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(Reuters)   Thief steals 25 left shoes. Police say thief has no rights   (story.news.yahoo.com) divider line 53
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2005-04-08 10:32:39 AM
Let me be the first to *groan* at that headline... hehe
2005-04-08 10:40:47 AM
I live for bad puns... nicely done on the headline
2005-04-08 10:59:32 AM
Maybe the guy is missing his right foot?
2005-04-08 11:00:26 AM
Ahh, it's not often an event practically begs for such a terrible pun.
2005-04-08 11:00:33 AM
Police are looking for a guy running around in clockwise circles.
2005-04-08 11:21:04 AM
The joke's on you. If you read TFA you'd see that he has 25 left feet.
2005-04-08 12:50:10 PM
I submitted this with a worse headline.
2005-04-08 01:36:23 PM
Christy Brown unavailable for comment?
2005-04-08 01:37:47 PM
*throws tomato at submitter*
2005-04-08 01:39:28 PM
And he almost got away with it to boot!

"To boot" Get it! Harhar!

Why aren't you you laughing?
2005-04-08 04:57:51 PM
Fark.com Administrator

Step into my office. You're farking fired!
2005-04-08 04:57:54 PM
it's headlines like these that make me realise I'll never get a greenlight.
2005-04-08 04:59:03 PM
He was last seen hopping away from the crime scene in circles
2005-04-08 05:03:04 PM
ouch, what a headline
2005-04-08 05:03:05 PM
Can someone get ahold of Al Bundy. Hey may know something about this?
2005-04-08 05:04:13 PM

2005-04-08 05:06:45 PM

2005-04-08 05:07:36 PM
Ha Ha very punny
2005-04-08 05:07:59 PM
2005-04-08 05:08:17 PM

Wanted for questioning
2005-04-08 05:13:09 PM
Seriously, this guys steal shoes? Doesn't he know stealing is wrong? Has he no "sole"?

/goes back to sleep
2005-04-08 05:13:27 PM
Except that his right leg is the peg. :( Left-shoe envy, maybe?
2005-04-08 05:14:23 PM
Polite golf clap in the submitter's general direction!
2005-04-08 05:15:46 PM
Perhaps the thief has 2 left feet?

2005-04-08 05:20:37 PM
Hell, I loved it! Thanks for the guffah!
2005-04-08 05:23:26 PM
Is he irresistably drawn to large cities where he backs up sewers and reverse street signs as well?

If so, I think I know the culprit...
2005-04-08 05:25:48 PM
I can't dance! I have two left feet!

Kids used to call me loopy, because I would walk around in little loops.
2005-04-08 05:29:53 PM
Excellent tagline!
2005-04-08 05:32:36 PM
DogInABathtub: Kids used to call me loopy, because I would walk around in little loops.

great ref.

/Hey Whahappon?!
2005-04-08 05:39:58 PM
It's Eugene Levy!
2005-04-08 05:51:54 PM
2005-04-08 05:56:59 PM
fark.com: come for the bad puns, stay for the chris guest movie references.
2005-04-08 05:57:22 PM
that headline....

good one submiter

2005-04-08 06:01:28 PM
HomerSampson -

My thoughts exactly!!!
2005-04-08 06:27:39 PM
What? I'm the only farker with kids?

"His destructive programming is taking effect. He will be irresistibly drawn to large cities where he will back up sewers, reverse street signs, and steal everyone's left shoe."

2005-04-08 06:29:10 PM
oops, next time I'll look a little harder. Props to HomerSampson
2005-04-08 06:30:36 PM
Props to the submitter for that headline.
2005-04-08 06:32:51 PM
2005-04-08 06:37:40 PM
adding to my list of best headlines

Teacher arrested for having sex with a two-year old in back seat
Rumsfeld praises ties with Argentina; also likes belts with Peru
Kyrgyz prtstrs vrthrw gvrnmt, prsdnt lvs cntry
Thief steals 25 left shoes. Police say thief has no rights
2005-04-08 06:48:35 PM
Pencil_Pusher: Rock on... that's exactly what I thought of!
2005-04-08 07:00:14 PM
JEFFCOR 13: He has no "sole" 'cause he's such a heel.
(Sorry 'bout that!)
2005-04-08 07:09:14 PM
these disciples wanted for questioning

if there is any hope left for Fark, this will not be obscure...
2005-04-08 07:26:28 PM

I haven't seen that movie is so long.
2005-04-08 07:43:29 PM
Awesome tagline. No need to RTFA.
2005-04-08 07:49:27 PM
This headline is so... So elegant in its simplicity.

2005-04-08 07:57:40 PM
jeffcor13: Seriously, this guys steal shoes? Doesn't he know stealing is wrong? Has he no "sole"?

Oh... he has one... there's just something wrong with it. I'd say it's not right.
2005-04-08 08:18:49 PM
I heard he just wanted to be left alone.

/Surprised that one hadn't come up yet
2005-04-08 10:57:48 PM
Nice, Tekdude.
2005-04-08 11:53:28 PM
cheesiest headline. ever
2005-04-09 12:30:57 AM
Wow, that salesman is actually pretty smart. Only carries left shoes so they don't get stolen. Thief was a farking dumbass.
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