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(Cosmiverse)   Samuel Jackson has best fight scene in Star Wars Episode II   ( divider line
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12252 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Mar 2002 at 11:02 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-26 11:05:40 AM  
kick ass
2002-03-26 11:06:05 AM  
Will they play the Shaft theme during?
2002-03-26 11:06:19 AM  
Hand me my lightsaber. It's the one that says "Bad Motherfarker"
2002-03-26 11:07:21 AM  
"We should have double-bladed lightsabers for this kind of deal."
2002-03-26 11:07:31 AM  
cosmiverse still sucks
2002-03-26 11:07:31 AM  
how can that be better than the supposed Yoda fight scene? i cant wait, this movie will be the best. Jango Fett. Yoda. where's Mara Jade when you need her? coming my friends.... coming soon.
2002-03-26 11:07:42 AM  
"When i lay my vengence upon thee!"
2002-03-26 11:08:11 AM  
Spiffy, a cool cosmiverse link! ;)
2002-03-26 11:08:45 AM  
My lightsaber, hand it to me. its the one that says "badmother f*cker"
2002-03-26 11:08:53 AM  
The best rule of comedy: its funniest the third time around.
2002-03-26 11:09:39 AM  
His fight scene will be the one where he chases down the members of N'Suck and beheads them all.
2002-03-26 11:10:03 AM  
I wonder if there is going to be a Jedi\Starwars version of the weakest link...
2002-03-26 11:10:19 AM  
Use the force mother-farker!
2002-03-26 11:10:26 AM  
"It's my duty, to please that booty."
2002-03-26 11:10:37 AM  
"You want to get me killed early in Episode III?"

At least we know he'll BE in Episode III. Which is good.
2002-03-26 11:10:50 AM  
Wow - not really much of a story at all...

The question I have is: will SLJ be better than Laurence Fishburn in the Matrix?
2002-03-26 11:12:27 AM  
The newest trailer looks awesome: Clone Wars!

Of course, the trailer for Episode I looked good too, and we all know how that turned out -_-
2002-03-26 11:13:12 AM  
That is some tasty bantha fodder...

2002-03-26 11:13:18 AM  
Clone Wars
2002-03-26 11:13:31 AM  
2002-03-26 11:20:24 AM  
Say 'Meeza' again, say 'Meeza' AGAIN..i dare you, i DOUBLE dare you mutherfarker!
2002-03-26 11:20:44 AM  
I bet right before the big scene he'll give some speech on how he is paving the way for future black starfighters like Lando Calrissien(sp).
2002-03-26 11:22:21 AM  
"That Mace Windu is one bad mutha-"

"Shut yo' mouth!"

But I'm talkin' 'bout Mace Windu..."

"We can dig it!"

Sorry Skwid, just thought it needed that...
2002-03-26 11:22:42 AM  
It's really too bad Sam Jackson is such a bigoted motherfcuker.
2002-03-26 11:26:44 AM  
I vote for Marvin Gaye scoring the next flick.
Who's with me?
2002-03-26 11:29:44 AM  
I refuse to see the film unless I can get Britney's autograph first.

Oh, wait, wrong farken thread...
2002-03-26 11:29:58 AM  
SLAYER: LMAO ,Stop it man, you're killing me...."this moment, the force is bigger than even me...or Sidney Portier..."

And the oscar goes to....

Dawg blowing coffeee out his nose and laffing!
2002-03-26 11:30:42 AM  
Sam Jackson is the man, he's a bad mutha, no doubt.
2002-03-26 11:30:53 AM  
Who thinks we need a Sam tag? Hands?
2002-03-26 11:31:14 AM  
Not that this has anything to do with this article, but I once worked with a guy that practised Kendo. Boy, was he a freak. I was sharing an office with this guy while we were doing some research work for post-grad. He had come to the states from Japan and I don't think he adjusted well to the change. We had two desks sitting back to back and he would do creepy things like sneak up behind me and paint "Fark!" on my shirt with whiteout. One time he had a rotten molar removed (which,incedently, improved his breath immensely). One day, when I turned my back, he had dropped this rotted tooth (which he had SAVED for crissake) into my soda!
Why did I put up with this--Well, there was the kendo thing, plus all of the AMMO in his desk.
I knew things had gone a bit too far when he asked me to buy him a gun so he could kill this chinese student who had borrowed some porn from him and not returned it.
Thank god for graduation!
2002-03-26 11:35:43 AM  
"Say What again. Say. What. Again. I dare you. I double dare you, motherfarker. Say 'what' one more goddamn time."

Mace Windu. Baddest.* Jedi. Ever.

* - where bad means cool, because if bad meant bad, then the answer would clearly be Anakin Skywalker since he becomes Darth Vader... Oh crap, I just spoiled Episode III for everyone.

*remembers he has work to do and wanders off*
2002-03-26 11:40:46 AM  
Tell me guys - who was worse in episode one Jackson or that little puppet they had playing Skywalker? You would think with all the hype and interest in these movies they could get some actors with a little talent.

Although I would not kick that Portman out of bed for eatin crackers.
2002-03-26 11:50:46 AM  
I was stoked to find that he was in Episode I and then very let down that he only had about 2 minutes of screen time. Skreech you must be a professional critic, having no sense of talent.
2002-03-26 11:55:31 AM  
Hopefully the fight scene involves Jar Jar getting his intestines forcefully removed
2002-03-26 11:57:00 AM  
Capt_Sheridan blows
2002-03-26 11:58:58 AM  
He means the bit where he slsps Portman's ass and farks her til she loves him.
Seriously though... judging from the toys, either he or Jango Fett is soooooo gonna kill the other.
2002-03-26 12:04:38 PM  
I second the usage of a SAM tag. Can't be a JACKSON tag, because there's a certain other Jackson I wouldn't want the uninitiated to mistake SAM with.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-26 12:15:44 PM has an early review of the entire movie. Check it out.

2002-03-26 12:19:54 PM  
But in france, they don't call it a jawa with cheese.
2002-03-26 12:20:45 PM  
I'm sorry, was someone wuoting the Yoda/Portman scene:
"your ass, so firm, it is.."

2002-03-26 12:22:09 PM  
My favorite Yoda line:
"Size...matters not."
2002-03-26 12:24:44 PM  
Anyone hear any gossip about Jet Li playing a Sith Lord in the 3rd flick?

Don't spread it as gospel....I just remember hearing something akin to that a while back. But my dumbass friends are always wrong about this shiat...
2002-03-26 12:25:32 PM  
sure, Rhizome23. now get to work bringing him back from the dead.
2002-03-26 12:29:06 PM  
He might as well spill the beans now. He's gonna die, anyway.
2002-03-26 12:33:46 PM  
Slayerswine: hahahahahaa
The_marq: what the hell are you talking about?

And where in the article does it say he has the "best" fight scene? He simply says he fights.
2002-03-26 12:35:31 PM  
c'mon, Baldactor, what would fark be without submitters totally misreading an article, or if they even read it at all?
2002-03-26 12:42:23 PM  
True, stubblyhead. And I've done it. But it's the lead in for the story...on the main page. Ah, well. Got me to read it and check out the discussion anyway.

I'm totally for a Sam link, it'll 'open the door' for other 'JADA', 'BARACUS', and 'SHARPTON'.
2002-03-26 12:45:31 PM  
MACE: Describe what Yoda looks like!

FETT: What?

MACE: Say "What" again! C'mon, say "What" again! I dare ya, I double dare ya motherfarker, say "What" one more goddamn time! Now describe to me what Yoda looks like!

FETT: Well he's ...he' --

MACE: -- go on!

FETT: ...and he's...he's...bald --

MACE: -- does he look like a biatch?!

FETT: What?

MACE slashes FETT in the shoulder.

MACE: Does-he-look-like-a-biatch?!


MACE: Then why did you try to fark 'im like a biatch?!
2002-03-26 12:47:18 PM  
Has any one read the most recent script? From what I've read, his scene looks good, but then...
2002-03-26 12:57:37 PM  
Lucas kinda painted himself into a corner with this whole "i can clone everyone including their memories" deal. What a tardass.
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