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(Yahoo)   New film will portray Charles and Camilla's romance. Producers disappointed to learn working title, "The Horse Whisperer," is already taken   ( divider line
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2005-04-11 12:53:20 PM  
The Ring 2 was also taken.
2005-04-11 01:01:25 PM  
My goodness, you people are harsh on Camilla. I read the title and thought, "Good, they finally stopped calling her a horse." Then I got to the last part of the line and sighed.
2005-04-11 01:09:46 PM  
Well, they can always use 'Who let the dogs out' for the musical score.
2005-04-11 02:01:46 PM  
For the sake of balance, perhaps it's worth noting that old jug ears is no oil painting himself. He should no doubt consider himself lucky to get a shag at all...
2005-04-11 02:11:30 PM  
Yeah, she's not a wholly unattractive woman, I don't get the "horse" thing. Diana was attractive but they were a miserable couple. It's kinda cool that after 25-30 years, the dude still wants to hang with Camilla and they got married. How many of us would be able to say that?
2005-04-11 02:24:55 PM  
I don't get the horse jokes...or maybe I do get them but they are just not funny.
2005-04-11 03:07:07 PM  
She's gonna get royally screwed in this deal.
2005-04-11 03:09:43 PM  
"I don't get the horse jokes...or maybe I do get them but they are just not funny."

Agreed... It was maybe a bit funny the first time... now it's just boring. Why do people 1: Care about the royal family anymore, and 2: Care if the Prince's new wife is ugly or not?
2005-04-11 03:10:21 PM  
A movie about royalty marrying outside fam? Where'd they get that idea?
[image from too old to be available]
/ been done before.
2005-04-11 03:11:24 PM  
Sorry, I already have that time slot scheduled for multiple organ failure. Maybe next time.
2005-04-11 03:11:50 PM  
Horse jokes -- old and busted
2005-04-11 03:13:05 PM  
Hey Charles, why the long face?
2005-04-11 03:13:48 PM  
Beauty is in the eye of the prince.
2005-04-11 03:14:37 PM  
i found it funny. but im an idiot.
2005-04-11 03:15:20 PM  
I for one thought the headline was hilarious. Nice work poster.
2005-04-11 03:15:49 PM  
I can understand Americans making the "horse-face" jokes, but inside the UK? They all look like horses! They've all got that horrible gaunt, gap-toothed look, like they've been eating loam and black pudding all their lives without any B vitamins...
2005-04-11 03:17:26 PM  
If you're complaining about mercilessly piling on celebrities who aren't very good-looking, well, you're probably at the wrong website.
2005-04-11 03:18:05 PM  
nice headline
2005-04-11 03:18:31 PM  
um... horse or whores?
/obligatory comment
2005-04-11 03:19:15 PM  
I thought they already did "Sea Biscuit" ...
2005-04-11 03:19:25 PM  
Who are all these MORONS! Camilla is no ugly broad... she ain't no MILF, but hell, she looks way better than Laura "Xanax" Bush.
2005-04-11 03:19:28 PM  
what the hell is a poster?

/why do i think i can make fun of people? you know, being an idiot and all.
2005-04-11 03:21:04 PM  
I thought this headline was a quiet laugh, better then some of the other "horse" ones that have been posted.
2005-04-11 03:22:07 PM  
2005-04-11 03:22:21 PM  
mgudites: Horse jokes -- old and busted

Indeed.Quite old and busted.
2005-04-11 03:23:47 PM  
A horse is a horse, of course of course...

/wilbur, get me a qualude
2005-04-11 03:24:05 PM  
Ima jerk to this chick because I like girls, but from now on biatches better be hot.
2005-04-11 03:28:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-04-11 03:28:47 PM  
Yes, the horse jokes are old, and very mean.

But every morning when they discuss the couple on the news - as if there isn't any real news - my husband says "Prince Charles and his noble steeeeed".

I can't stop laughing and I am ashamed.
2005-04-11 03:33:52 PM  
I don't think she's horse-faced at all! She's an average middle-aged woman. If anything, Charles is the ugly on in the relationship...
2005-04-11 04:07:43 PM  
I'm still amazed that the marriage headline wasn't

It is now socially acceptable for Prince Charles to mount his royal steed.
2005-04-11 04:08:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-04-11 04:13:38 PM  

I can understand Americans making the "horse-face" jokes, but inside the UK? They all look like horses! They've all got that horrible gaunt, gap-toothed look, like they've been eating loam and black pudding all their lives without any B vitamins...

Erm, having viewed your profile, I'd advise you to step out of the glass house before throwing any more stones...
2005-04-11 04:44:03 PM  
Bride of Chucky
2005-04-11 04:55:29 PM  
1) Find article about Camilla and Prince Charles
2) Submit it with horse joke and get automatic greenlite.
3) Something
4) Profit!
2005-04-11 04:59:55 PM  
Farking hilarious! Nice job, submitter!
2005-04-11 05:17:08 PM  
hahaha, camilla is a horse!!! wow, never heard that one before, let's keep using it over and over and over, it NEVER stops being funny! camilla = horse!!! haha, horse!! who woulda thought of that?!?!? hahahahhah sooooo clever, horse!! i mean, if you look at her and look at a horse, they look the same! wow, a horse!!! hahahahahh!! this joke is good enough to last ten years!!! hahah, she's a horse!!! wow, what a sense of humour on some of you guys!
2005-04-11 05:43:56 PM  
What makes them think they'll have an audience for this movie?? I, for one, couldn't give a flying fark about their "love affair"...

And I agree with those saying that Charles is the ugly one in this relationship. I suppose those ears might come in handy for her when he's goin' down, but he ain't no oil painting...
2005-04-11 05:52:46 PM  

People who don't agree=crapface.

/I crack me up.
2005-04-11 05:53:56 PM  
Desperate Horsewives.
Finally, a horse he can't fall off of.

There, that just about does it. Thread over.

(Letterman kisses hands, waves off to audience, Paul Shaffer theme plays)
2005-04-11 06:06:35 PM  
lincolnlogolas, I laughed at that. You have just come up with a perfect design for the royal coat of arms as well.

2005-04-11 06:08:23 PM  
I like Camilla = Horseface jokes.
2005-04-11 06:22:34 PM  
bestiality goes mainstream?
2005-04-11 06:39:50 PM  
Meh. Let's face it, those two should've gotten hitched back when the Beatles were together and Keith Richards still had more than three brain cells still alive and on speaking terms.
But the fact is, Camilla did not have that "Squeaky-Clean Airhead Virgin Goodness" that was somehow deemed so necessary for a royal bride. Charlie put up with Di because he had to do his duty and use a royally acceptable brood mare to produce future royals. I doubt very much his feelings for her ran much past "Well, she looks good, and she's a nice enough gal" which for most guys including me is way past the necessary minimums for what we need to get busy with the opposite gender.
Hell, man, if they can grab a bit of haapiness at this stage of things, more power to 'em. Barring some kind of direct divine intervention, anyhow, nothin' those two are going to do is likely to make any interference with the royal succession.
2005-04-11 06:54:51 PM  
I'm more saddened that nobody's gone for the more obvious "Duchess of Cornball." Haven't we beaten that hore (no pun intended) to death already?
2005-04-11 07:17:30 PM  
Awesome job submitter
2005-04-11 08:01:01 PM  

/no more caffeine for this guy
2005-04-11 08:19:53 PM  
Damn. Talking about beating a dead horse.
2005-04-11 08:24:30 PM  
Seriously people. They're both ugly, we all know this, is it really that fascinating? Can't we come up with better reasons to make fun of people than because they look like a certain barnyard animal? Jesus Christ on a stick, get over it
2005-04-11 08:47:51 PM  

Damn, you made me laugh so hard that I had to kick my mom in the face!
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