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(Some Guy)   Woman tries to trade baby for $200 chihuahua   ( divider line
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4116 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Apr 2002 at 11:02 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-01 11:06:05 AM  
2002-04-01 11:06:24 AM  
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2002-04-01 11:06:29 AM  
Marge Schott is merciless!!!
2002-04-01 11:07:15 AM  
I hAvE BabIEs 4 SalE. GeT YoUr BaBIeS 4 SaLe RiGhT HeRE.
2002-04-01 11:07:22 AM  
Ridiculous. No baby is worth that much.
2002-04-01 11:07:33 AM  
I hope this is another April Fools Joke.
2002-04-01 11:07:43 AM  
Wow, no filter on this page? Im impressed.
2002-04-01 11:07:47 AM  
I am not going to trutht anything or anyone today
2002-04-01 11:08:53 AM  
The baby is probably better off with the person who was willing to pay for it anyway.
2002-04-01 11:09:08 AM  
Geez, what an amateur... everyone knows babies go for at least 50K these days.... figures she's from Arkansas...
2002-04-01 11:10:11 AM  
maybe she should have asked for 10 chihuahua's
2002-04-01 11:10:49 AM  
Yo qwiewo ....

Nope I just can't do it...
2002-04-01 11:11:39 AM  
"Drop The Chalupa!™"
2002-04-01 11:11:47 AM  
Should've just had an abortion.
2002-04-01 11:14:23 AM  
"Yo quiero el bebe!"
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2002-04-01 11:17:24 AM  
WarmBeer- Are you talking about yourself?
2002-04-01 11:21:14 AM  
Yizuman: Ouch. Not for me, but for the mental anguish you must feel resulting from the void where your imagination would be. Try harder with your flames.
2002-04-01 11:25:14 AM  
"Yo quiero el bebe. Mmmh, Yeth!"
That doezth not meant what you think. It meanth you want a drink. Uthe nino or hijo.
2002-04-01 11:25:34 AM  
Maybe she should try eBay.
2002-04-01 11:26:04 AM  
Jeebus, what's wrong with the Arkansas economy ? Up here in Massachusetts, a healthy baby trade can net you at least a Pentium 4 computer with 512mb of ram, 80gb hard drive, GeForce 3 AGP and EverQuest installed.

Chihauha ? Seems like a trade down.
2002-04-01 11:26:47 AM  
2002-04-01 11:32:29 AM  
Me so sad- I submitted this yesterday and got no love.
2002-04-01 11:32:32 AM  
What? The filters got turned off? Damn.

Bork Bork Bork!
#2 [TotalFark]
2002-04-01 11:33:36 AM  
How do you think she got her three other kids?
dogfriendly.comView Full Size
2002-04-01 11:34:56 AM  
What we really need is a hairless Weiner Cat

Yes. Yes, we do.
2002-04-01 11:37:15 AM  
Ding dong the filters dead !
2002-04-01 11:40:22 AM  
I lufe-a zeese-a reeffffurmeshuns ooff a vumen's inherent desure-a tu noortoore-a.
Bork Bork Bork!
2002-04-01 11:44:36 AM  
I'd say that's a fair trade.
2002-04-01 11:45:10 AM  
Good lord. This woman just needs to visit a dog pound in the penetrated space of Texas. They have chiuauas coming out of their asses.
2002-04-01 11:45:32 AM  
Imabmf: Yeah, I realized that soon after posting but hoped no one noticed. Blame "Baby" translates to "bebe", but going the other way "bebe" is "drink". Weird. This is what I get for sleeping through 3 years of the damn language.
2002-04-01 11:45:54 AM  
Why not just feed the kid dogfood and raise it like it was a dog?
I think that would be a great experiment.
2002-04-01 11:48:11 AM  
Ooooooooooooooooooklahoma, where the wind goes whippin' down the plains.......
2002-04-01 12:47:21 PM  
Chihuahua? Sheesh, she shoulda gone looking for a larger breed. Something like a great dane or bull mastiff that could really satisfy her since she's obviously a biatch.
2002-04-01 01:30:05 PM  
This is not an April Fool's joke. I live in Norman, and this was on the local news last week.
2002-04-01 03:26:22 PM  
That fox should have tried an auction site, oh, baby, like eBaby.
2002-04-01 10:03:25 PM  
Well I lived in ENID ok for what turns out to be the longest year o my life. Not suprised by anything anyone does in this town...except of course bath.
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