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(   Man loses cell phone. Orders three women to take off their clothes to see where they are hiding it   ( divider line
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1901 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Apr 2005 at 1:12 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-04-06 12:43:04 AM  
Oooh, the submitter is using a double-entendre!

Or, the submitter can't spell.
2005-04-06 01:16:18 AM  
Only three?
2005-04-06 01:17:10 AM  
Must try this sometime.......

/tired of using the same pick-up lines
2005-04-06 01:17:25 AM  
I Must remember that trick. Minus the pulling the gun bit, of course. That would be awkward for everyone.
2005-04-06 01:17:26 AM  
"When the resident a 39-year-old woman told him she did not see it, he pulled out a pistol. He said if his cell phone was not found that there was going to be a blood bath in here.
Why didn't he just call it?
2005-04-06 01:17:49 AM  
I've lost my cell phone.
Which one of you farkettes has it?
2005-04-06 01:18:15 AM  
He was hoping they were a member of the verizon "in" plan.
2005-04-06 01:20:03 AM  
Ephialtes: Why didn't he just call it?

We're talking about a man who pulled a pistol on three women, forcing them to strip because he lost his cell phone. I think we both know the answer to your question...
2005-04-06 01:20:34 AM  
Oh there it is I didnt mean to drop it down this crack...
2005-04-06 01:20:50 AM  
Ephiates wins this thread right off the bat.

What else needs to be said?
2005-04-06 01:24:13 AM  
Should have just rolled them in flour and looked for the ring tone
2005-04-06 01:24:21 AM  
From the article:

The first woman told him to call the cell phone to prove it was not there. When he did, someone answered it at another location, and the man left.

This is what the convo went like:

Gunman: "Hey, who's this?"

Gunman's Friend: "It's someone with his clothes on, Farknut."

Gunman: "Where are you?"

Gunman's Friend: "Dude, you gotta start trying this on dumber chicks."
2005-04-06 01:24:53 AM  
Heh. Surely, he must know better ways to get a woman to take her clothes off.

Tell the truth, there was no cell phone, was there.

//Did see the part about the cell phone being somewhere else
2005-04-06 01:25:06 AM  
Wallet inspector.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Please put them on the table next to me, they will be returned in due time if everything is in order.

Thank you for your cooperation.

/gee I hope this works
2005-04-06 01:25:25 AM  
Can you hear me now?
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