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(The Sun) Boobies Britney sunbathes topless, The Sun is there   ( divider line
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53995 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Mar 2002 at 10:10 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-29 09:48:45 PM  
She's halfway to her Playboy spread. The day is coming. Better happen soon before she starts turning into this.
2002-03-30 10:13:45 AM  
I´d still do her
2002-03-30 10:13:59 AM  
*gag* ...good thing this was posted before lunch..
2002-03-30 10:14:47 AM  
2002-03-30 10:15:03 AM  
erhh, Britney that is, not that woman in Peaceboys pic.
2002-03-30 10:15:17 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
This is so attractive.

2002-03-30 10:15:28 AM  
That dude with her has far to big of a smile... He's scaring me.
2002-03-30 10:17:42 AM  
Why, would you take your top off, if you just were going to spend the entire time covering yourself...? I think she is just trying to start a popparazzi feeding frenzy.
2002-03-30 10:18:00 AM  
I think the best part about this article is they are all flipping the camera off in every shot.
2002-03-30 10:20:13 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

Which one is the stunt rack?

2002-03-30 10:24:52 AM  
Is that even her?
2002-03-30 10:30:28 AM  
The very definition of "pricktease"
2002-03-30 10:30:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
I wonder if they knew the camera was there?
2002-03-30 10:32:07 AM  
they know the camera guys are there. camera guys should work in groups. one to take the pictures, one to hold them down, and one to strip them, and one to cover the other 3 guys from good-doers
2002-03-30 10:37:59 AM  
"Shhhh ... tantalising Britney puts a finger to her
lips as she suns herself on the deck of a cruiser."

-No, she's flippin you off, pal. So are the others.
2002-03-30 10:44:23 AM  
Typical. Celebrity status automatically equates to interracial dating. It's all the rage.
2002-03-30 10:45:43 AM  
Britney sings, "oops... I did it again.. I proved I'm a media whore"

You have to had it to here though... she's the only one on that boat to be wearing her life preservers.
2002-03-30 10:48:12 AM  
Give her a break guys. She's a girl, not yet a woman.
2002-03-30 10:48:48 AM  
This chick is nothing but hyper-publicized trailer trash and wouldn't know class if it bit in the ass. The world will be a better place when her private jet kisses the side of a mountain and the last thing she feels is all her butt-kissers sliding up her colon.

Piss on her.

But that's just me. I have a brain.
2002-03-30 10:50:40 AM  
If Britney didn't sing you think she could be a supermodel ?
2002-03-30 10:52:23 AM  
One Word Bigpeeler: Tiffany.
2002-03-30 10:52:41 AM  
Unfortunately if she were killed in a plane crash right now the media would play her up to be the greatest pop artist of the 21st century
2002-03-30 10:54:56 AM  
Media baiting or no, the gal's 15 minutes are almost as close as Mariah Carey's so let's just sit back, watch the fun, and maybe she'll be doing Celebrity Boxing next year. I think a steel cage match with her and Christina Aguileria might be amusing.
2002-03-30 10:55:14 AM  
Rhiannon, I'm pretty sure she is the greatest pop artist of the 21st century. No great achievement, but still...
2002-03-30 10:55:57 AM  
But, but, she's an innocent virgin, right?

She wouldn't walk around topless and flip the bird to people, would she?

*sigh* Good thing the Easter Bunny's arriving tomorrow, or I'd be really depressed.
2002-03-30 10:58:57 AM  
No better time than now than to see an errant torpedo accident/tradgedy.
Are phony BOOBIES buoyant ?
Where is Bob Nye The Science Guy when you need him ?
2002-03-30 11:03:25 AM  
Wait a minute now????

It is Slayer-Swine????? all these years I thought it was Slayer's wine..........I was picturing are crappy speed metal band with a box of franzia......
2002-03-30 11:06:53 AM  
SLAYERSWINE, I think that's Bill.. but I may be wrong.
2002-03-30 11:11:02 AM  
Bob Nye is Bill's evil twin. Bob is the guy who would scuttle a ship to see a pop star topless.
2002-03-30 11:11:59 AM  
Britney looks to be getting a biatchunky
2002-03-30 11:18:42 AM  
Ha ha! Filters are funny.

2002-03-30 11:18:42 AM  
Oh, how you people make me chortle!

Wasn't her 15 minutes suppoed to be up last year? And the year before? And the year before?

N'Sync was to be a flash in the pan...see them going anywhere anytime soon?
2002-03-30 11:19:51 AM  
Bob Nye was abducted by aliens as a child and now lives a happy life building hippos in my basement.
2002-03-30 11:20:16 AM  
Oh, and the link isn't working for me.
2002-03-30 11:36:46 AM  
See what Wanker said.

'SWINE runs off after covering his ass on his mistake by doing ANOTHER bong...
2002-03-30 11:48:50 AM  
How do we know that is really her? Could be someone that looks similar to her. There is a girl that waitresses at Quaker Steak and Lube in Cleveland that is almost a dead ringer.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-30 11:55:40 AM  
Wow, those are quite the asses on Britney and her three female friends. Yum.
2002-03-30 11:56:37 AM  
The black guy in the picture looks exactly like my physics teacher.
2002-03-30 12:02:36 PM  
"Quaker Steak and Lube"?
2002-03-30 12:14:22 PM  
Just curious: doesn't Britney's movie open in Britain soon?

Nice free publicity there.
2002-03-30 12:22:58 PM  
Look at the size of those farking legs

Shes a little piggy
2002-03-30 12:24:53 PM  
I think Britney and her friends have a case of Thunderthigh syndrome.
2002-03-30 12:26:12 PM  
Yeah, I'd do her.
2002-03-30 12:27:09 PM  
it looks like a set of 4 little ham hocks laying there.
2002-03-30 12:33:48 PM  
I am your Super Monkey Over Lord.
I demend to see Britney's breasts right now!
2002-03-30 12:34:14 PM  
... Just imagine... little girls that buy her music look up to her as a role-model right? Think of what the future will hold in a few years when those little girls are not-so-little anymore.... *shudders*...
2002-03-30 12:41:06 PM  
You know, I thought she was flipping off the camera. Thanks to you guys for conveniently circling all of the instances.
2002-03-30 01:29:29 PM  
Fark, give her a break. I'm no Britt-Britt fan, but she's entitled to lie around topless if she wants. I think it's pretty farking funny that she and her buds are flipping off the camera. How many of us would do the same thing if we were just hanging around and some assholes were trying to get pics of us doing something stupid to show the world?
As for that role model bullshiat, any parent that holds Brittany Spears up as a role model for their daughter has probably already farked the child up past remedy.
2002-03-30 01:50:56 PM  
Anyone notice all the ethnicity around in those pics. I always knew she had a thing for Black C@ck. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! I would love to see her get pregnant by a brother and have the baby. Talk about scandal. All the little tiny boppers will start running around f@wking the brothers. Even more then they do now! HAHAHAHHAHA!
2002-03-30 02:05:56 PM  
I think Clitney has too much whitespace between her eyes. I'm not talking about her brain, I'm saying she's got a farking Klingon Skull with out the forehead ridges. (or tom ridge)
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