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(Yahoo)   Patrick Ewing, Jr. transfers from Indiana to Georgetown, citing better strip clubs   ( divider line
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10122 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Apr 2005 at 3:53 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-04-21 12:07:02 PM  
Well, DC does have some great strip clubs. They're just like everything else in this area; overpriced.

/That's the last time I pay $80 for a hand-job!
2005-04-21 12:11:34 PM  
The Mail Demon: /That's the last time I pay $80 for a hand-job!

Geez...your mom is sure charging a pretty penny these days

2005-04-21 12:17:08 PM  
Pshaw, the strip clubs in this town suck (very strict rules on contact). Hand job? Where? On stage, in of everyone? Not bloody likely...
2005-04-21 12:18:29 PM  
Wow, now we have John Thompson III as coach and Patrick Ewing Jr. on the team. All we need is Fred Brown Jr. to pass the ball to James Worthy Jr. and GU is all set!

/hoya saxa
2005-04-21 12:18:57 PM  
What was the one his daddy got busted at? The Gold Cup?
2005-04-21 12:19:47 PM  
I'm pretty sure that the hot lesbian action that the Ewing family loves so much was mostly confined to Atlanta.
2005-04-21 12:21:26 PM  
Should be rephrased, "...better strip clubs than the one in Bloomington". There's one. It's pretty seedy.
2005-04-21 12:26:45 PM  
He'll make a lot of money, but he'll spend a lot of money.
2005-04-21 12:34:12 PM  
hahaha, bubbaprog
2005-04-21 12:36:38 PM  
Friend of mine went to grade school with him. Said he was a nice, quiet kid. Wasn't at my friend's bar-mitvah, though.
2005-04-21 12:46:35 PM  
Abagadro: All we need is Fred Brown Jr. to pass the ball to James Worthy Jr. and GU is all set!

What on earth are you talking about?
2005-04-21 12:53:14 PM  
2005-04-21 03:56:18 PM  
Fark sports stars, especially gangsta rapping thug basketball asshats.
2005-04-21 04:01:23 PM  

Total Points: 12; Opponent: Morehead State; Date: 12/23/03

we got a news worthy player here....humph
2005-04-21 04:02:33 PM  
Patrick Ewing Jr.? damn, i feel old.
2005-04-21 04:02:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
"Georgetown, here I come!"
2005-04-21 04:03:00 PM  
Don't be dissin' Night Moves.
2005-04-21 04:07:45 PM  
Obviously The Mail Demon has never been to DC, b/c we have the worst strip clubs. Not all nude, no such thing as lap dances; fortunatly Baltimore is close. Or if you're reallly feeling adventurous, West Virginia.
2005-04-21 04:12:41 PM  
well, i do remember his dad getting some videos from that room "behind the curtain" at a video rental place in bethesda... i was a lad of about 17 and came up to his belt pretty much...

dunno why he was gettin those viddies with the piece he had with him ...
2005-04-21 04:15:56 PM  
I dunno, the clubs in Baltimore are a little seedy. Camelot is actually a pretty classy place with pretty girls. They don't do much though except walk around the stage and pose. My parents retired to West Virginia to basically the middle of nowhere and a couple years later up pops a strip club right down the road from them. I was always very amused driving by it since my mom told me once in a disgusted voice "They have a room where you can give a girl a bath."
2005-04-21 04:16:29 PM  
I am pretty sure he is citing a better coach and more playing time. Just glad to have him out of the Big 10.

/Go Illini
2005-04-21 04:19:27 PM  
"Should be rephrased, "...better strip clubs than the one in Bloomington". There's one. It's pretty seedy."

Isotope I assume you are talking about the fine ladies at Night Moves?

I go to IU but I am an IUSND member. Hate basketball.

/IUSND = Indiana university students for Notre Dame
2005-04-21 04:22:35 PM  
Only one I've been to in DC is the Golden Palace. Just awful. Been gay ever since.
2005-04-21 04:26:25 PM  
Am I the only one that was thinking "Dallas" while trying to figure out the headline?

/shot JR Ewing
2005-04-21 04:27:22 PM  
The closest strip clubs to Georgetown are Good Guys and J.P.'s. Good Guys is full of a55hole bouncers and stuck up hick dancers. J.P.'s isn't much better, but that's my Glover Park reccomendation.
2005-04-21 04:29:58 PM  
Ewing jr is leaving because Bracey Wright is leaving. Jump ship before it sinks. Not that Ewing was that important anyways....

I think IU is going to be in a slump for a few more years...

/Purdue grad...we don't have a b-ball program anymore
2005-04-21 04:32:15 PM  
Young Mr. Ewing was not really a "loss" to the downward spiraling IU program. We have much larger problems to solve.

Robert Montgomery Knight certainly got more out of his lads than his successor (and he still does). Sometimes that took a little slapping around, but it seemed to get results. I miss "foot in the mouth" Bobby now and then...
2005-04-21 04:46:21 PM  
Wonder if I can get a transfer to McGill? ;)

/La Rue St. Catherine est tres bon!
2005-04-21 05:00:07 PM  
ZAX as a Dallas area resident now, I'm really enjoying Robert MOntgomery Knight and all the airtime he gets here. His show is radio gold - playing the crazy granpa on the air... singing christmas carols with his own words (Albert the Amber Assed Antelope)

He's on the same show that Lee Corso got all pissy on.

Watching Pat Ewing Jr, however... didn't see much impressive. Isn't there another Ewing on UNC or something?

/baby arm
2005-04-21 05:04:35 PM  
This kid (and Is'mail Muhammad of Georgia Tech) played against my high school team. Is'mail always dropped 30 or so on us...Ewing Jr. was tall and could jump, but had no coordination whatsoever. He sucked.
2005-04-21 05:05:49 PM  
he's just tired of being whipped by UK each year. ^_^
2005-04-21 05:27:57 PM  
Ricky Willaims quits football to smoke pot.
2005-04-21 05:38:05 PM  
been to Night Moves. If seeing skinny, 22 year old, single moms in g-strings is your thing, then it's the place for you.

/seen some pretty good bare chested women there, none-the-less
2005-04-21 05:40:46 PM  
First and only time I went to a strip club in Georgetown, I had to do a triple take as I walked in to make sure I wasn't imagining the bare cooters on stage.
2005-04-21 05:56:05 PM  
I thought Patrick Ewing was the white dude from "Dallas." :)
2005-04-21 06:08:42 PM  
So Patrick "The Missing Link" Ewing has a kid that plays basketball? Interesting...
2005-04-21 06:12:48 PM  
I went to Night Moves one time. It wasn't THAT bad. Then again, I was pretty wasted.
2005-04-21 06:33:55 PM  
2005-04-21 04:02:45 PM Clavis

I don't know why but your post made me laugh. Thank you!
2005-04-21 06:46:31 PM  
I dunno.. he shoulda drove up north a couple hours from bloomington to kokomo - Hip Huggers... All you can touch ;)
2005-04-21 06:54:00 PM  

Can we actually win something now?
2005-04-21 07:15:08 PM  
nah he's not that great

thats why he was so upset about "playing time"
2005-04-21 07:37:24 PM  
IU is better off without him. He's already shown that instead of stepping up, working hard, and improving his game, he'd rather whine about losing playing time to a more talented, harder working freshman (DJ White).

Don't let the door hit you in the ass. You never could travel like your dad.
2005-04-21 08:06:02 PM  
Paying to see boobies in Bloomington is like paying to see ice in the Antarctic.

/two IU degrees
//put those away, honey, the band's about to start
2005-04-21 08:46:26 PM  
hm, concerned about his education..right. he's just upset that they weren't kissing his ewing..foot..
being an ewing will not make him a good b-ball player. it will, however, make him a rich, spoiled brat. (working on campus is a great way to realize what jerks most student atheletes are.)

so if night moves is seedy, what about legends down on south walnut? what about that "live models" joint on college? i work with sketchy people, so i hear about sketchy places.
2005-04-21 10:37:45 PM  
Dizzler Camelot is the only strip club I've ever been in. It was my friend's fake birthday (the birthday on her fake ID) and we were all trashed and we wandered in and I saw the woman on stage and blurted out "That woman has no pubic hair!!" We left pretty quickly after that.

/Tell me your strip club stories!!
2005-04-21 10:45:21 PM  
I wanna be like you Pop

[image from too old to be available]
2005-04-21 11:18:09 PM  
Hey guys, "Camelot" on M Street is pretty cool and next door to it there is another strip club whose I don't recall. "Good Guys" is pretty good considering that it's smack right on Wiscon Ave. in Georgetown. I suggest for "racier evenings" you gents should head out to Baltimore. Yeah, that's the shiat!
2005-04-22 01:31:45 AM  
his dad is illiterate.

2005-04-22 05:17:07 PM  
In the summer of 2001, a listener called in to Jim Rome's syndicated radio show, at the time known as "The Jungle" or "The Jim Rome Show." The caller reported that he was in Georgetown one night in the early 1990's, when basketball player Dikembe Mutombo was a big star there. The caller was in a bar frequented by Georgetown students, when Mutombo came in the door. The bar went silent as everyone turned to look at the 7'2" African. Mutombo responded to the attention by bellowing, in a deep and echoing African accent, "WHO WANTS TO SEX MUTOMBO?!??"
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