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(Yahoo)   Charming 15-year-old girl is the youngest to walk Baffin Island Traverse in the Arctic. Beat her (record breaking) Dad across, too (with pic)   ( divider line
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23914 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Apr 2005 at 10:31 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-04-16 06:37:26 PM  
Now THAT'S cool.
2005-04-16 06:39:45 PM  
That is pretty cool, but the windchill factor is only -40C? That's standard fare around here. She should do it in the dead of winter, now THAT would be impressive!
2005-04-16 06:41:45 PM  
Don't bother clicking. They only show her face.
2005-04-16 08:00:45 PM  
I'd hit it.

/going to hell
2005-04-16 09:36:56 PM  
Damnitt, she stole my idea. Now I have to invent something or some crap to get famous.
2005-04-16 10:29:35 PM  
I'd hit it too, but I'll bet she's pretty frigid.
2005-04-16 10:35:04 PM  
Thank you for the best laugh I've had today!
2005-04-16 10:36:30 PM  
I'm I the only one who had no goddamn idea what the hell the headline just said? I had to open the article just to find out what the headline was talking about.
2005-04-16 10:37:05 PM  
That should read, "Am I the only one..."

I must be tired.
2005-04-16 10:37:18 PM  
where are the nude pics?
2005-04-16 10:39:11 PM  
She looks like she's 30. Cold air is a terrible thing...
2005-04-16 10:40:13 PM  
I wanna be an explorer. Career counselors just never talk about that option anymore.
2005-04-16 10:47:42 PM  
Alicia and her three companions had to battle a wind chill factor of minus 40C, thin ice and open water along the trek.

Sounds like Winnipeg more than Baffin Island!

/ i'm kidding to all you 'peggers and besides, July is coming
2005-04-16 10:48:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Humbert would definitely hit it.
2005-04-16 10:49:04 PM  
I'd traverse it!
2005-04-16 10:50:46 PM  
that's pretty nasty, she's 15
2005-04-16 10:54:44 PM  
Charming life 15 year old girl

Is this Engrish? Submitter, please learn grammar, THEN submit headlines that actually make sense.
2005-04-16 10:56:05 PM  
I'm with Tech: what the hell is up with that headline?
2005-04-16 10:58:19 PM  
From the article:

But this will not necessarily mean the start of a career in exploration, she said. "I want to try other things first."

Hmm, that sets my dirty mind to wandering...
2005-04-16 10:58:20 PM  
thats funny. i read as Charming little 15...
2005-04-16 10:59:13 PM  
charming life?
charming... file?
charming... phile?
charming... pedophile?

Charming Pedophile: "15 year old girl is the youngest to walk Baffin Island Traverse in the Arctic. Beat her (record breaking) Dad across, too. (with pic)"

Aha, I figured it out. That must be what the submitter meant. what a sicko!
2005-04-16 11:01:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Hit it? Meh, maybe in a few years.
2005-04-16 11:03:38 PM  
"Alicia and her three companions..."

2005-04-16 11:05:28 PM  
2005-04-16 11:06:17 PM  
She's charming life? Nice farking headline
2005-04-16 11:11:00 PM  
Maybe submitter meant she has had a 'charmed' life, implying what other 15 year old could just up and spend time walking across a bunch of snow.
2005-04-16 11:11:10 PM  
This headline iZ t3H sUX0Rzz!!!
2005-04-16 11:15:09 PM  
Bleh...nothing to see here. She did it with 3 "companions", who are how old? And how capable? Maybe like the wealthy "climbers" who pay experienced guides to drag them up Everest? Not to belittle doing something as hardcore as this, but try it alone and in winter if you to really accomplish something worthy of note. Otherwise, you're just a statistic grabber. (i.e. first of some sex/ethnic/age group to climb/traverse/paddle/endure some hardship after others have already done so).
2005-04-16 11:16:06 PM  
-40 C? That's it?!

Geez, I've seen colder than that.
2005-04-16 11:23:23 PM  
There's a colon missing from this headline. For the love of English, please correct it!
2005-04-16 11:26:37 PM  
She looks like she's 30. Cold air is a terrible thing...

Think about the nipples man!!!
2005-04-16 11:27:49 PM  
-40C? Wuss. When I walked across Baffin Island, it was -40F!

/is aware of the temperature scales
//would hit it
///age of consent in Canada is 14
2005-04-16 11:31:52 PM  
I agree with pretty much everyone else, that headline blows. Anyway, give her three years and I'd hit it, with enthusiasm if she's got a sexy British accent...

thumbnail pics here (pops)
2005-04-16 11:34:49 PM  
I'd hit it in 3 years. She'll probably look better by then too
2005-04-16 11:39:04 PM  
i'd buy her a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, but i wouldn't hit it because it would be a perfect "not me not now" commercial
2005-04-16 11:39:52 PM  
Bah...she should do that in a bikini...then it might be newsworthy.
2005-04-16 11:40:33 PM  
I thought headlines could be fixed before greenlight. You admins phoning it in or what? Must be a charming life!
2005-04-17 12:10:06 AM  
Maybe they meant "charming live...", you know, to say that she is alive, and lived to tell about it or sumpin'...
2005-04-17 12:30:27 AM  
"... there's a few other things I want to try first."

Haha, like me. Haha.
2005-04-17 12:30:32 AM  
Charming life, 15 year old girl is the youngest to walk Baffin Island Traverse in the Arctic.

Charming like 15 year old, girl is the youngest to walk Baffin Island Traverse in the Arctic.

Bah, can make head nor tail of it.
2005-04-17 12:55:30 AM  
She crossed Biffin's Bridge?
2005-04-17 12:57:07 AM  
Two runs through Babelfish and still no better:

To live charming, small girl 15 of year-old is the Baffin the new ticket of the console in the functioning of the area of the North Pole.
2005-04-17 01:09:24 AM  
That headline was so nonsensical it made me question my sexuality.

I didn't submit this article at all, therefor I submitted it with a better headline.
2005-04-17 01:16:30 AM  

was your headline therefor better?
2005-04-17 01:18:58 AM  
She won't be so charming when her nose falls off.

2005-04-17 01:27:13 AM  
I read the head line as "charming little," just fixed it in my head, didn't feel the need to biatch.
2005-04-17 02:48:33 AM  
All I'm gonna remember is the BOOST logo on her head. Is that like the Red Bull of the Arctic?
Hempleman-Adams? Fame, don't think I'll live forever...
2005-04-17 03:02:13 AM  
I submitted this headline with a better article.
2005-04-17 03:28:37 AM  

I submitted this headline with a better Attention Whore.

[image from too old to be available]

2005-04-17 03:33:06 AM  
i find it sad that fark is flooded with closet pedo
all these "i'd hit it" aren't jokes, and if they are, you know what they say about there being some truth to every joke

/feels sorry for white people with their pedo fantasies
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