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(Some Guy)   Czechs beat and humiliate their women to celebrate Easter   ( divider line
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8048 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Mar 2002 at 10:33 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-28 10:35:05 AM  
COOL! *meat head comment number 1*
2002-03-28 10:35:39 AM  
sounds like our family reunion
2002-03-28 10:35:58 AM  
How sad
2002-03-28 10:36:41 AM  
"That's quite an egg you got on your head, there."
2002-03-28 10:37:13 AM  
2002-03-28 10:37:29 AM  
Big deal. Who doesn't?
2002-03-28 10:38:54 AM  
"Before the attackers leave, their victims reward them with brightly painted eggs or, more often these days, shots of vodka or slivovitz, a plum brandy."

2002-03-28 10:39:22 AM  
God, how horrible. I uhmmmm wouldn't celebrate Easter if I was a Czech.
2002-03-28 10:39:30 AM  
they can come find salvation with me.. i've seen the issues of perfect 10.. lotsa hot czech chicks..
2002-03-28 10:40:29 AM  
those wacky czechs!
2002-03-28 10:41:22 AM  
(unpacks annual favorite Easter joke)

Q: Did you hear they cancelled Easter this year?
A: Yeah, they found the body...

(repacks joke for storage)
2002-03-28 10:41:30 AM  
I guess the US and its Allies will now have to bomb the Czech for their horrendous treatment of women, just like they did to the Taliban.
2002-03-28 10:41:38 AM  
This was actually one of the most interesting and humorous articles i've read on Fark in a while. Kudos to whoever found this.
2002-03-28 10:41:58 AM  
You know that the women are just asking for it. If they didn't dress so, so hittable this wouldn't happen.
2002-03-28 10:42:11 AM  
"We're gonna celebrate Easter until you love me"
2002-03-28 10:42:43 AM  
Who knows, maybe they deserve it.
2002-03-28 10:42:53 AM  
It is like Wisconsin after all.

2002-03-28 10:43:30 AM  
That's almost as crazy as worshipping a large bunny and colored eggs.
2002-03-28 10:46:25 AM  
Petr Lebeda looks like a wiseass. I bet he is making this up and laughing at all the stupid Americans. It's too close to April Fools to trust a Czech.
2002-03-28 10:46:54 AM  
The taliban comment just made no sense.

I'm guessing it was supposed to be witty and clever?
2002-03-28 10:48:02 AM  
I know there are quite a few of us who are fans of Eastern European lesbo porn. Let's have a vote:

Which variety of Porn is better?

A. Czech
B. Hungarian
C. Romanian
D. Lithuanian
E. Estonian or
F. Latvian

I personally choose Hungarian. Although Latvian is not far behind.
2002-03-28 10:48:11 AM  
and the problem with that is.....?
2002-03-28 10:48:27 AM  
You hit me with braided willow switch and spray me with perfume...
I hit you with nail studded baseball bat and spray you with
hydrochloric acid.
Hey, you were just asking for it.
2002-03-28 10:48:37 AM  
After midday, the tables are turned, and girls are allowed to fight back by throwing water at the men
Woo hoo! Yeah, that's equal. "Oh, that was a block of ice? Sorry. But it was water!"
2002-03-28 10:49:00 AM  
i'm sure they'd find our halloween really goofy....

not to mention st. patrick's day.
2002-03-28 10:49:45 AM  
Me! Me! I want to make a special wooden rattle to scare away Judas.
2002-03-28 10:50:45 AM  
I dunno, it sounds like it's all in good fun to me. As long as no one gets seriously hurt, why not?
2002-03-28 10:51:58 AM  
Sure, Zumba!. Are you going to be the Safety Dolphin?
2002-03-28 10:52:07 AM  
This is repulsive. I'm glad I live in America, where we never beat our women.
2002-03-28 10:52:08 AM  
Willow sticks are for homosexuals - real men use knuckledusters or baseball bats.
2002-03-28 10:52:20 AM  
ClownCollegeGraduate, you forgot Bulgarian. Crude yet enticing.
2002-03-28 10:52:46 AM  
I for one am sickened by this article. Women should be beaten and humilitated every day, not just for Easter.
2002-03-28 10:53:06 AM  
Now there is a country that knows how to party! Forget Mardis Gras. Next year I'm going to the Czech Republic.
2002-03-28 10:53:43 AM  
what a great article

and what a great custom! sounds like some good clean fun (except for the wasteoids that end up in the hospital)
2002-03-28 10:54:04 AM  
I for one am sickened by this article. Women should be beaten and humilitated every day, not just for Easter.

* ahem *

Holy crap that was funny!
2002-03-28 10:54:27 AM  
"I hate Easter," says Iveta Polochova, 22, a journalist who lives in Prague. "I always get thrown into the bathtub."

I don't know why this is so funny to me...
2002-03-28 10:54:36 AM  
Mind you, those Eastern European women don't age so gracefully...
2002-03-28 10:54:38 AM  
Charming. Just charming. Yet another nation to cross off my "civilized country" list. Heathens. Next thing you know the muslims will be burning women to death for showing their faces...oh wait, that already happened.
2002-03-28 10:55:56 AM  
you forgot polish also! polish chicks are hot!
2002-03-28 10:56:09 AM  
Froxilo: Check your Yahoo email.
2002-03-28 10:56:31 AM  
I'd like to see these Czechs sent to Harlem and attempt to perform their rituals. I could just see the news stories...

And in other news, 100+ Czechs were beaten senseless with crowbars and baseball bats in Harlem today as they attempted to hit women with sticks. Said one woman who tallied 5 Czechs down, "No one hits me, my daddy never hit me so why the hell do you think they can."
2002-03-28 10:58:34 AM  
just like Jesus intended.

why do you think all the apostles were guys?
2002-03-28 10:58:40 AM  
Okay, I'll redo my list:

A. Czech
B. Hungarian
C. Romanian
D. Lithuanian
E. Estonian
F. Latvian
G. Bulgarian
H. Polish (only if some of the women get some Faye Dunway-type facial reconstruction surgery)
2002-03-28 11:04:48 AM  

Get back on your knees and get back to choking on cock.
2002-03-28 11:05:56 AM  
1) interesting tag, HILARIOUS.

2) sounds like fun to me.
2002-03-28 11:11:55 AM  
Celebrate the resurrection of the Savior with a little S&M action? Sounds about right.
2002-03-28 11:14:22 AM  
Monkeybiatch apparently has no sense of humor, whatsoever. As funny as the article was alone, Fb- had the only comment that made me laugh out loud, and heartily I might add.

Fb-'s not the one that should be choking on cock, biatch.
2002-03-28 11:15:30 AM  
fb- very funny indeed!!!

and yes, this is an actual tradition. I lived in the Czech for a while in 96. Those crazy bastards also eat Carp for Christmas dinner. Try choking that shiat down.

But the best thing about the Czech is that you get to drink beer all damn day long. breakfast, lunch and dinner and nobody looks at you funny for being hammered at 11 in the morning. Oh, and the non-stop access to porn. It's even in their newspapers.
2002-03-28 11:18:33 AM  
You think that's bad? Phillipino dudez crucify themselves!
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-28 11:18:45 AM  
Paulina Porizkova is a Czech
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