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(NewsOK)   Man shoots girlfriend while playing catch with a shotgun   ( divider line
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7871 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Mar 2002 at 1:02 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-26 01:04:26 PM  
I love playing that game!
2002-03-26 01:06:38 PM  
Only in Oklahoma!
2002-03-26 01:07:10 PM  
Hook em horns! We grow em plenty smart up in heayh!
2002-03-26 01:07:25 PM  
"Miller's girlfriend, Nina Brouhard, 39, was found dead Sunday evening inside a recreational vehicle parked at the A Ok Campgrounds, 721 S Rockwell Ave. She died of a shotgun blast to the chest, the state medical examiner's office said Monday."

They lived in a trailer park. I can't believe this, such occurances are so uncommon in these locations.
2002-03-26 01:07:35 PM  
I think this guy spent too much time listening to Shaggy.
"It wasn't me".
2002-03-26 01:07:57 PM  
At least he didn't try using the "shotgun tug-of-war" defense.

In other news, there's a slightly used trailer for sale to any homeless Sooners who want it!
2002-03-26 01:08:29 PM  
She'll never get to ride in the front passenger seat again...

(work it out, it'll come to you)
2002-03-26 01:08:36 PM  
"has been arrested on a murder complaint"

cop boss - "another complaint? we gotta get a form or something"
2002-03-26 01:08:57 PM  
This is almost as fun as playing catch with sharpened "JARTS", that was great fun...
2002-03-26 01:09:38 PM  
Nightsweat: I thinks I gets it.
2002-03-26 01:09:51 PM  
I always play shotgun catch with my wife...
2002-03-26 01:09:57 PM  
That is why I only play cath with my 9mm. I'm surpriesed he didn't say they were playing russian roulette (another fun game when using a 9mm.)
2002-03-26 01:10:29 PM  
Oklahoma trailer park riddle:
Q: What do you do when you see your girlfriend bleeding and crawling around on the front lawn outside the trailer?
A: Shoot her again.
2002-03-26 01:12:40 PM  
Too many idiots have guns in the US
Is that what you mean by the American Way?
2002-03-26 01:13:24 PM  

2002-03-26 01:13:25 PM  
what the hell?? Catch with a sawed off?
Get these hicks a tv.
2002-03-26 01:13:27 PM  
what do divorced women and tornados have in common? They both end up in a trailer park eventually.
2002-03-26 01:13:40 PM  
was this guy a former New Jersey Net?
2002-03-26 01:14:08 PM  
Is it possible to plead innocence on the grounds of stupidity? If so, this guy will be walking within a week.
2002-03-26 01:14:22 PM  
When I lived in Canada, almost all my neighbors had shotguns...for hunting.
That what this guy had.
Why does that make it exclusively an American issue?
2002-03-26 01:15:05 PM  
I'm thinking the man who asked not to be identified was cheating on his wife with some trailer trash chick.
2002-03-26 01:15:17 PM  
I think Fark has to make a "Darwin" tag
2002-03-26 01:15:32 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-26 01:15:41 PM  
My last comment was aimed at Femme Fatale.
Trolling too hard honey.
2002-03-26 01:15:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available] Excellent choice of tags :)
2002-03-26 01:16:59 PM  
we need a "tossing shotgun" tag
2002-03-26 01:17:57 PM  
How do you expect the broad to catch a shotgun with a smoke in one hand and a natty light in the other?
2002-03-26 01:18:42 PM  
unlikely tag not that relevant really. If you look through the archives some muppet blows his or his girlfriends face off about once a week whilst farking about with a loaded gun. People that dumb must have trouble remembering to breathe
2002-03-26 01:19:35 PM  
Police said Miller appeared intoxicated during questioning.
There you go. I would NEVER drink before playing shotgun catch.
2002-03-26 01:20:21 PM  
He sounds like the high school pot head who just got caught by his parents. I used to give some pretty lame excuses as to why my eyes were red, but "playing catch"......with a loaded shotgun?
2002-03-26 01:20:43 PM  
Too many idiots in the WORLD, doesn't matter how they prove it, or where they live.
2002-03-26 01:20:48 PM  
It's pronounced "shootsgun" dahling.[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-26 01:21:20 PM  
Mattdog- you bit... and it was a sawed off shotgun
2002-03-26 01:22:54 PM  

"Oklahoma...........where the wind goes whippin' down the plains.

Buncha thick-browed cretins.
2002-03-26 01:22:57 PM  
hmm.... (grin)

"Welcome to the very first team shotgun toss here in the olympics. And the team from Norway is tossing first. Here's the toss and ... ohhh. well that's the way the sport goes. Stay tuned next hour as we finish off razor discus catch and see if Argentina's catcher can keep all his digits intact."

Yeah. This could be kind of fun...
2002-03-26 01:23:03 PM  
they couldn't play their usual game of playing catch with axes because of rain.
2002-03-26 01:23:04 PM  
ClothedSexualTouching I believe it is unlikely that he shot his woman playing shotgun toss with her. He just got drunk and she wouldn't give it up so he shot her.
2002-03-26 01:23:42 PM  
Mattdog: You're saying he used a sawed off shotgun for hunting?
2002-03-26 01:25:38 PM  
it is unlikely... playing catch with a shotgun? [image from too old to be available]
2002-03-26 01:25:38 PM  
I was wondering....

How many people smoke a joint and play "catch the loaded sawed-off"?

The government will alway state that it cares about the well being of it's citizens. Why haven't they outlawed guns, rednecks, Trailer parks and alcohol yet? It seems that they cause this country an awfull lot of problems
2002-03-26 01:26:51 PM  
2002-03-26 01:28:36 PM  
Teabag: I'm guessing it's Dwayne Schintzus or Yinka Dare.
2002-03-26 01:29:06 PM  
I'm with you, many hunters use a sawed-off, Mattdog? Is that so the duck doesn't make a quick grab for it, or so the pheasant won't see it while you approach?
2002-03-26 01:29:42 PM  
03-26-02 01:25:38 PM Catapultic
it is unlikely... playing catch with a shotgun?

noooo... unlikely that this is how she was shot.
2002-03-26 01:30:59 PM  
I thought I had some witty comments to make on this issue, but it seems they've all done been thunk.
2002-03-26 01:31:33 PM  
hey, it says, he heard "an explosion"...
2002-03-26 01:32:04 PM  
Just out of curiosity, i wonder if this works. Just a little bit of harmless crap...

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-26 01:32:09 PM  
Listen white folk, ya'll keep this 'shotgun-tossin' up and them blacks just might win the Academy Awards NEXT year too. It's a conspiracy. They's tryin' to kill us off. First they get the government to plant mayonaisse and Wonder Bread in our neighborhoods, now they have us tossing guns.
Wake up people, wake up.
2002-03-26 01:33:03 PM  
I guess not. Too bad ;)
2002-03-26 01:34:50 PM  
Oops, my attempt at a tag didn't work. Meant to add this to the hunting with sawed-off comment...
[image from too old to be available]
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