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(KTRK)   Parents plan to sue police department after cops bust underage drinking party   ( divider line
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27477 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Apr 2005 at 4:17 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-04-19 10:43:00 AM  
Funny how they citied the 'infamous Kmart raid' and mentioned that chief was fired. This sounds like a completely different situation and parents need to stfu and take responsibility for their spoiled brat kids. It reminds me of the hazing incident in, I think, FL; a senior involved actually got sent on a cruise because the stress of being charged with a crime.
2005-04-19 10:43:16 AM  
spybot has blocked the download of "Avenue A,Inc"

2005-04-19 10:47:51 AM  
More than 270 people, mostly teens, were handcuffed in the parking lot of the K-Mart on Westheimer and Dunvale.

"Looks like we've got a 10-28 down at the K-Mart. Backup requested. Bring 270 pairs of handcuffs."
2005-04-19 10:48:10 AM  
So, the cops don't hand out tickets, and a bunch of drunk kids try to drive home and potentially kill themselves or someone else. Yes, that is much better than being laughed at by the police. Ideally, the drunk asses would manage to make it home, but then plow through their house and kill these farkhead parents.
2005-04-19 10:48:26 AM  
That's what happens when you drink when you're underage. You risk being caught. It happens. Don't expect the police to kiss your arse when you're doing something illegal.

That's why you always have a lookout to alert everyone when the cops show up. That's how most of the kids always got away ticket-free from the senior kegs when I was in high school.
2005-04-19 10:49:30 AM  
How dare that police department try to ruin the local high schools chance at a state football championship! Have they no priorities?!
2005-04-19 10:56:42 AM  
Personal responsa-what?

Correct parent-who?

Law-abiding citi-wha?

2005-04-19 10:56:52 AM  
So, lemme get this straight.

These parents want to sue the police department because their kids (yes, kids) were ticketed and warned for drinking underage?? I'd tell my kid that he's lucky he isn't having to grab his ankles in prison.

Parenting has taking a few flying leaps backwards. And it seems like the pendulum isn't going to swing the other way any time soon. It's sad.
2005-04-19 10:58:55 AM  
There is such a pussification of parents in this generation. It's amazing.

I'm not speaking for Tfers and Tfettes, I've met some of you - you don't put up with the bs. ie: finish the nachos or no beer!
2005-04-19 10:59:51 AM  
that group of kids should look into changing the drinking laws of their community since clearly all the parents are cool with underaged drinking.
2005-04-19 11:03:47 AM  
Were they probably drinking? yes
Were the cops probably assholes about it? Yes

should a lawsuit be involved? no
2005-04-19 11:12:22 AM  
This must be another sign of the apocalypse or something.

The teens admit some of them were drinking that night, but felt that officers went overboard.

Yea and how many times did your drunk asses "curse" at the cops i wonder.

But i see absolutely farking nothing about litigation of an sort

There is "one parent" that compared it to the so called K-Mart raid. That one parent is clinging on to the idea that his kid still picks dandy lions and helps old ladies cross the street.

there kids were drunk, i am going to wager a bet that 70% of the kids there were drunk. The police did what and PD would do in any other city, and rightfully so.
2005-04-19 11:15:14 AM  
I can accept a kid's parents providing a safe haven for underage drinking if all of the parents involved are aware and consenting. This incident sounds like a typical out-of-control high school bash. There is probably fault on both sides, but that doesn't justify a lawsuit. Fight the charges individually, and file a complaint against the officer if he behaved inappropriately. That's what court is for.
2005-04-19 11:16:03 AM  
These parents need to get a clue. Eventhough they may have had no problem with their spawn drinking, it's against the law and if caught, they have to deal with the consequences.
While I do agree that if the parent permits their kid to drink in their presence, when it comes to other kids, they shouldn't be drinking. Would they have rather had a kid drive home drunk, get into a wreck and then get sued?

This is just another nail in the coffin of personal responsibility.
2005-04-19 11:16:30 AM  
There is such a pussification of parents in this generation. It's amazing.

And just think - we still have the "Nanny 911" generation of teenagers to look forward to.
2005-04-19 11:30:56 AM  
Man, 1976 was such a long time ago...we drank all the time, and knew it was illegal and if we got caught we were in trouble. AND we had a set few parents that were cool about the babysitting thier kids drinking friends and protecting us from ourselves too.

/I hate being old
2005-04-19 12:22:05 PM  
When I was a lad (circa 1982, when I was seventeen) there was a place in town where the kids went to drink. The cops knew full well where it was, and always set two cruisers at "the river's" entrance to the highway. If you kept your act together and either didn't get too wasted or had a sober friend drive, you never had to worry about them, because they were simply keeping the peace. Start a fight, or do donuts in the field, and they came and ruined your fun. If you behaved and weren't dumb as a sack of hammers, they weren't assholes. About twice each night, they'd drive through the hundred-odd cars blasting Van Halen and Styx, and if you were observant and set your beer can down behind your wheel when their headlights were on you, they just drove on by.

Then the drinking age changed and everything went to hell.
2005-04-19 01:07:15 PM  

These parents need to get a clue. Eventhough they may have had no problem with their spawn drinking, it's against the law and if caught, they have to deal with the consequences.

Which brings up a curious question: Why weren't the parents cited for contributing to the delinquency of minors.

If my kid was caught underage drinking, a lawsuit would be the last thing on my asskicking (not literal) would be first.
2005-04-19 03:48:00 PM  
sidmind: spybot has blocked the download of "Avenue A,Inc"

are you serious ?
2005-04-19 04:07:54 PM  
Cops hassling underage drinkers?
Isn't that their job?
2005-04-19 04:23:55 PM  
These parents need to take a punch in the mouth. Whether anyone agrees with it or not, the legal drinking age is 21. Yes, I am aware that kids as young as 16 can get a license. Yes, I know that 18 year olds can be drafted into the military.

Guess what?

21 is still the minimum age for drinking. If your underage kid (yes, that means 20 year olds out there) is caught drinking, he/she has to pay the price. Don't like it? Too bad. It's the law.
2005-04-19 04:25:35 PM  
"I guess this means we won't be partyin' at Dude's house."

[image from too old to be available]
2005-04-19 04:25:37 PM  
I remember being at a party, drinking it up when it got busted. as the cops were going through peoples ID; one, after recognizing the last name, said 'you got a brother with a badge? - the kid said yeah and the cops took the booze and left. I think things would have been quite different if Chris wasn't there.

f'n cops
2005-04-19 04:26:58 PM  
My Gawd, next thing you know, cops will be stopping crimes and shiat....the nerve.
2005-04-19 04:27:23 PM  
I think the Fark personals girl "medicated" just blinked.
2005-04-19 04:28:43 PM  
this law is for morons.
2005-04-19 04:31:28 PM  
Silly cops, you're not supposed to bust the white kids. I mean, c'mon now, everyone knows this.
2005-04-19 04:38:40 PM  
Pfffffffftttt legal age is 18 or 19 depending on the province or territory here in Canada eh. Besides I think underage drinking should not be treated so harshly.

//Looks around for flame retardent gear
2005-04-19 04:38:47 PM  
swankywanky: "I guess this means we won't be partyin' at Dude's house."


Dude, Sifl and Olly are so crescent fresh...I wish they would release the DVD already.

Back on topic...a similar thing happened to me back when I was in college. The neighbors called the cops on a friend of mine who was having a party and the cops came in acting like totalitarian assholes.

Took the beer, arrested some of the party members, and threatened the rest of us with being arrested too.

So my friend sued them. Guess what? The cops took the stand and lied their asses off about what happened and the judge believed them.

fark the police.
2005-04-19 04:44:15 PM  
the cops in my town recently took like 50 kids into protective custody at a party and they couldn't leave the police station until a parent came and got them.

the parents all seemed most appreciative and support the police fully in this action.

what the hell is wrong with us? why can't we sue somebody?
2005-04-19 04:45:50 PM  
Sugar Land should abolish a drinking age and make street racing legal. That way those big meanie buzzkill cops won't yell at them!
2005-04-19 04:46:17 PM  
Odd how nobody complains of a frivilous lawsuit in Tom DeLay's district...
2005-04-19 04:46:55 PM  
mtbmike, are you sure you're still living in the U.S.?
2005-04-19 04:48:46 PM  
I want to see a law put on the books to deal with this shiat. Something along the lines of "If you incur damage, financially, physically, emotionally, or otherwise, as a result of a crime for which you are convicted, all liability for that damage will be yours and yours alone"

That would put an end to this and other stupid shiat like robbers suing store owners for shooting them while they were in the act of robbing the store.

There would have to be some kind of loophole in that for police departments to deal with abusive officers. Most officers are cool, but there are the few and far-betweens that go overboard.
2005-04-19 04:50:48 PM  
God, I'm glad I moved to Ireland. When it comes to booze, America is a friggin police state. So you say "Well the minimum age is 21, so what, it's the law." That doesn't make it right. It's a little known fact that in cases heard by a jury, juries not only try to defendant, but also the law. America is a DEMOCRACY, and so it's up to the people to change an unfair law. Thing is, I've been responsably drinking for 4 years, and I'm only 19 now. I've NEVER had a problem here, not because of apathy or because of some stereotypical Irish propensity for drunkenness, but because there's just a slightly saner approach to alcohol here. Simple as that.

Imagine if we actually posed a threat to the establishment, what if every 18, 19 and 20 year old voter actually pulled together to put pressure on politicians to ease the restrictions? Thing is, a 20 year old is NOT a kid. S/He is legally an adult, can do anything in life that anyone else can do, but STILL the government says they can't but a beer. I don't care if you guys shrug it off, that's WRONG.
2005-04-19 04:52:54 PM  
>>You could hear them constantly yelling at the kids, and they wouldn't let any of the kids come down. It was very upsetting," said parent Kathy Kennedy.<<

It's really a shame Idiocy isn't a capital offense in Texas.
2005-04-19 04:55:05 PM  
Took the beer, arrested some of the party members, and threatened the rest of us with being arrested too.

All of which is consistent with DOING THEIR DAMN JOB. No wonder your friend lost when he sued them -- they didn't do anything wrong.

Cops act like authority figures because they ARE authority figures. Don't flagrantly violate the law, and don't mouth off to them, and they'll treat you with respect.

/unless you're dark-skinned, boviously
2005-04-19 04:55:56 PM  

"'Well the minimum age is 21, so what, it's the law.' That doesn't make it right."

It's still the law. Like it or not, you have to deal with it. Do I think it's right? I can't really say. I don't drink anyway so it doesn't really bother me (I never drank in high school either so I wouldn't have cared then).

"Thing is, I've been responsably drinking for 4 years, and I'm only 19 now"

And you break the law every time you do it. What's your point?

"I don't care if you guys shrug it off, that's WRONG"

Then fight to change it. Until it's changed, it's the way things will be.

I'm not trying to start a flame war here. I'm just saying that it's how things are. If you want change, fight for it. Otherwise, be prepared to face the consequences if you're ever caught.
2005-04-19 04:57:19 PM  
I love how we all take for gospel the standard police/government double-speak that "if it's illegal, it must be unsafe." How is that kids drinking in a private residence automatically means they will have an unsafe prom and summer vacation?

As much as I detest most lawsuits (but I don't see any monetary request here), it is a valid way to fight what are often unjust laws and unjust police practices. The courts will decide, even if the authoritarians would have us submit to whatever the police decide is the best behaviour.
2005-04-19 05:03:55 PM  
And the first time one of their kids is killed in a drunk driving accident who do you think will get the blame for not preventing it? The cops. Change the drinking age law if you're so unhappy with it. Until then, deal with the consequences (i.e., you get in trouble when caught.)
2005-04-19 05:05:39 PM  
My son's less than a year old now, but once he hits his teens, I plan to let him drink moderately and socially with us whenever he likes.

Underage drinking is the most overrated "crime" on the books. Drinking and driving is terrible, agreed, but people over 21 do that too. Prohibitionist attitudes just teach people to treat alcohol like a vice when they could learn to enjoy it maturely. It's sick.
2005-04-19 05:05:47 PM  
My husband has been a cop for just over three years. He was recently promoted to alcohol enforcement officer for the city he works in. His whole job revolves around enforcing the alcohol ordinances and laws. He makes sure all business that have alcohol licenses, or apply for such, are compliant. He handles most of the DUI cases, and he gets called out to all of the underage alcohol parties. Last week, he went undercover into a local gas station to try and catch underage drinkers buying beer. He approached the manager about what he was going to do that evening. The manager then told his emplopyees what was going on. Well, this one girl came in who was obviously a good friend of the male cashier. She went to the back cooler, got some beer, and took it upfront. That cashier went outside to have a smoke. The girl went back to her car to get some more money from her passenger. While outside, the girl and cahier talked for a minute. when she came back in, she looked right at my husband with an "Oh Shi*" look on her face. Told the other cashier she didn't have enough money and left. Well, my husband knew something was up and followed her outside. He got in his patrol car and followed her a couple of blocks. He ran her plate and she ended up having a suspended license. He pulled her over and asked her how old she was. She said she was 21. He asked for her ID. Long story short, (I know, too late) she was still 20 for another 4 hours. He would have let her go with a warning and told her to come back in four hours but she lied to him several times and was being a total biatch. Plus she had two priors for public intoxication. She spent her birthday in jail.

Can't do the time, don't do the crime.
2005-04-19 05:10:10 PM  

Imagine if we actually posed a threat to the establishment, what if every 18, 19 and 20 year old voter actually pulled together to put pressure on politicians to ease the restrictions?

Instead of telling people to imagine it, why don't you stfu and do it.
2005-04-19 05:11:45 PM  
I got my twelve gauge sawed off.
I got my headlights turned off.
I'm 'bout to bust some shots off.
I'm 'bout to dust some cops off.

Cop killer, better you than me.
Cop killer, f**k police brutality!
Cop killer, I know your family's grievin'
(f**k 'em)
Cop killer, but tonight we get even.
2005-04-19 05:14:41 PM  
Alcohol is like Speeding. Everyone drinks, everyone speeds. It's time to realize that the upswing in drinking is not due to addiction problems. No, it is the result in a long suppressed idea being acted upon: a drinking age of 21 is too farking high.

Back 20 - 30 years or some, people respected (feared) authority more than they do now. They did their best to keep their under-age drinking and parties on the low. Today, people don't give a shiat. Why respect the pigs that just give eachother special treatment? The people see an unjust law and they lose respect for the system of law. I can be 19. Can't get drunk, but I can be drafted to go kill people in another place. Makes tons of sense to me.

It was only a matter of time...there is contempt brewing for authority. Cops better start walking the straight and narrow or there will be some hideous times to come.
2005-04-19 05:17:39 PM  
What did Pat Anderson think about her son drinking? "If I could say to him, 'No, you cannot drink,' and know he wouldn't, that would be a wonderful situation," she says. "And it would be the answer to everything. But that's just not realistic. These kids do drink."

"Just saying no, just doesn't work," adds Bill Anderson.

"What if you had said, 'OK, I'll have the party, but no alcohol?'" asks Stahl.

"They wouldn't have come," says Bill Anderson.

"We wouldn't have had the party there," adds Gregg Anderson. "I was not gonna not drink after my senior prom. It just wasn't gonna happen."
from the thread in the link. apparently there was a lengthier account of what happened.
what gets me is the last quote. a shining example of the famous teenage sense of entitlement: i should be able to do whatever i want and you should let me do it.
farking get over yourself already.
2005-04-19 05:19:28 PM  
this "its the law. STFU. the end." crap is unamerican. really. the law isnt absolute. especially when the crime involves one person (perp = victim)

/the lawsuit idea in this case is asinine
2005-04-19 05:19:37 PM  
My favorite teen drinking story:

I was working a Halloween night sobriety checkpoint several years ago, and a car comes through running over all of the traffic cones we had set up to direct traffic. We stop the car, and there's a girl driving who is totally wasted, and she's wearing a skunk costume. She tells us she dressed as a skunk for a costume party because her friends are always telling her she's "drunk as a skunk."

She was 17 years old.

It was her third DUI arrest.
2005-04-19 05:22:07 PM  
I'm drinking, farking a 16 year old and am 18.... and it's all legal!

Well, it would be if she was awake, but my point still stands.

Cool Britannia!
2005-04-19 05:22:09 PM  

"the law isnt absolute"

It is until it's challenged and then changed.

So why hasn't that happened if so many are unhappy with it now?
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