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(Yahoo)   Hollywood out of ideas AND talent: Ryan Seacrest gets star on the "Walk of Fame"   ( divider line
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11309 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Apr 2005 at 10:27 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-04-21 10:53:08 AM  
What about Jenna Jameson? C'mon,people,let's get together on this!
2005-04-21 10:53:41 AM  
ryan seacrest makes dick clark look like bob newhart
2005-04-21 10:54:38 AM  
No talent? He's got as much talent as, er... um... Carson Daly!
2005-04-21 10:54:48 AM  
Anybody who has a cheque for $10,000 and has done ANYTHING on TV and radio can buy their own star.

You should see the garbage that is on that "walk of fame". There hsould be a comittee that nominates people - like hall of fames....
2005-04-21 10:54:48 AM  
Here's a listing on the Walk of Fame

There are over 2000+ stars...
2005-04-21 10:55:22 AM  
Can't we vote HIM off American Idol instead?
2005-04-21 10:59:30 AM  
Getting a star is not the same thing as getting your handprints in the cement at the Chinese.

The star is bought and paid for through the commission that manages the walk. They started whoring out the walk at least 15 years ago, although Seacrest is one of the most egregious examples.

The Chinese theater manages the "handprints in cement" thingy and they are a little bit more discriminating since they have less room to play with.

These cermonies are not linked for those of you living in the Flyover Zone.
2005-04-21 11:00:51 AM  
Does anyone else on American Idol have stars?
2005-04-21 11:01:03 AM  
This is a joke. Admiral Ackbar doesnt even have a star yet!
2005-04-21 11:02:17 AM  
Anyone can have a star. They're bought. Fame has nothing to do with it.
2005-04-21 11:04:02 AM  
Who in the hell is he?
2005-04-21 11:04:26 AM  
Beatle_Matt: Anybody who has a cheque for $10,000 and has done ANYTHING on TV and radio can buy their own star.

You should see the garbage that is on that "walk of fame". There hsould be a comittee that nominates people - like hall of fames....

I'm pretty sure there is a committee, and you have to get nominated and then accepted by the committee before paying the $15,000 "for the ceremony". I don't know who's on the committee though.
2005-04-21 11:05:50 AM  
Just as long as the star clearly identifies Ryan Seacrest as a "douchetard" I have no problem with this.

Although, frankly, you'd hope a star of the magnitude and stature of Emmanuel Lewis would have a star before Ryan Seacrest.

Oh Hollywood, you are a cruel, cruel mistress.
2005-04-21 11:05:56 AM  
This is indeed a sad day for all of us. A talentless hack gets a star on the Walk of Fame... oh, wait what other talentless hack got one last week? I remember reading about it but forgot who it was. Oh well, must not have been too important.
2005-04-21 11:07:17 AM  
Wait, don't you just BUY a star? Isn't that the deal?
2005-04-21 11:09:07 AM  
Cameron, Rod TV 1720 Vine Street
Campbell, Glenn Rec 6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Cannell, Stephen J. TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd.

Damn. No Bruce Campbell.
2005-04-21 11:09:15 AM  
The classy thing would be to turn it down seeing as to how others more deserving than he have no star.

But classy died with John Wayne and the rest of old Hollywood I guess.
2005-04-21 11:09:42 AM  
And you get nominated by the potential for your cereony to end up on the news that night. It's all about the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and their mission of promoting Hollywood. Your talent is not a factor.
2005-04-21 11:10:26 AM  
seacrest out ... of the gene pool
2005-04-21 11:10:49 AM  
I blame parents!

Nowadays, parents allow their children to be entertained by television, computer, or nintendo. Back in the day, children were enrolled in the arts: singing, instruments, acting, etc. Even if a child didn't stick with one of these, the child grew to appreciate talent in the field. Today, children have no concept of talent in the arts: consequently, someone like Ryan Seacrest garners a huge following in the "tween" age group because "he is cute" and "a star is born." It will only get worse.
2005-04-21 11:12:33 AM  
I'm glad someone posted the link to IMDB...i had never heard of this guy. I say we invade california next.
2005-04-21 11:13:27 AM  
So these stars are really Hollywood's equivalent of getting a cool stamp on your hand for completing your 1st grade homework?
/Seacrest is a rump ranger, not that there's anything wrong with that.
2005-04-21 11:13:59 AM  
Sorry, but I'm gonna have to go dig that one up. Can't have that littering up the sidewalk.
2005-04-21 11:14:10 AM  
Geez, the "Walk of Fame" is becoming about as useless as the "International Star Registry".

(Please, for the love of whatever deity you choose to - or choose not to - worship, don't send your money to the ISR! That's got to be the most successful scam I've ever heard of. "Send us $54 to get your name in a book nobody will ever read!")
2005-04-21 11:14:21 AM  
Who is this guy? I won't bother googling him, since I don't care.

//don't watch TV unless it is Dora the Explorer or Thomas
2005-04-21 11:16:58 AM  
Is this a photoshop'd picture? THIS is the reason I dislike anything Hollywood. The self-absorbed simpletons that decide these things are just like my 15 year old son; doesn't think about anything beyond this second. Doesn't think that anything occuring outside of their limited memory range (which is about 5 to 6 weeks) is significant or that it even happened. Wouldn't acknowledged something that isn't slapped upside their heads and that they aren't given a personal introduction to.
WHAT in the farking hell is this? Those stoopit bunch of biatches have just made a mockery of it all. Not that is wasn't already a mockery. What's next? A lifetime achievement award for the Olson twins? An honorary Oscar for some other "I'm-only-15-but-I'm-pretty-and-actually-believe-I-can-do-what-it-show​s-on-the -screen" POS?
This is the reason I won't watch movies, and limit my TV to new/Discovery/TLC/etc.
2005-04-21 11:17:04 AM  
He got the star for him being on the Radio, he's also a DJ.
2005-04-21 11:17:17 AM  
Abe Vigoda doesn't have a star...

We should rally to get him one while he is alive!
2005-04-21 11:19:56 AM  
StarshipPooper: He got the star for him being on the Radio, he's also a DJ.

I'll bet that just about every farker here can think of a more deserving DJ from the city or town that they live in.
2005-04-21 11:20:27 AM  
In other news:

The Spice Girls got a Lifetime Achievement Award a few years ago.

No, really.
2005-04-21 11:21:18 AM  
He even has a website

official site
2005-04-21 11:21:25 AM  
What a load of crap. Here are some people not on the walk of fame:

Dustin Hoffman
Robert Deniro
Al Pacino
Christopher Walken
Bruce Willis

Seacrest and Britney are on there though...
2005-04-21 11:22:18 AM  
Bloody hell...

I begged the Vatican to chop Seacrest up and see what color smoke he'd make, but NOOOOOOO......and now they've taken the little chimney down!
2005-04-21 11:23:31 AM  
The only one that matters...

Harryhausen, Ray MP 6840 Hollywood Blvd.

/geek for life
2005-04-21 11:23:48 AM  
soooo not worthy!!!!
2005-04-21 11:24:35 AM  
astrnomr, to be fair tho, have you even heard his radio stuff on Kiss FM in LA?
2005-04-21 11:25:30 AM  
Walken imprinted his hands and feet in front of the Chinese theatre, though
2005-04-21 11:29:40 AM  
Theodore Bikel gets one!

And with the posthumous ones... does the body have to show up?
2005-04-21 11:30:41 AM  
Ryan Seacrest gets a star?

*looks out window to see if the locusts have started swarming, or if the rain if fire and brimstone has begun*

Surely this marks the beginning of the end....
2005-04-21 11:34:58 AM  
You know, you don't "GET" a star.

Stars have to pay for them.

That to me, is the saddest part...
2005-04-21 11:35:07 AM  
Anybody else see the interview with the honorary mayor of Hollywood about this on CNN this AM? His response to the criticism about Seacrest getting a star:

"(Not a real quote 'cause I'm dredging this up from memory) C'mon, people. This is a tourist attraction. It's not the Nobel peace prize."
2005-04-21 11:36:42 AM  
"Why yes, Mr. Ass Clown. We have talent available. Why?"

[image from too old to be available]
2005-04-21 11:37:35 AM  
Listen, it doesn't make you "cool" to say "I don't know who this person is" or "Who?"

I think it's ridiculous too.
And I have never seen one episode of American Idol.
I don't even have anything against it, per se.
I have just enver seen it.
But guess what?

I know who Ryan Seacrest is. No, I don't think he deserves a star.
But please stop with the "who" comments.
We get it.
We get it! You're way above it all!
2005-04-21 11:38:53 AM  

Anyone can get a star on the walk of fame. The city doesn't pay for it- it's the fan club of the "star" who pay the money (something like $10,000) to it installed. I'm amazed that Ryan Seacrest:

A- Has a fan club
B- Has a fan club with an extra $10k sitting around

2005-04-21 11:39:49 AM  
Ryan Seacrest does not deserve to breath, much less get a walk of fame star!

/Actually doesn't care, the walk of fame is pointless anyway, you have to pay for your own star.
2005-04-21 11:40:07 AM  

He 'must' be more talented than most of us thought. Robert Redford and Julia Roberts are still waiting for theirs...

Not sure that Julie Roberts deserves one either.
2005-04-21 11:47:41 AM  
Too lazy to read all the comments, but here's stuff I heard this morning while waiting for a doctor's appointment.

Also note that I don't give a flying crap, and from what I've seen of this Seacrest guy, he's pretty lame.

1. He was inducted for radio (they give stars for movie, tv, radio, live performace...and something else I can't remember now), which he's apparently done for 15 years. Who knew.

2. Eastwood and Julia Roberts have been offered stars, but have declined. You can do that.

3. As someone mentioned, yes you have to pay, it costs 15k all together and this is usually paid for by fan clubs and whatnot.

4. The process is apparently pretty long, with nominations and a bunch of meetings...and yet this guy still gets one.

5. Godzilla has a star on the walk of fame.

6. As the honorary mayor of hollywood said (during the broadcast I saw this morning), it's not the nobel prise, it's just a tourist attraction.
2005-04-21 11:50:07 AM  
Cool, so if you can just buy them, how much do they cost? Anyone? Let's start the "Buy a star for Drew" campaign...
2005-04-21 11:50:18 AM  
I can't find anything other than "achievements in radio broadcasting"

What achievements? Does he have a radio show? Is he a radio executive somewhere?

Does anyone know why he received this, other than "his agent bought it"
2005-04-21 11:50:23 AM  
From the press release:

"Seacrest took over for Casey Kasem counting down the American Top 40 every week on the nations top radio stations. American Top 40 is an institution in the radio world, and with Seacrest taking the reigns; it is broadcast on more stations in larger markets than ever before. Since Seacrest's debut, American Top 40 has more than doubled its listeners topping out at a record breaking 3.1 million listeners per show."

"Seacrest also took over the most coveted radio position in Los Angeles on its Top 40 radio powerhouse 102.7 KIIS-FM morning show. Since the new Seacrest morning show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest premiered on February 26th, 2004 over 1 million people tune in each week to wake up with Seacrest and the show has become the #1 most listened to morning show in Los Angeles."

"Seacrest returned this January for his third time as host and first time as executive producer of "New Year's Eve: Live From Times Square With Ryan Seacrest."

"Seacrest's entrepreneurial endeavors include part ownership in many LA and Las Vegas hot spots. Currently Seacrest is a part owner at Katana, Sushi Roku and Boa."

I had no idea.
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