve, protect, and be accountable to the Constitution, which in turn makes the government accountable to the people. Unfortunately those who are elected have taken every opportunity to spew out liberal propoganda which have slowly but surely been eroding our rights bit by bit, re-writing history to make the people forget what the true roots of the United States of America are, with the hopes of establishing a communist society, in the name of "tolerance." Tolerance means that one should be willing to agree to disagree, not that one has to believe there is no absolute right or wrong.

Don't swallow the propoganda. Read the Constitution once in a while, and in parallel read the writings of our Founding Fathers, and especially read many of their quotes in the early days of our country. They would tell you that you have the right to bear arms not for hunting or sport, but to hold back a tyrannical government, and to overthrow said government should it prove to be corrupt and tyrannical. This is one of the principles of this country I truly love: that the Constitution actually tells us that this is what we should do, should the government begin to stray from those principles outlined in the Constitution, and re-establish the government in accordance with the Constitution. Read it once in a while, and cherish it, becase we're the only country in the world with this right. Appreciate what you have, lest you lose it through apathy or ignorance.



2002-04-02 11:57:17 AM  
No way should a revenue collector pack heat on the job.
I'd almost let postal workers pack before the revenue department. I'm just sayin...
2002-04-02 11:57:21 AM  
How is this any dumber than makingher store it in her car where someone could break in and take it? I also have a CCW (concealed carry of weapon) permit and find it stupid when I do carry to have to leave it in my car when I go some places. When I do carry I am carrying for a reason, it is stupid to leave such a weapon where some moron could get it without being turned into swiss cheese.

Fark a Duckk
2002-04-02 11:58:44 AM  
I carry a 9mm with me every day and at work. In the state of florida you have iminent domain "sp" So I have the right to stand my ground in my car home and place of employment.
2002-04-02 12:00:32 PM  
But hey! Isn't that a violation of her "rights" or something?

She should sue.
2002-04-02 12:01:55 PM  
Pretty stupid, thinking you can exercise the 2nd amendment at work. You don't even get to exercise the 4th there.
2002-04-02 12:01:58 PM  
Ok, here's a compromise--let her shoot her child molestin' dad and then make her keep the gun in her car from then on. No one who molests kids should be left alive in the first place, and if he continues threatening her repeatedly and the cops do nothing to stop him, she should have every right to keep her gun with her and shoot the bastard dead if he comes near her.
2002-04-02 12:04:09 PM  
KimVette: Great post. The 1st and 2nd amendments to the US Constitution are what differentiate the United States from other countries; they are what make us great.

One minor thing regarding your post. You state "while private employers cannot prevent you from bringing a properly-licensed gun on premises for the purpose of self-defense", and I think this is more the exception than the rule.

For instance, Colorado Revised Statutes state (in the concealed carry portion) that private employers and private entities (businesses, private homes etc.) usually _can_ prevent you from carrying a firearm into their establishments, and I believe (although I'm not positive), that most state statutes read this way (i.e., more than 50 percent of them).
2002-04-02 12:04:53 PM  
It would be great if the concealed carry law passed in Illinois. If it did, I would most definity carry my Sig 228 (9mm) with me at all times. Crime rate would drop if they passed the law.
2002-04-02 12:05:22 PM  
This lady is entitled to protect herself because the legal system has already proven in court they can't protect her by the simple fact that dad admitted abuse in court and is now in jail for it.

I know a lady who can't get a permanent restraining order against her ex and has to renew it every 90 days. She now has a CWP and carries everywhere, including normally restricted places because the police agree the guy is a nutcase (and yeah, she'll whack his ass if he comes after her). It's odd because the police know this guy is crazy and issued the unlimited CWP but the court won't issue a permanent restraining order. Very weird.

Police and courts can only do something AFTER the crime is committed. If the antis will guarantee me that ALL bad guys will give up their firearms plus obey all laws relating to firearms AND give me 7/24 armed police protection, you can have my guns and CWPs. Otherwise I'll protect myself.
2002-04-02 12:11:59 PM  
dumbass? how is wanting to protect your life from a maniac make you a dumbass? Obviously our Justice system hasn't found a way to protect her if this guy will be out within two years.
2002-04-02 12:15:05 PM  
I like how that tool Crudking said "what if" bullshiat. well, what if she goes crazy while driving and starts running people over? The car is a much more dangerous weapon that the pistol yet no one wants to ban or make tighter restrictions on them. Fact: More people are killed in drunk driving accidents in one month than murdered by way of guns every year. The only problem I have with this woman is she chooses to carry a 9mm instead of a real gun. But that's another issue.

Fark a Duckk
2002-04-02 12:15:52 PM  
Just as a point of informnation for non-locals, AZ (where this woman lives) allows carrying concealed weapons with permit, and allows open carrying (e.g. in a holster) without any permit.
2002-04-02 12:17:21 PM  
Too many pussies with guns today. No pun intended.
2002-04-02 12:18:51 PM  
what the hell? is she afraid that her dad's going to molest her in her workplace? Yeah, everybody could use protection of some sort, but can't she try Tae Kwon Do or Ju Jitsu or something? Hell, if she really wants protection, why doesn't she carry around an AK-47?
2002-04-02 12:23:34 PM  
Happiness is a warm gun.
2002-04-02 12:26:10 PM  
Now that the world knows she leaves a gun in her car, it's only a matter of time before someone breaks into her car and steals it. It's the reporter who is a dumbass.
2002-04-02 12:27:08 PM  
Seize: I agree-- CCW for IL!!! It would be nice if Chicago residents were allowed to posses hand guns too.
2002-04-02 12:27:24 PM  
I don't know about other states, but in Florida a business has the right to post a "no weapons" sign, and a CCW holder has to respect that sign by law. Also, most businesses have a no-weapons policy for employees. This was a problem for me, since I rode a motorcycle to work when I lived there. (Can't lock a Sig 229 in a motorcycle)

As for getting a CCW in MA? Hah!

2002-04-02 12:31:44 PM  
Woman's got the right to protect herself. Geez, in the state of AZ (been there, done that), you can pack heat just by strapping it onto your thigh.

And sure, the state offered her an armed escort to and from... So she never has to be without armed protection. State assumes responsibility for attacks in the building--and admits it in their justification for the firearms restriction.

What she's doing, at this point, is not "trying to protect herself". She's trying to make a political point by being a hard-ass about it. Kudos to her for standing up for all our rights to keep and bear.

In a more practical sense, I like the way the law is _applied_ in the state of Louisiana. A friend of mine (a RN in the trauma ICU) went to a firearms training course (gun safety). The policeman instructor volunteered that:
1. The cops can't be everywhere.
2. They know this, and appreciate responsible citizens protecting themselves.
3. Without concealed carry available at the time, the policeman told her "If you're at the supermarket and you pay for your groc. and the gun shows, no cop is going to arrest you for it. But if you're waving it around like an idiot, expect to be picked up & taken in."

Point being that common sense can be applied, but never uniformly.

BTW--there are mostly 2 kinds of patients in TICU: Car accident victims, & gunshot/stab victims. The latter often have $thousands in cash in their pocket and a high tolerance for painkillers. These are not the sort of people you want to be unprotected around. No guns in the hosp, but lots of big burly orderlies there for the purpose.
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