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(WFTV Orlando)   "Chronic Candy" comes in "nickel bags" (with video)   ( divider line
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22109 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 May 2005 at 1:57 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-05-05 03:25:48 AM  
The arguement about the bad taste is moot. Smoking for the first time tastes like crap too, but kids continue to do it.

Uh, and why do you suppose that is? Is there maybe something in real marijuana that my encourage using again, despite the taste, smell, or coughing, that let's just say isn't in this no-actual-marijuana candy. Think carefully now. What could that be? Hmmm...
2005-05-05 03:26:02 AM  
Boo hiss this is terrible

/goes to find those little liquor chocolates... Mmmm
2005-05-05 03:26:27 AM  
I have had enough alcohol to justify my spelling mistakes...
2005-05-05 03:33:56 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Yes. Everyone thinks it when they see the logo.
2005-05-05 03:35:05 AM  
I remember when a dime bag cost a dime . .
2005-05-05 03:35:50 AM  
Does the nickle bag cost $20?
/farking inflation...
2005-05-05 03:36:03 AM  

That looks like some good toot!

Let me know if you need someone to move a bunch of it. I ain't doing shiat this weekend.
2005-05-05 03:36:42 AM  
"It makes it seem so safe. I mean, what could be more harmless than a lollypop?" questioned Scott.

(raises hand) How about marijuana?

/Not into weed. It makes me worried and unhappy.
//Love the smell, though.
2005-05-05 03:37:57 AM  
Typical illegal drug bs scare. Where was the outrage with the candy cigarettes?
2005-05-05 03:47:39 AM  
As to Nickle rd and High dr intersection, THE HOUSE closest to it(about 3 houses down the road on the other side) is occupied by some guys who are real serious pot heads last I checked....
I don't care, what they smoke, the don't mess with anyone....
2005-05-05 03:54:33 AM  
I'd hit it.
2005-05-05 04:04:24 AM  
Hmmm.. i like the taste of weed when smoked - not cooked. I doubt they taste any good. I would rather have a lump of hash on a pin. Thats a real good lolipop.

Nickel bag = $5 ganj
ive never actually bought or sold that small of a bag lol. today its 1/8's, 1/4's, 1/2's and oz. Dimebags (1g - $10) are around .. but who would pay $10 / g for dope.

/lives in bc... loves cheap chron.
2005-05-05 04:41:42 AM  
If given the choice between my son or daughter becoming obese from too much candy and other junk food and developing arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and/or cancer versus smoking some marijuana I'd vote for the marijuana.

The food pushers are far deadlier than the drug pushers.
2005-05-05 06:07:05 AM  
Why would you want something that tastes like weed but doesn't get you High?

[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-05 06:44:23 AM  
Wait for politicians to get wind of this. Just when you thought we had enough laws. I'm sure they will give us descriptions of how elementary schools will now be filled with trash talkers "Damn biatches I'm down with the chronic" with a candy ring or necklace on.

This is clearly a gateway candy to harder things like lick-a-maid and even starbursts.
2005-05-05 06:46:46 AM  
next up, Brach's crach rocks.
2005-05-05 06:47:03 AM  
Sumojeb,keep living in your cloudy little world up there in B.C., the reallity is 1g= $20 to $25 per gram of chronic.
/damn republicans
2005-05-05 06:49:35 AM  
BTW, these suckers are freakin expensive, no wa will I spend a dollar a sucker just to be tasting weed. It doesn't appear to be marketed toward kids, these people need to get a life and stop taking away america's already limited freedoms.
2005-05-05 07:13:47 AM  
I mean, what could be more harmless than a lollypop?

[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-05 07:26:33 AM  
"But experts say, if the makers think kids won't get their hands on this product, they must be high."

well, obviously. what pothead idea to begin with. if i did see these in stores i would deffinetly buy them just to try them. I happen to really enjoy the taste of marijuana when i'm smoking or eating it, so i can imagine these aren't bad
2005-05-05 07:28:55 AM  
Candy that tastes like pot? This is so backwards. What we need is pot that tastes like candy. . .

/yes, I'm sure you have
2005-05-05 07:31:03 AM  
Did anyone else notice that a post made this AM at 5:05:05 would be 2005-05-05 05:05:05 and the same thing is possible at the 5:05:05 PM

/right thread?
2005-05-05 07:31:29 AM  
"I'm willing to bet that the people who don't see a problem with this don't have kids."

I dont have kids, and even if I did, I wouldnt care.

Im under the certain philosophy that kids are going to do whatever the hell they damn well please, and well...i smoke who am I to say that they cant.

Teach responsibility, not shame.
2005-05-05 08:08:47 AM  

basstovin: "It doesn't surprise me it's manufactured in california..." lmao!

seriously, what's the deal with her? not all of us in california are pot smoking hippies. in fact, i'd go so far as to say 99% of us aren't. damn trialer trash.

Way to fight stereotypes with stereotypes.
Not that this is an argument on Fark, with all the Florida bashing and everything.
Every state has their share of idiots...our states don't have enough idiots to vote the Terminator into public office though.
2005-05-05 08:11:44 AM  
lol. you guys are so silly. all these "im willing to bet that you guys dont have kids" blah blah.

look. there wasnt a chronic candy when i was a kid, and i sure as hell didnt have any problem finding bud. and i sure as hell dont have any problem today finding bud.

I think the most dangerous part of this message is by connecting marijuana or pot with candy. It makes it seem so safe. I mean, what could be more harmless than a lollypop?" questioned Scott.
OMG. i dont know. pot?

these candies are probally worse for you than smoking pot. sugar rots the teeth and puts on the pounds.

(and to those that say pot leads to this sugary snacks, well i say, NO~!. i get high then eat a salad. so suck it, suck it hard adn suck it long Trebek.)
2005-05-05 08:13:28 AM  
I didn't think it possible, but pot-smokers are actually getting dumber...
2005-05-05 08:17:33 AM  
also. if it tasted like actual decent bud, id get em. pot taste good and smells good. the only part about eating i dont like is the texture. its all gritty and shiat when you chew it up.
2005-05-05 08:19:21 AM  
Submitted this 3 months ago with a better headline.
2005-05-05 08:40:40 AM  
also. i hope bone thugs sues them. they had that same farking line "every lick is like taking a hit" and called it chronic candy.

im assuming that the bone thugs vid came out first. didnt see any mention of bones thugs as a celebrity client.
2005-05-05 09:02:50 AM  
yuck, i always loved smoking a little bud but i could never get into that horrible taste.
2005-05-05 09:04:10 AM  
But won't somebody think of the children? THE FREAKIN CHILDREN MAN!

I think everyone involved in that article needs to just sit down, maybe pack a bowl, and relax a bit, eh?
2005-05-05 09:14:32 AM  
I'm unimpressed.
2005-05-05 09:17:40 AM  
Haha.. these pot related tv exposes kill me. They always go out to some white middle class family and talk to them about how evil it is. I remember though that the gov't here in canada ran an add like "40% of marijuana users are from city or intercity kids... where are the other 60%?" all the time they show some kid skateboarding thru a middle class subburb.

It's true in lots of cases, the kids with time to burn and disposiable income are the ones in the middle class. Lots of times the parents are working, giving the kids money to do things with their friends not supervising them... starts from a young age with them plooping them in front of a TV as a babysitter, it just gets worse by putting tv's and video games in the back of minivans.
2005-05-05 09:42:29 AM  
This stuff is disgusting. They were giving away lollipops and gummies at Lollapalooza in 2003, and its crap.

It does taste kind of like weed though.
2005-05-05 09:51:53 AM  
If I were 14 or whatever years old and one of my friends started showing off one of these things I'd laugh at them for their stupidity and poseurosity (new fake word).
2005-05-05 10:10:45 AM  
What they should be selling is a board game based on dealing:

- Stake out your turf
- Build a clientelle
- Avoid the Man
- Profit!

Even conservatives should appreciate the educational value
of early experience with the free market system.
2005-05-05 10:10:54 AM  
Traded a fried twinkie for a "nickle bag".

Stuff tastes like skunk weed smells.


Its a deterrent. No kid would eat that shiat......unless they like mildewed farts...
2005-05-05 10:20:23 AM  
I took a penis shaped lollipop away from an 8th grade girl at the school were I work last month, dont see anyone on tv complaining about that.
2005-05-05 10:47:24 AM  
I took a penis shaped lollipop away from an 8th grade girl at the school were I work last month, dont see anyone on tv complaining about that.

You replaced it with a penis-shaped penis, right?

/grass on the field, and all that
//not really into girls that young
2005-05-05 10:59:22 AM  

"I think the most dangerous part of this message is by connecting marijuana or pot with candy. It makes it seem so safe. I mean, what could be more harmless than a lollypop?" questioned Scott.

I know what's more harmless than lollypop's. Actual Marijuana.

In the thousands of years of recorded history there is not one death from cannabis. Run around with a lollypop in your mouth, fall, get impaled through the back of your neck with the lollypop stick. It happens.

I think your argument is a little off. Marijuana has most denifinately been INVOLVED in deaths. Cancer kills. Taking massive bong hits of KB then driving has been a factor in more than a couple car accidents (not as many as alcohol). Walking and triping forward on a pipe and impaling yourself is more liklely than a lolly. Now choking to death on a piece of candy is more likely...

Nothing is harmless. Not to say that the effects of my good friend are not grossly exagerated sometimes, but MJ has definately assisted in the deaths of more than a few (usually already irresponsible) people.

I would be interested to see how many people have died from sugar comas vs. THC poisoning. That would be more inline of a comparison. But it's not gonna be the THC that kills you first, it will be the smoke itself. Dying from THC poisoning would almost require eating a couple pounds of THC butter in one sitting. Even then, the butter might off you first. That or the other cannabanoids...
2005-05-05 11:18:45 AM  
"I think the most dangerous part of this message is by connecting marijuana or pot with candy. It makes it seem so safe. I mean, what could be more harmless than a lollypop?" questioned Scott.

Considering the obesity epidemic in our country right now, I say the lollypop IS harmful.

Of course the marijuana will make you scarf that lollypop down plus a bag a potato chips.

/Self control. The anti-drug.
2005-05-05 11:23:07 AM  
I submitted this with a better headline - 2 years ago.
2005-05-05 11:24:25 AM  
Everyone knows that all the cool kids never do anything their parents disapprove of. Drinking's not cool. Smoking's not cool. Premarital sex and even "heavy petting" aren't cool.

How dare these potheads make marijuana seem cool. Everyone knows that products designed to piss parents off aren't cool.

Seriously, all the 30 and 40 suburban-somethings getting their panties in a twist over this make me hope I never become so dorky. I mean, I wouldn't encourage my children to engage in risky behaviors, but I remember when the Bush twins got arrested for underage drinking in college and all these parents seemed shocked, SHOCKED that such horrible behavior was going on. I bet you almost every single one of them drank (and probably used illegal drugs) when they were that age.

There's a time and a place for everything, and it's called college.
2005-05-05 11:35:13 AM  
SumoJeb:who would pay $10 / g for dope

damn you cannucks, it's about $45-50 for an eighth here (3 grams to those who don't inhale)...and this is inland, rural (read: backwater) Virginia, here!

/show some FedEx love to the south!
2005-05-05 11:48:41 AM  

When you think about it, very few drugs have any positive 'flavor' associated with them.

Try growing your own.
It can be very tasty....mmmmm oranges.

2005-05-05 12:11:27 PM  
Quotes from the video:
I'm thinking middle school kids is being really intrigued by this.
It doesn't surprise me that it's manufactured in California.
2005-05-05 12:53:08 PM  
45-50 for an eigth?

rough man, rough

up here i could grab a 1/4 for that price.

if the exchange was really in my favour i could grab a sub as well.
2005-05-05 12:56:21 PM  

damn you cannucks, it's about $45-50 for an eighth here (3 grams to those who don't inhale)...and this is inland, rural (read: backwater) Virginia, here!

your getting ripped off an eighth should be 3.5 grams and $45-50 sucks im glad my roommate grows his own.
2005-05-05 12:57:32 PM  
i didnt read anyones this is probably a repeat.

but seriously....why does candy have to be meant for kids only? that's a stupid stereotype. the parents often just assume that because its candy, it is aimed at their kids.

its along the same lines as the idiots who see a movie that's 'animated' and therefore its okay to show their kids no matter what. cartoons arent only for kids dammit.
2005-05-05 01:22:14 PM  
"we could suspend the tobacco in a sugary substance like a...."
"like a tobacco-gumball!!!"

I've seen this candy in several convineince stores, it is ALWAYS on the counter by the register or behind the counter, you gotta ask for it and I've seen clerks refuse to sell it to kids.

Unless it says "100% REAL MARIJUANA FLAVOR" on the wrapper how is anyone that doesn't smoke or has never heard the term "chronic" supposed to know what it is?
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