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(Times Recorder)   For every $1 spent on groceries, only 19 cents goes back to the farm   ( divider line
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2005-04-04 09:27:49 PM  
It's called value added.
2005-04-04 09:33:06 PM  
I'm surprised they get that much.
2005-04-04 09:35:51 PM  
- Did you know people in the U.S. spend only about 10 percent of their disposable income on food? That's lower than any other country in the world.

- More than 24 million Americans are employed in some part of agriculture - produce, process, sell. That's 17 percent of the American work force.

Sounds like someone's not holding up their end of the economy.
2005-04-04 09:36:34 PM  
living with a girl that grew up on a calf ranch, with a dairy subsidy, I'd say yes. It's gonna get worse.
2005-04-04 09:42:00 PM  
good, cause i hate farmers!
2005-04-04 09:47:07 PM  
Depends on what you're calling "groceries"

Bulk potatoes: probably 5 cents/lb from the farm to bulk processor
pringles chips: probably $4.00 /lb cost to consumer
2005-04-04 11:01:49 PM  
How much went to Got Milk?
2005-04-05 12:41:19 AM  
Do hot pockets come from a farm?
2005-04-05 01:11:03 AM  
By the time you add up taxes, seed, taxes, fertilizer, taxes, transportation, taxes, wages, taxes, interest on loans, taxes and equipment, I too am surprised it's that much that makes it back to the farmer.
2005-04-05 02:07:58 AM  
Shame too. It's the livelihood of many Tennesseans. (Salut to my fellow Tennessee Farkers!) As more farms get bought up due to economic troubles and crop failures, you will see a noticeable hike in the cost of food. Anyone try to buy a tomato recently? The price of tomatos have gone up almost with the cost of gas.

In Kentucky, the major cash crop is tobacco. The government is currently in a bind to support tobacco farmers, while getting Kentuckians to quit smoking by taxing it to death.

I have give my respect to farmers. I like food and they feed me.
2005-04-05 02:40:51 AM  
So? It's called wholesale pricing.
2005-04-05 02:52:19 AM  
That's not too dissimilar to what a lot of manufacturers make relative to retail.
2005-04-05 02:55:09 AM  
But the starving managers, CEOs and buisinesspeople need to be paid too!
2005-04-05 02:55:57 AM  
well the next logical step is to outsource "eating" to India.
2005-04-05 02:56:31 AM  
Radioactive Ass

Don't forget to add in the farm subsidies too.
2005-04-05 02:58:25 AM  
I have give my respect to farmers. I like food and they feed me.

priceless, funniest thing I've heard today.
2005-04-05 03:00:34 AM  
F farmers. They're subsidized up the ass. One of the first thing Bush did when he got into office four years ago was to sign an $80 billion farm-aid bill. The same shiat happens here in Canada. Every single goddamn year farmers complain about how the weather was too dry, or too wet, or too humid, or not humid enough, or some weed or germ screwed up the harvest, and demand the government bail them out. This year fears of madcow disease was their excuse for begging the government for another $billion.

Meanwhile, tariffs prevent us from importing cheaper stuff, so we get doubly jipped at the grocery store.

Farmers can blow me.
2005-04-05 03:00:49 AM  
When we start importing food from Ethiopia we'll KNOW we have a problem!
2005-04-05 03:01:25 AM  
Having grown up in farm country (Upstate NY - some crops, a lot of dairy), I can say it's not enough. Lot of poor farmers that can't afford to buy decent food for their families. Now that's irony.

And Radioactive Ass, I'm willing to bet that taxes, seed, taxes, fertilizer, taxes, transportation, taxes, wages, taxes, interest on loans, taxes and equipment comes out of that 19 cents. Not to mention, go price a combine harvester. The tech is really expensive. Most productive farm near where I grew up was run by Mennonites...plowed w/ horses, used natural fertilizer, actually made money. Ticked off the other farmers who were running off all the latest technology.
2005-04-05 03:02:11 AM  
They're subsidized up the ass.

Welcome to Socialism. You've gotta love it.
2005-04-05 03:06:32 AM  
Just one new aphid strain, and KABLAMMO -- no crops that year. What do you think of them apples?
2005-04-05 03:07:25 AM  
ryant123 why don't YOU blow the farmers for your food, ignorant ass
2005-04-05 03:09:27 AM  
Archer Daniels Midland isn't a farmer, but sure gets subsidized like one.
The problem is that the term "farmer" is so meaningless these days that it amounts to a slogan. The "real" farmers--American Gothic, sons of the soil, all that stuff, have been getting it up the @$$ for years from the middlemen who price commodities at barely above (and sometimes below) production cost. The only way to make it as a farmer is to be one of the Fortune 500 (like ADM) and make a mint off of subsidies while raising patent-controlled GM crops that can be exported globally. Other than that, well, maybe you can be a local radicchio grower if you live in the SF Bay area and have a good relationship with some pricey restaurants.....
2005-04-05 03:12:33 AM  
2005-04-05 03:00:34 AM ryant123 [TotalFark]

F farmers. They're subsidized up the ass. One of the first thing Bush did when he got into office four years ago was to sign an $80 billion farm-aid bill.

Food is a rather important resource. If there is one thing I support the government bailing out, its farmers. The only way for these guys to make much money is for them to sell their land for development, and when that happens, we have less of a food supply. Supplement the farmers before we end up importing all our meat and veggies from China.
2005-04-05 03:13:54 AM  
Right on, Mija.

It's such a shame that smaller farmers (er, family-type farms, that is, not farmers of less stature) are losing their ability to stay afloat at such a quick rate. One of the many reasons this country's going to hell in a handbasket.
2005-04-05 03:14:18 AM  
I have to say I didn't expect flames in a topic as benign as this one. I love being surprised!
2005-04-05 03:15:39 AM  
I sure wish bailout money would get to farmers instead of the goddamn soulless behemoth agricultural corporations.
2005-04-05 03:19:46 AM  
I don't see anything benign about both consumers AND farmers being anally excoriated with an arborial harvesting tool. Something is seriously wrong with our system.
2005-04-05 03:22:14 AM  
I'm sorry...

...AND the tax payers.
2005-04-05 03:25:19 AM  
The real outrage here is that those fortune cookies did not contain fortunes. It annoying enough when you get something like "Have a nice day" or "You are a nice person," but opening one and finding agricultural facts about Ohio...that's just crossing the line.
2005-04-05 03:28:25 AM  
OBVIOUS tag needed

\ex supermarket employee
\\ex marketing student
\\\current dow jones watcher
2005-04-05 03:28:34 AM  
I've been eating oreo cookies that are made in China. Out sourcing food could turn into a real problem.
2005-04-05 03:30:25 AM  

that's so open for a "Get the milk for free" joke.
2005-04-05 03:35:01 AM  
And yet Safeway always claims they "don't have any money" when their employees go on strike.

Then they turn around and tell their investors the exact opposite.
2005-04-05 03:36:07 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
wanted for questioning.
Ok I'll stop with the fortune cookie thing.
2005-04-05 03:38:34 AM  
I always laugh at people who think that farming should be back in the "American Gothic" times. They obviously have no idea of what farming is about. These are often the same people who fantasize about moving to the country and working a farm, until they find out just how dirty, expensive, time-consuming, risky, and yet still often boring farming actually is.

/California farm boy
2005-04-05 03:46:20 AM  
obvious-o-meter explodes
2005-04-05 03:46:54 AM  
"Ohio is the No. 1 producing state of swiss cheese in bed..."

nope, the ol' "in bed" suffix ain't working with these fortunes...
2005-04-05 03:49:39 AM  

And yet Safeway always claims they "don't have any money" when their employees go on strike.

but then again, paying some 45 year old $25/hour + medical + a pension to scan bananas doesn't exactly help the bottom line...

when did bagging groceries become of life time job?
2005-04-05 03:49:55 AM  
The best fortune I ever got was this one: "You will soon achieve perfection." It was funny because it was about a week too late.

/wonders what ryant123 wants to be when he grows up
2005-04-05 03:55:00 AM  

go ahead and say what you will but when the food runs out(or becomes so costly that only the CEOs and those other RICH farkers can buy it) because you shut down the source, i'll shoot you and eat as much of you that i can.
2005-04-05 04:00:26 AM  
Subsidies for farmers are needed for disaster, as when one farms, one is not only at the mercy of good ol' momma nature, but one has to locate in sometimes hazardous areas (i.e. flood plains) because that's where the fertile land is. Plus, as has been stated, food is kind of necessary.

Now, as for farming going the way of the dodo, it does indeed need to change. Farms have to be rather enormous to be profitable (hence, the "corporate farm," which takes advantage of subsidies to a criminal level by pretending to be numerous small farms, but that's another topic) or to specialiaze in exotic or high-cost products (i.e. goat milk & cheese, aritchokes, etc.). This is a phenomenon across our economy as other countries can do things cheaper or the means of production become corporatized; it's harder for the "little guy" to compete in an industry dominated by megacorps, so a little adaptation is probably in order if one wishes to remain a "family farm."
2005-04-05 04:01:45 AM  
You gotta pay the produce boy, the truck driver, the fuel, the taxes, the lease, the water, the power, the insurance...

I think the farmer gets a pretty huge chunk.
2005-04-05 04:07:19 AM  
ryant123: tariffs prevent us from importing cheaper stuff

Most of the produce I've been buying here seems to be from South America....
2005-04-05 04:08:51 AM  
And of that 19 cents, about 21 cents goes to paying the farmer's overhead, debt, etc.
2005-04-05 04:13:42 AM  
Most of the produce I've been buying here seems to be from South America....

Just think, you could be getting it even cheaper than you are now!
2005-04-05 04:14:03 AM  
I was born on a dairy farm in Michigan. The farm is gone. It's a simple economic truth, small family farms are just not efficient enough and are disappearing. Just as the local grossery stores gave way to the supermarket, family farms are giving way to the big corporate farms like ADM. It's the economy of scale. It's nobody's fault, its just evolving market place.

By the way I live in California now. California grows 25% of the nations produce, so (:P to Ohio.
2005-04-05 04:14:57 AM  
I read somewhere that North Americans pay less for their food than anybody else on the planet. Does anyone have any data to back that up?
2005-04-05 04:18:00 AM  
A lot of people are biatching at ryant123 and notably not attacking his argument which is more or less on the money.

Farmers in the West can't compete in the free market. If you think protectionism is the answer perhaps you're a bit less of a capitalist than you'd like to believe.
2005-04-05 04:19:26 AM  
The whole wheat bread you ate this morning might've been mixed with the skunk I accidentally ran through the combine during last year's harvest.

Food for thought. Not as tasty as breakfast. :)
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