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12879 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Mar 2002 at 8:06 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-28 08:10:55 AM  
I wonder if someone is selling the "phonebook to the stars" yet
2002-03-28 08:11:57 AM  
she's lucky i didn't find it. i'd have never given it back. muahahahaha!
2002-03-28 08:12:35 AM  
Stupid ugly fat biatch.
2002-03-28 08:12:56 AM  
I liked watching Billy Zane fark her brains out in dead calm.
2002-03-28 08:14:13 AM  
That employee was simply being nice.

I'm sure in retrospect they will feel all warm and cozy inside about meeting Nicole Kidman, and her being nice.....


$1,000 is chump change compared to what that BIIAAATCH would have fetched on E-bay!
2002-03-28 08:16:10 AM  
I just know I'm on it, right behind:

Joe's hock shop for Award jewelery
Tom's boyfriends numbers
Russell Crowe-he is next.
Tanning salon-so I can get real tan in order to considered for Academy award
Knunte Clinte-first black president!
2002-03-28 08:16:59 AM  
She gave the employee the reward and a special autograph as well
A special autograph? What, did she sign in a ring around his navel or something?
2002-03-28 08:17:03 AM  
It's useless anyway. I keep running into buzy signals, fax and answering machine. Didn't find the Tom Cruise phone #
2002-03-28 08:19:46 AM  
Fb, did you like Billy Zane or Nicole Kidman?
2002-03-28 08:21:06 AM  
Fat?? Last time I saw her, she was a waif. What is it now? You have to be at least 50 pounds underweight to not qualify as fat?
2002-03-28 08:23:22 AM  
Stevearooni, I can think of a "special autograph" I'd like her to give me . . .
2002-03-28 08:33:17 AM  
I guess I'm going to get loads of weird calls now!
2002-03-28 08:33:41 AM  
I woulda jizzed on the mouth-piece before giving it back. Happy chats, Jizzcole Jizzman!!!
2002-03-28 08:33:51 AM  
I would fark Nichole Kidman senseless.
2002-03-28 08:37:04 AM  
I would fark her until she loved me. (then bite her ear)
2002-03-28 08:37:50 AM  
I think this should qualify for a
img.fark.comView Full Size
2002-03-28 08:38:54 AM  
I would fark her until she loved me. (then bite her ear)

Frolixo, your real name is Mike Tyson??
2002-03-28 08:39:44 AM  
A stuffed panda goes to 9/10!
2002-03-28 08:40:38 AM  
and the story was so touching, so heartwarming, that her publicist just had to leak it.

hey hey look at me, i dont club baby seals!
2002-03-28 08:43:33 AM  
The article said she gave the finder a "special reward" would have been a "HAPPY ENDING"????
2002-03-28 08:48:43 AM  
Oh yeah, I'd throw a bone into this...

[image from too old to be available]

Hey, it's gotta be tight after Tom Cruise, right?
2002-03-28 08:52:29 AM  
Typical dumb redheaded Aussie filmstar....

will never have a brain in her head!!!
2002-03-28 08:54:51 AM  
does it have penelope cruz's phone number? she's babe-a-licious.. and that tom cruise and her dating thing has to be a cover..
2002-03-28 08:55:39 AM  
Hell, all the numbers would probably be brainwashed $cientologists anyhow. Who'd want to call -them-?

''Hi, is this Tom Cruise?''

''Why hi there, are you aware that Dianetics is just the first step in many on your path to freeing yourself from the control of evil body thetans that came from people sacrificed in a volcano by an alien criminal billions of years ago?''

2002-03-28 08:56:11 AM  
Hey! I'm dumb redheaded Aussie filmstar and I resent that comment!
2002-03-28 09:00:17 AM  
and another thing.. yea, shes hot, but you know what?? you can walk down the street and find a cuter girl anywhere, and she wont even have a professional makeup artist to do it for her..

somehow i get the feeling she wouldnt be much to talk to either, her and tom didnt strike me as a brain power couple. "and, well, yea, i think this movie was really important/fun/insertbullshiathere". no more talking nicole.
2002-03-28 09:02:42 AM  
I can't see what anyone would see in her, she isn't that good looking, I would rather fark fb-
2002-03-28 09:06:20 AM  
I always knew they would never last.

I always figure that when a "movie star" doesn't take her "movie star" husband's last name.

Crazy High Guy
Maybe it's a subconcious thing....maybe I'm high
2002-03-28 09:07:50 AM  
If you are high, you are going to JAIL....FREAK!
2002-03-28 09:14:22 AM  
I'd have held out for a hummer at least.
2002-03-28 09:15:04 AM  
I don't know, I saw that picture of her in front of the mirror nude on a fark link a few days ago. She's pretty hot. Not a mensa member, but who cares.
2002-03-28 09:17:33 AM  
Nicky don't loose those numbers...

CrazyHighGuy: the rules are: you take my ring - you take my name - or you take a walk
2002-03-28 09:19:46 AM  

I want a "special autograph" from her, damn.... Nicole's a babe ! I'd toss a dick in her.... twice....

red on da head=fire in da hole

2002-03-28 09:30:58 AM  
Whew - for a second there I was worried everyone would have my number.
2002-03-28 09:37:09 AM  
If I could have any actress it would be Julia Roberts. I bet she gives great head.
2002-03-28 09:50:08 AM  
A friend of mine lost his cellphone, so he started calling it. He finally got an answer. The guy on the other end told him he wanted $3000 for the phone, because it had a "voicemail in it that was well worth the 3 grand." Dumbass was to stupid to realize you need a password to access the voicemail, and you can access your cellular voicemail through ANY phone. He told the guy to get farked, called Nextel and had it turned off.
2002-03-28 09:50:31 AM  
Julia Roberts?? WTF?? I'm sorry, but I've never understood her sex appeal. She has mousy little titties, a wide ass and a self important attitude to boot. The best sex you'd get from her is when she hands you a Cosmo & bottle of lotion.

Get them young, hungry and eager to please.
2002-03-28 09:53:13 AM  
Julia Roberts = biggest skank in Hollywood.
2002-03-28 09:56:17 AM  
If I could have any star it would either be Connie Sellica, or Sarah Michelle Geller. Sarah reminds me of a girl I dated after H.S., she has those "sassy eyes", and Connie, though older, is just plain gives me wood.
2002-03-28 10:07:13 AM  
This morning's threads are starting to resemble b00bies threads, but without the b00bies tag. I like it.

Pick: Forgot about Connie Selleca. Always thought she was extremely hot. Wood indeed.
2002-03-28 10:08:43 AM  
Ha ha Bump!

Nicky don't lose those numbers. Oh me.
2002-03-28 10:23:10 AM  
What's with the "she can give ME a 'special signature' " lines?
I'll be the one giving her a "special signature"...written all over her face in my own ink!
2002-03-28 10:33:13 AM  
At least Nicole got away from Scientology and the increasingly creepy Tom Cruise.
2002-03-28 10:50:18 AM  
Bump, you wack to cosmo?
2002-03-28 10:54:22 AM  
Man, was she HOT in BMX Bandits.
2002-03-28 10:57:29 AM  
I would have shoved that thing up a horses ars before returning it with a smile. Screw her.
2002-03-28 11:04:30 AM  
maybe the employee is a farker & will post the numbers for us LOL
2002-03-28 11:11:08 AM  
...Hilarity ensues?

awww, darn!
2002-03-28 11:50:15 AM  
Nicole is HOT as a redhead. The blonde hair she was sporting at the "look-at-us-and-how-important-and-caring-we-are" awards (Oscars) just didn't do it for me.
I bought that piece of shiat "Eyes Wide Shut" just to see her buck-nekkid magnified in super-slow motion on my bigscreen.
2002-03-28 12:02:58 PM  
Dammit, she had Tom Cruise in her!!! I like aussie girls.

MAN DAMMIT, I woulda written some numbers down, and sell em on ebay, people would kill for these numbers. Just feature it. HAHAHA!!! IM GONNA SEARCH FOR SOME ON KAZAA!!!
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