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6910 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Apr 2002 at 9:49 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-01 09:52:03 PM  
Gee....never seen this before
2002-04-01 09:52:13 PM  
Amazing. No, really....
2002-04-01 09:54:17 PM  
Alright, since we're into repeats, everyone should check out this classic from Eugene's site:

Drop Your Gun!
2002-04-01 10:02:49 PM  
2002-04-01 10:03:30 PM  
i've seen this before... *shudder* still creepy as hell.
2002-04-01 10:06:26 PM  
talentless hack
2002-04-01 10:07:34 PM  
i think this needs a photoshop
2002-04-01 10:09:14 PM  
Even for an old post, I still have to say that's farked up.
2002-04-01 10:11:08 PM  
Maybe this is some kind of wormhole where interesting things from years ago are now known! Anyone seen that hilarious All Your Base flash?
2002-04-01 10:11:15 PM  
Cartman-like, only more excruciating.
2002-04-01 10:11:28 PM  
Hith thtand-up act thuckth. Maybe if he jutht did thongth the whole time it might be bearable. Like, ooh. Thtill, I can't thay I can do a better verthion of "Black Dog."
2002-04-01 10:11:49 PM  
SLAYERSWINE had to of submitted this ROFL
2002-04-01 10:13:14 PM  
Pansy dialect is even worse than valspeak and jive.
2002-04-01 10:13:21 PM  
and only reason i say so is cause he sent me the link one day when i was BOOOOOOOOOOORRED
2002-04-01 10:15:45 PM  
26,148 post attempts en des repeet guts on? em must b on da fark lezt.
2002-04-01 10:17:23 PM  
I better go find some strong spirits so I can have a reason to see stupid things.
2002-04-01 10:18:17 PM  
bet you liked dis, eh Nadz? :P
2002-04-01 10:19:54 PM  
Dude, this is pretty f.ucked up right here...
2002-04-01 10:23:28 PM  
Reminds me of that whistling nun site on April Winchell's page...
2002-04-01 10:24:20 PM  
I submitted this awhile ago, but it had already been posted.

The videos are funny, the singing baby is not.
2002-04-01 10:28:28 PM  
2002-04-01 10:28:31 PM  
I will never sleep again!
2002-04-01 10:29:43 PM  
This iz just bout as funny as them godforsaken hamsters.

Hey, thayure's an idea!

Quick! Someone submit! Before hit's too late.
2002-04-01 10:31:55 PM  
"No web site is configured at this address."

Wow, what a great site.
2002-04-01 10:32:45 PM  
What the hell?
2002-04-01 10:32:50 PM  
Crapola, it's farked.
2002-04-01 10:42:05 PM  
This place is just full of things that make me giggle...
2002-04-01 10:42:31 PM  
Heh, they seem to have added some since I first saw it...
2002-04-01 10:48:39 PM  
I just put on Enigma (you know, new age stuff), and then clicked on the link. Strange combination of sounds, let me tell you.
2002-04-01 10:51:02 PM  
Man, I wish I could eat pasta doggystyle...
2002-04-01 10:51:04 PM  
The Who Medley kicks ass.
2002-04-01 10:52:34 PM  
And now, for the Australian entertainment:
(a traditional Stannie's song sung to the tune of "Tie me Kangaroo down, sport!")

Bestiality's great mate, bestiality's great;
(F*** a Wallabby!)
Bestiality's great mate, bestiality's great!

(repeat each line 4 times then back to the chorus)

Put your hose in a toad, mate
Put your gear in a steer, mate
Put your log in a frog, mate
Put your goo in a roo, mate
Put your staff in a giraffe, mate
Put your pole in a foal, mate
Spread a spider wider, mate
Have intercourse with a horse, mate
69 with a swine, mate
Put your rake in a snake, mate
Go in deep with a sheep, mate
Go the rape with an Ape, mate
Have a frig with a pig, mate
Up the crack of a yak, mate
Have a shag with a stag, mate
Put your spunk up a skunk, mate
Up the hole of a vole, mate
Ejaculate up a skate, mate
2002-04-01 10:52:58 PM  
thanx again Bumjube
2002-04-01 10:57:55 PM  
Hugh Hefner buys circuit city corperation
2002-04-01 11:03:58 PM  
Hugh Hefner buyth thircuit thity corperation
2002-04-01 11:07:52 PM  
George Bush + Bill Clinton = George Clinton!!

Our next president???

2002-04-01 11:13:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Hugh Hefner buys circuit city corperation

WTF, mods, please delete my previous 2 posts, somethings' wrong there.

2002-04-01 11:19:38 PM  
Wasputin41, DANKS!
Bwwwwdeng deng deng denga bom bom bom!
2002-04-01 11:23:44 PM  
Doh, i got the all your base flash on my hd... but a simple google search should turn it up...
2002-04-01 11:23:57 PM  
Omigod, them vids are funny
2002-04-01 11:24:35 PM  
Vheeners, Vhet ere-a yuoo ell sefenteee??
Bork Bork Bork!
2002-04-01 11:27:24 PM  
Zeddy: sez It is slayerwine!!!
this here could be a normal young unhood, hmmmmm
2002-04-01 11:32:09 PM  
I actually saw this guy do stand up.... not a single person laughed the whole time.

I suppose much like Andy Kaufmann he'll be considered a genius after he's dead....

Assuming, of course, he gets a recurring role on some sitcom.
2002-04-01 11:32:46 PM  
the baby singing thing was ok, and the gun thing was just creepy and sad, we need Farkman!!
2002-04-01 11:34:42 PM  
Hytes Xian,WOFM?
2002-04-01 11:38:19 PM  
2002-04-01 11:42:51 PM  
anyone know any jokes?
2002-04-01 11:43:15 PM  
Hey! Thats my Dad!
2002-04-01 11:43:22 PM  
The most pointless web site ever.
2002-04-01 11:44:32 PM  
even a diwty wimewick wouwd do....
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