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(   Man drops can of spray paint on hammer, paint blows into water heater, whose pilot light sets it on fire, burning down the house. Rube Goldberg surrenders   ( divider line
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2005-04-10 05:02:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-04-10 05:05:17 PM  
The Talking Heads unavailable for comment.
2005-04-10 05:14:37 PM  
Automatic: WJJO/FM 94.1 "Battle of the Bands" winner will provide the music and there will be free beer.

Somebody say free beer?
2005-04-10 05:30:14 PM  
2005-04-10 05:35:06 PM  
And I thought I had a bad day yesterday.

Heroic Poser, nice one.
2005-04-10 05:41:56 PM  
hot diggity damn...speaking of spraypaint, anybody else get carded at wal-mart when they buy it?
2005-04-10 05:43:07 PM  
Damn, that is one funny headline.
2005-04-10 05:44:42 PM  

Yeah, I had a shiat day last week- got up early, missed my train, got a speeding ticket, got to work late, found out I was overdrawn.

Then I read this and I realize I just had a mildly irritating morning. Yeesh.
2005-04-10 05:49:48 PM  
I bet this guy recently kicked a puppy
2005-04-10 05:56:18 PM  
What, nobody caught the address!?!

"Brender and his family were a month away from moving from their rented east side townhouse at 1313 Tompkins Drive to a home on Madison's south side.
2005-04-10 11:26:00 PM  
Wonder who's going to complete the dumba$$ trifecta?
2005-04-10 11:28:23 PM  
Reminds me of that Final Destination movie, the part where the girl has coffee in a cracked mug, then leans over her monitor to look at something, coffee drips into the monitor and it explodes.
2005-04-10 11:30:45 PM  
speaking of Rube Goldberg
2005-04-10 11:30:53 PM  
I've had bigger coincidences come out of my pants.
2005-04-10 11:30:57 PM  
bebe bedee dee, bee dee dee, bee dee dee ...
STOP ! Hammer Time !

[image from too old to be available]

2005-04-10 11:31:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2005-04-10 11:31:17 PM  
It's pronounced "Chow-deh"!!!

/Simpsons... but still obscure?
2005-04-10 11:34:17 PM  
Now I've got the Powerhouse theme from all those old Looney Tunes episodes going through my head . . .
2005-04-10 11:35:22 PM  
beerdiva: Wonder who's going to complete the dumba$$ trifecta?

So hes a dumbass for accidently dropping a can of paint?
But fortunately his ostensible dumbass trifecta component has been salvaged by you for that dumbass comment.
2005-04-10 11:37:25 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Wanted for questioning.
2005-04-10 11:40:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2005-04-10 11:41:21 PM  
don't you see the potential here??? if people all over the country started doing this, just think of all the energy you could gain from houses burning down! we'd have a house burning market monopoly in no time flat!
2005-04-10 11:42:27 PM  
"Life comes at you fast"
2005-04-10 11:42:59 PM  
Does no one realize the this guy is in the middle of an insurance scam???

what a load of crap....
2005-04-10 11:43:38 PM  
"Hairdressers are all giving people by nature," said Nelson, explaining why he organized the event. "The hardest thing for Lani to do is accept (the help). By nature we like to help."

They're so modest by nature, too...
2005-04-10 11:43:48 PM  
Since when do you get "carded" for buying spray paint?

/used to buy spray paint 19 years ago... at the age of eight
//continued to buy spray paint up to the present with no issues
///feels really, really old now
2005-04-10 11:45:59 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

2005-04-10 11:47:00 PM  
Mister Peejay

Thanks to stupid parents and stupid kids, they now card for any type of aerosal product.

There have been lots of cases of kids huffing in garages or closets and then lighting cigarettes, and themselves, on fire.

Welcome to America, and keep your fingers out of the cage.
2005-04-10 11:48:27 PM  
Walmart does card people now for spray paint and white-out. It's some sort of attempt to keep teenagers from huffing it, or at least that's what the cashier told my boyfriend the last time he bought white-out.
2005-04-10 11:49:30 PM  
When I as at wally world today, The "must be 18+ to purchase" thing came up for some diet pills I was buying, but not for a huge pair of gardening shears with razor sharp blades. I found this quite humorous, but nobody else seemed to get it.
2005-04-10 11:51:10 PM  
There have been lots of cases of kids huffing in garages or closets and then lighting cigarettes, and themselves, on fire.

It's like a two-for-one Darwin special. Like those kids here in Michigan who were huffing gas in an abandoned house and then decided to have a smoke. Hmmm... gasoline fumes and fire... what could possibly go wrong?
2005-04-10 11:52:20 PM  
Come to think of it, the same thing happened when I puchased a cordless sawzall. Man, The destruction I could've caused with that thing when I was younger.....
/there are only two infinites: the universe and human stupidity....and Einsteins not to sure about the universe.
2005-04-10 11:54:01 PM  
Mister Peejay
Since when do you get "carded" for buying spray paint?

A few towns around here have "anti-graffitti" laws, which basically say "no selling spray paint to young punks".

Although, several hardware store owners pointed out recently that theft of spray paint is at an all-time high.
Amazing co-incidence, I'm sure.
2005-04-10 11:54:39 PM  
"Lopez! Lopeeeeeez!"

/kids in the hall
2005-04-10 11:56:35 PM  
Holy crap
2005-04-11 12:02:17 AM  
Hmph, and me just watching Final Destination 2 as I write this. Timing is impeccable, yes?
2005-04-11 12:03:50 AM  
Tim Brender is a hunter and stored gunpowder for his black powder pistol in the basement. When the couple had kids they made sure to lock up all the hunting equipment in a fireproofed gun safe. The situation would have been far worse, firefighters told the Brenders, had those items not been secured.

Jeez, this was actually a responsible guy, too. Rarely do you hear about accidents that are NOT caused by blatant stupidity.
2005-04-11 12:03:58 AM  
place i worked, we always had empty spray cans and then the occasional bonfire of debris.....
those cans could go at least 200 feet.
needless to say ,not much work was done on those days.
2005-04-11 12:04:22 AM  
Fark It:

There have been lots of cases of kids huffing in garages or closets and then lighting cigarettes, and themselves, on fire.

Another thing to thank drug laws for. I'd go buy my kids the beer or the weed myself, if it were that or have them sneaking off to deliberately inhale the same fumes I go to great pains to protect myself from when spraying in my shop. There is no safe level of any of that crap - it contains atomized solvents for chrisakkes.

Why do American kids - mostly middle and upper-middle clas kids, do this? Because it is more accessible to them than alcohol and other soft (non-physically addictive) drugs. But mostly, because this is how it became big among the suburban kids, because it cannot be easily detected, on the user or through drug testing.

It is a horrible thing. Some kids want to get farked up, some of them hold off until they join a frat, but some will simply not wait that long. It's what kids do, mainly partly because adults don't want them to, but mostly because it feels so farking good - feels better than praying or playing cribbage or arguing with Bevets on Fark or whatever it is that old people do these days.

That is all.

Love, Liza.
2005-04-11 12:06:59 AM  
Sergeant Tux:

Like those kids here in Michigan who were huffing gas in an abandoned house and then decided to have a smoke.

My mom's friend had to handle the insurance claim... not pretty.
2005-04-11 12:10:47 AM  
Actually, I saw the whole thing go down. (We called 911, as our apartment faces this one.)

What they don't tell you is that he also had gasoline stored in his basement... so... with that and the gunpowder... they evacuated us from our apartment just in case it blew up, or ignighted a gas main.

Funny thing about this is... this is right after our scumlord told us he was turning these apartments into condos... so we either had to buy... or get out by the summer... but... since the fire... not many have sold...

2005-04-11 12:12:46 AM  
hey, hey, hey, take it easy on the cribbage

/damn, now I feel old
//lowball anyone?
///didn't think so, oh well
2005-04-11 12:15:31 AM  
i call bullshiat, i say the dumbass was trying to relight his pilot light with a lighter and a can of spray paint, then started the whole mess on fire. after that managed to come up with some strange story the insurer might possibly believe.
2005-04-11 12:26:38 AM  
smokinfoo --- The guy didn't have any insurance... RTFA
2005-04-11 12:35:18 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

had to be done. this one is for the gamers out there.
2005-04-11 12:42:23 AM  
Lance Uppercut

On fark, nothing Simpsons is obscure.

/how many "S"s in innocent?
///just checking
2005-04-11 12:50:59 AM  
This pisses me off. Everyone thinks this is plausible, but do they believe me when I explain how I got that potato lodged in my colon? I'm telling you, it was a one in a million shot!
2005-04-11 01:25:33 AM  
jk3 and others...

Does no one realize the this guy is in the middle of an insurance scam???

what a load of crap....

Since I RTFA, I know that the poor guy did purchase insurance for his new home, but did not have renters insurance on this rental. It's not an insurance scam -- they can't even file a claim. They're living on donated coats and government underwear.
2005-04-11 02:03:44 AM  
butterick: It's not your fault. Nobody told you that I hooked a potato cannon up to your toilet. I'm really sorry about that.
2005-04-11 05:07:48 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
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