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(Some Guy)   Scrolling LED textfields on your bike wheels for $25.   ( divider line
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8183 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Apr 2002 at 11:36 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-02 11:36:35 AM  
"Move over asshole"
2002-04-02 11:36:49 AM  
2002-04-02 11:37:07 AM  
be the first kid on your block to be beaten up (and have your bike stolen) with these icons of goofiness.
2002-04-02 11:37:11 AM  
"All your lanes are belong to us"
2002-04-02 11:37:52 AM  
2002-04-02 11:38:20 AM  
"All your
img.fark.comView Full Size
are belong to me"
2002-04-02 11:38:21 AM  
Be the first person in your area to make all your neighbours think they're getting invaded by vertical UFO's during the summer night...
2002-04-02 11:38:40 AM  
"YEA!! Now my bike can be as gay as me!"
2002-04-02 11:38:54 AM  
"Your wife was great last night!"
2002-04-02 11:39:01 AM  
yeah, those would last about 5 minutes on my bike.
2002-04-02 11:39:25 AM  
awesome, you can make it display an ad for itself! the further billboardization of america!
2002-04-02 11:39:40 AM  
you can add text to them? like what ... "don't run me over." ?
2002-04-02 11:40:45 AM  
That is so gay.
2002-04-02 11:40:52 AM  
hella cool.
the rider of said bike would need to also go
"wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" while the bike was in motion.
2002-04-02 11:43:02 AM  
"How's my driving? Dial 1-800...."
2002-04-02 11:44:01 AM  
That would look spiffy, on a pink huffy with a banana seat, handlebar tassels and a Honeycomb license plate.

Otherwise, users will be bully-fodder.
2002-04-02 11:45:18 AM  
"You could like, make the text scroll backwards, and it would make you like, look like you were going slower than you were, and you could like....

Would you like to go out with me?"
2002-04-02 11:45:34 AM  
Always wanted some 22's for my Huffy.
2002-04-02 11:46:23 AM  
can i get some for my subaru?
2002-04-02 11:47:27 AM  
Hokey Spokes. I'll say.
I want the "Kill Whitey" design.
2002-04-02 11:47:32 AM  
it has potential for offending people, which is a good thing
2002-04-02 11:49:09 AM  
the "don't touch me there" version could be a big seller.
2002-04-02 11:51:03 AM  
They'd be cool until you get hit by some dumb driver who's too busy trying to work out what the shiat you got on your bike...
2002-04-02 11:51:20 AM  
Like, you could, like, sooo have a giant pot leaf, dude... huhuhuhuh! That would be so awesome!
2002-04-02 11:51:23 AM  
Mazda Miata: midlife crisis
Motorcyles : small weener
2002-04-02 11:51:57 AM  
Full persistance of vision at seven mph, wonder how well they would hold together at 115, would go well with one of those geeky tron outfits.

Generally, want to get noticed on a motorcycle, put a wad of steel wool up each tailpipe and cut the engine a few times until it ignites. We are talking a 10 - 20 foot trail of sparks and a real neat police chase.

Kids, don't try this in a national forest in the dry season.
2002-04-02 11:52:07 AM  
Judging by the hippie's back wheel, I think he's heading to his dealer's house.
2002-04-02 11:52:20 AM  
...because those little shorts, shaving your legs, and that stupid melon helmet don't make you look gay enough.
2002-04-02 11:53:49 AM  
Fifty bucks this guy gets juiced before he gets home...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-02 11:54:00 AM  
I can see these going into future RiceBoy project cars ....
2002-04-02 11:56:55 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Newman/Haas Racing team used the technology to advertise K-Mart on the CART circuit last season.
2002-04-02 11:57:13 AM  
Next thing you know there will be shoes with lights in them...

2002-04-02 12:01:31 PM  
Now with the CORRECT picture.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-02 12:02:29 PM  
Great. Now we're going to start ricing out bikes?
2002-04-02 12:03:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
The more neon lights on cars makes you go faster...
2002-04-02 12:04:33 PM  
When I was a kid, we used a deck of cards and a couple of clothespins to look like a total nerd. Now this.
2002-04-02 12:09:06 PM  
I saw that the kmart car had those. I tried for lap after lap to read what it said. I just couldnt read it on tv. ...guess they are better live.
2002-04-02 12:10:24 PM  
WAIT KIDS! This ROCKS! I've been hit by a car, run off the road by a cell-phone talker in a Jag (had to bunny jump an 8" curb - I had to go back and scrape my thigh of the sidewalk), and broke my wrist and elbow when I had to go from 20 to 0 FAST to avoid hitting an old woman crossing against the light.

This would increase visibilty big time. Hell, I have 30 cent reflective stickers all over my bike and helmet, but this actually makes light!

All those who are flaming it, sh-t - this is great! Maybe I can ride again without losing my epidermis once every year!
2002-04-02 12:11:29 PM  
I think this is soooo cool! At least it is if it works the way it is supposed to.
2002-04-02 12:12:13 PM  
"You bike like old people fark..slow and sloppy"
2002-04-02 12:12:45 PM  
When I was younger, if you had a female car, no matter what you did to it (short of installing a vulcan cannon) - you were a sissy if you (guy) drove a girl car. Now if you put a few soup cans on the tailpipe, and a few stickers with racing logos on it, a white soft-top GTI or little CRX is now manly enough for cheesy 'stached punks to ride around in? Times have changed. If you drive a shiatbox, don't spend money on racing stripes or whale tails - save the money for emissions testing.
2002-04-02 12:23:44 PM  
Chanle51: that's not manliness, they're just punks.
2002-04-02 12:26:44 PM  
Amen Kid_at.After being hit by two cars within a week of each other while riding my bike to campus, I would gladly put these on my bike, if it meant that I wasn't going to get hit anymore.

Although, I have to admit, I kind of felt like a stuntman as I rolled up the hood and cracked the windshield of that Escort. I kind of miss my old bike though. Stupid biatch.
2002-04-02 12:28:13 PM  
this really just screams "PLEASE, someone kick my ass!"
2002-04-02 12:31:17 PM  
04-02-02 12:09:06 PM Jcblack
I saw that the kmart car had those. I tried for lap after lap to read what it said. I just couldnt read it on tv. ...guess they are better live.

Front said 'Toyota' and rear said 'Blue Light Special'.
(/Racing fan)
2002-04-02 12:32:45 PM  
BoCo: I can argue that these are for any roadie who wears shirts with Italian logos. Certainly not MTBers.
2002-04-02 12:44:21 PM  
Baseball cards strapped to the wheels also make that scary motorcycle sound. So cool.....Marvin.
2002-04-02 12:50:29 PM  
I don't care what the fark anyone else says, that's a cool idea.
2002-04-02 12:52:26 PM  
I imagine not many of you have read the book Virtual Light by William Gibbson, but one guy had almost exactly the same thing. Cyberspace, the internet, and now spiny light wheel things. Anything Gibbson writes comes true.
2002-04-02 12:56:17 PM  
Would you like a fortune cookie with your rice?
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