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(ESPN)   Dale Carter ($28M deal) says he's bankrupt   ( divider line
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5962 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Mar 2002 at 8:35 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-27 08:36:50 PM  
Just like Nixon was "outta the loop".
2002-03-27 08:37:32 PM  
Oh, you know how it is. Bread, a little beer, 5 kilos of cocaine. It adds up, ya know?
2002-03-27 08:37:52 PM  
What the heck is a "cornerback"?
2002-03-27 08:38:36 PM  
Who is Dale Carter?
2002-03-27 08:38:45 PM  
I will never understand how this happens to these guys.... perhaps dumb and rich is a bad combo
2002-03-27 08:39:55 PM  
Moku9, a cornerback is one of those guys that kills people who know less about sports than he does.

FLAME off, typing fingers!
2002-03-27 08:40:45 PM  
$28M to pay the rent, mmm...maybe instead I'll spend it on the WHORE.
2002-03-27 08:42:03 PM  
What went through Carter's head as he realized he was broke: 'Money...drugs drugs drugs beeeeeeer prostitu---no, wait drugs, yeah mmm..."
See, almost a one track mind...
2002-03-27 08:43:41 PM  
being broke sucks.
2002-03-27 08:45:21 PM
2002-03-27 08:45:28 PM  
Moku9, a cornerback is on defense and covers the wide reciever.
2002-03-27 08:47:33 PM  
Or in the Bucs' case, a cornerback is someone who knocks Brad Johnson's head off because we have a POS offensive line.
2002-03-27 08:48:56 PM  
What a Dick!
2002-03-27 08:49:57 PM  
Two Words....Douche' Bag
2002-03-27 08:51:30 PM  
LOL, Grey Fox, the junks are funny. Even if I still can't tell Bickle, JP, or Cakes apart.
2002-03-27 08:53:07 PM  
Two words: Drug Addict
2002-03-27 08:53:40 PM  
Just like Mike Tyson!

Oh, to be one of his peeps...A Lexus a month for buying his drugs and saying, "you da man" a lot.
2002-03-27 08:54:57 PM  
I don't think anyone can...but I can tell 'em apart by looks.

But hey, I can tell 'em apart if they talk about their "interests"...FruitCakes likes the Mo's, EB can't work his jimmy due to his fall, and JP is the most anal retentive person on earth. Easy!
2002-03-27 08:55:33 PM  
Looks like Mrs. Boucher was right:
<cajun>"That football is the devil."</cajun>
2002-03-27 08:56:28 PM  
Two Words: Enron

Wait... that's one word... and it doesn't even apply here...
2002-03-27 08:57:43 PM  
It's all Bill Clinton's fault.
2002-03-27 09:05:32 PM  
I believe thats foosball
2002-03-27 09:08:05 PM  
And it's the Debbel
2002-03-27 09:08:38 PM  
Musta had Arthur Anderson doing the books...
2002-03-27 09:12:03 PM  
Breaking News - Uncle Miltie is dead they go in 3's

Dud Moore, Randy "Rox" Castillo and Milton Berle
2002-03-27 09:16:10 PM
2002-03-27 09:16:51 PM  
And we STILL BUY THESE FARKERS STADIA to play in! I wish the whole of professional sports wasn't such a tick on society.
2002-03-27 09:20:23 PM  
what a dumb mother farker. You put that kind of money in my hands, and you will never even see me again.
2002-03-27 09:29:38 PM  
Yes, but with your "Blue Ice" and "Magnum" you shouldn't have to worry Zoolander.
2002-03-27 09:37:00 PM  
I just want to see a post adderd after mine.
2002-03-27 09:37:58 PM  
I would also like to see the "learn to spell with phonics" book.
2002-03-27 09:38:02 PM  
Cornerback = Scrawny guy in the defensive backfield that runs fast from all the speed and coke in his system.
2002-03-27 09:40:52 PM  

Close your eyes until the sunlight darks
2002-03-27 09:41:05 PM  
What a loser. I have absolutely no sympathy for professional athletes who screw themselves over.
2002-03-27 09:49:48 PM  
Uh, why is this under ESPN's NBA section?
2002-03-27 09:56:33 PM  
at least he doesn't have as many kids as that Luther dude from Kentucky

as far as we know...
2002-03-27 09:57:39 PM  
They'll make him pay thru the nose! It's not all it's cracked up to be, by crackey!!!
2002-03-27 10:03:03 PM  
When I was in college I worked as a bill collector. One time I get this account with a certain ex-football player. Played for the Dolphin's in the '70's and early 80's, (any football fan worth his salt would recognize his name). It was pretty weird, here's this 20 year old smoe telling this ex-great to pay his farking bills.
2002-03-27 10:05:44 PM  
too bad he wasn't allowed to go to college and take a finance class.
2002-03-27 10:06:39 PM  
you know, if i had 1.8 million caming my way in salary, the farthest thing from my mind would be drugs (used to "escape" from the "pressures" of "life" )
i think it should be a law that all sports players should be able to be shot for acts of stupidity. Jasyon williams,tyson, OJ, tyson ,this idiot and last but not least tyson (i really have a boner for that idiot)

good, fast or cheap.. pick any two
2002-03-27 10:18:16 PM  
I have $3.67 I can send him.
2002-03-27 10:32:36 PM  
I can assure you, without fear of contradiction, that Dale Carter if a farking idiot.

I watched him play for KC for too many years. He's an incredibly gifted athlete, but I'm pretty sure he spent his formative years eating house paint. There aren't enough O's in STOOPID to cover him...
2002-03-27 10:33:56 PM  
My buddy is a collector too. One of his deadbeats (You can't get blood from a turnip... YOU'RE NOT A TURNIP YOU'RE A DEAD BEET!) is a 2nd string asshole for the Philadelphia Eagles, makes over $1 million a year and has $300000 in college loans. Hasn't paid anything on them in over 4 YEARS! And THESE are the ASSHOLES we tax ourselves to death to BUILD STADIA!

2002-03-27 10:37:32 PM  
Dale Carter is the Daryl Strawberry of the NFL. A waste of great talent that someone else with self control could use to make it big playing sports. Oh well, I won't shed a tear over a drugged up athlete who can't even lace his shoes up do to the GIANT farkING MOTHS COMING OUT OF THE TOUNGES OF HIS SPIKES!!!!!!
2002-03-27 10:51:23 PM  
Not only does Denver lose the money that he owes them but it also counts against their salary cap.... this guy should be banned from the NFL..... yes I am a Bronco fan....
2002-03-27 11:10:43 PM  
Yet another genius product from the University of Tennessee.
2002-03-27 11:17:29 PM  
What's Fulmer's graduation rate, like 0%?
2002-03-27 11:44:38 PM  
Dale Carter sucked ass when he was with the Broncos, and now I know why, he was too worried about how he was gonna pay for his crack addiction. What is it with these athletes? They have the world by the balls, millions of fans, and they have to throw it all away on farking drugs.
2002-03-27 11:57:07 PM  
How can a football player owe $300,000 in college loans? They don't pay to go there. Hell, some of them get paid to go. And a lot of them don't stay very long either, all though it's not as bad as the NBA.

So how big is Dale Carter's house? I bet he also has like 10 cars and a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry.
2002-03-28 12:03:55 AM  
$300,000? wtf? did he go to law school? that's like 8 years at stanford.
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