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(ABC News)   Appeals court throws out conviction of man who years ago swore after falling out of canoe   ( divider line
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6617 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Apr 2002 at 5:26 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-01 05:28:41 PM  
Well I'll be damned
2002-04-01 05:29:37 PM  
fark that. biatch better quit his goddamn cussing before I rip off his farking head and shiat in the hole. Ass.
2002-04-01 05:30:11 PM  
they shoulda shot him.
2002-04-01 05:30:33 PM  
Yeah, like that's not an April Fool's joke.
2002-04-01 05:31:20 PM  
Would they convict women or children for swearing in front of themselves?
2002-04-01 05:31:26 PM  
Court record of Defendants response to ruling
Well woopdie - Farking doo , you pillowbiting Judge !!! The best damn news I've had !
2002-04-01 05:31:37 PM  
Bunch of arse.
2002-04-01 05:31:39 PM  

ok damnit.... who beat me to the Jet powered beer cooler !!... asshead !

as for this article.....yea, righttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

2002-04-01 05:32:25 PM  
Tim Boomer to the judge: "Well hot damn mother farker... I'm free!!
2002-04-01 05:32:28 PM  
I want to know exactly, word for word, what this guy said that got him busted
2002-04-01 05:34:28 PM  
Ah, there's nothing like swift justice!
2002-04-01 05:35:05 PM  
True Story: I once got arrested by DNR officers and thrown in jail (seriously, in the county jail!) for not having life preservers in a canoe that my brother and I were paddling around the launch ramp area at a local lake ... since I was in the back of the canoe I was considered 'pilot of the vessel' and was thus responsible for our statutory transgression ... cost $75 to get out, and my Mom had to come pick me up from jail ... what is it with canoes and the court system?
2002-04-01 05:35:32 PM  
I want to know who called the cops?

"uh 9-11? Yes, I would like to report an emergency requiring police officers. Well, a man fell into the river. No, he's not drowning. Yes, that's right he's cussing. That's not all---there are women AND children present."
2002-04-01 05:36:19 PM  
i think this article is hysterical but then i think adam sandler is at times too go figure - hysteria
2002-04-01 05:39:24 PM  
Hey, how come the filter isn't playing cute games anymore??
2002-04-01 05:42:05 PM  
2002-04-01 05:42:26 PM  
Proof once again that Water Patrol is useless except for taking drunk people to the hospital when they pull one of those "Hey everybody, WATCH THIS!" kind of acts on float trips. That and people who cuss when they fall out of the boat.
2002-04-01 05:59:53 PM  
No no no. Very true story. Happened June of '99. Do a Google search on the guy.
2002-04-01 06:01:36 PM  
Our tax dollars at work.
2002-04-01 06:08:55 PM  
Good thing he wasn't in jail for oral sex. His cell mates would make sure he ended up a repeat offender.
2002-04-01 06:25:18 PM  
Oddly enough, I remember reading and following this story when it came out. I'm glad to see that politically INcorrect people have come to their senses and overtuned the ruling. Sure, it's not of character to swear in front of women and children, but it shouldn't be punishable by law for chrissakes.
2002-04-01 06:34:31 PM  
"After falling out of a canoe into a river, Timothy Joseph Boomer, a 25-year-old factory worker, spewed a stream of profanity that apparently could be heard half a mile away"

The dumb fark deserved all the pain he caused himself. If he learned anything, it should be how to sit in a canoe.
2002-04-01 06:48:40 PM  
Justice is served.

Now, can we get back to figuring out how the redecorate Yasser Arafat's suite?
2002-04-01 07:14:06 PM  
Farkin' A right!
2002-04-01 07:14:34 PM  
""The appeals court declared the law unconstitutional, saying it would be "difficult to conceive of a statute that would be more vague."""

What country is that appeals court in? This one has the
DMCA, FCC S&P, FARK filter, etc., etc.
2002-04-01 07:15:18 PM  
Once again, another victory for free speech.
2002-04-01 08:01:45 PM  
Bleur mekes a guud pueent
2002-04-01 10:08:40 PM  
misleading didn't happen years ago, the law was enacted over 100 years ago, but he was convicted in 1999..... *sigh*
2002-04-01 10:24:03 PM  
Once agin? Yew mean once. Free speech rarely has inny victories these days.

If'n thuh guy swore in court, they'd convict him uh "contempt uh court" instead. Ya still kin't say how yew really feel 'bout a judge an' git away with it. Even if'n yew don't use inny naughty words.
2002-04-02 01:18:43 AM  
What is it that makes swear words so bad anyway? I have never received a good explanation about why people get so upset over certain swear words. Does it make people feel like they're better than others and that's the appeal of designating words as "bad" or what? I just don't understand why certain words make people so uptight.
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