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(Independent)   Asked to define 'hooligan,' Japanese answer 'Dirty clothes, drunk. And from England'   ( divider line
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4253 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Mar 2002 at 10:47 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-26 10:49:53 AM  
I thought that they were from Scotland and liked soccer.
2002-03-26 10:50:37 AM  
But they thought they said "hoorigan."
2002-03-26 10:51:24 AM  
How can you trust someone who doesn't paint their faces, sing songs, and have a few pints?
2002-03-26 10:51:49 AM  
I hear Jackie Chan and Jet Li are being hired for security to thwart these hooligans.
2002-03-26 10:51:59 AM  
Damn straight
2002-03-26 10:52:22 AM  
English obviously ride the 7 train in and out of Brooklyn
2002-03-26 10:52:49 AM  
Well duh...
2002-03-26 10:52:59 AM  
Sounds about right.
2002-03-26 10:53:05 AM  
Be carefule, they might turn into scalywags
2002-03-26 10:53:41 AM  
ack, i can spell i swear
2002-03-26 10:55:10 AM  

...oh wait, they're not white. sorry.
2002-03-26 10:55:26 AM  
Superjoe - correction...

2002-03-26 10:56:54 AM  
hahah these guys don't know what they've let themselves in for :)
2002-03-26 10:57:50 AM  
They are more afraid of hooligans than terrorists? Give me a drunken Brit soccer fan over another Muhammed Atta any day.
2002-03-26 10:58:25 AM  
Japanese fans are mild, appreciative and exquisitely well-behaved - at the 1998 World Cup tournament in France, they became famous for voluntarily clearing up the litter at the ground after each of their team's games.

haha that's the funniest thing i've ever heard! :)
2002-03-26 10:58:49 AM  
Guess what the most watch game is going to be? Hmmm, anyone vs England. It might be violent but it sure is interesting!
2002-03-26 11:01:24 AM  
Okay theres the odd exception. Full Size
2002-03-26 11:02:07 AM  
This movie explains everything...

2002-03-26 11:02:28 AM  
yeah, international football just isn't the same without a herd of fat english guys throwing chairs at each other.

That's why USA94 was so boring, because England didn't qualify ;)
2002-03-26 11:03:13 AM  
Have you ever sat next to a table of zipperheads while they are eating?

The horror

That is hooliganism
2002-03-26 11:04:06 AM  
'Dirty clothes, drunk. And from England'

That's not hooligans. That's the House of Lords.
2002-03-26 11:04:40 AM  
I'd like to hear a Japanese person pronounce, Hooligan. That's funny in it's self.
2002-03-26 11:06:09 AM  
It's gratifying to see the influence that Goatman and Harmonia and their ilk across the pond have on the world.
2002-03-26 11:06:27 AM  
And what about Bukkake school girls eh? What country do you think of then? :)

Anyway, its just the Leeds fans you have to worry about :)

...oh wait, they're not white. sorry.

Nice one!
2002-03-26 11:07:43 AM  
Japan's worried about hooligans. Well, if they're lucky , before the tournament even starts, Godzilla will rise from the sea and totally destroy all the soccer stadiums.

prodos.comView Full Size

2002-03-26 11:12:12 AM  
03-26-02 11:06:09 AM Ctenidae
It's gratifying to see the influence that Goatman and Harmonia and their ilk across the pond have on the world.

i'm sure the Japs would rather have chairs thrown on their heads rather than daisy-cutters
2002-03-26 11:12:50 AM  
or even nukes dare i say...
2002-03-26 11:14:57 AM  
I feel proud of my country today.
2002-03-26 11:17:26 AM  
Asked to define 'hooligan,' Japanese answer 'Dirty sanchez, drunk. And from England'
2002-03-26 11:18:21 AM  
Ctenidae, Scottish football fans are considered the best behaved and most colourful in the world. They opened the last world cup with a game between Scotland and Brazil to set a good example.

You really do have to stop mixing the two countries up (They are totally seperate in football terms)
2002-03-26 11:18:33 AM  
2002-03-26 11:19:01 AM  
Derbs- We already gave them the nukes. Learned their lesson, didn't they?
And hey, I think everyone wants daisy cutters. They're fun!
2002-03-26 11:19:40 AM  
Double limeys
2002-03-26 11:21:33 AM  
"As many as 800 known troublemakers are expected to have their passports impounded before the tournament under draconian new anti-hooligan legislation."

Sweet! I wish I was one of those guys. To be internationally renowned as a hooligan.. I bet they get all the fine women.
2002-03-26 11:21:35 AM  
Harmonia- I know that, but the Japanese don't care. England, Scotland, Ireland, what's the difference to the Japanese? As a comparison, does the average Scot know the difference between a Cambodian, a Laotian, and a Thai?
Point is, it's interesting to see what a country's image is in another country.
2002-03-26 11:21:41 AM  
Indeed at the last world cup, the Scots were deemed the best fans and in terms of partying the Jamaicans came second!!
2002-03-26 11:21:52 AM  
Those crazy Japanese - they forgot to mention 'Need dental work.'
2002-03-26 11:24:34 AM  
9/10- Hah! Good one.
2002-03-26 11:24:40 AM  
"You really do have to stop mixing the two countries [England and Scotland] up (They are totally seperate in football terms)"

Yeah, England has a chance of winning ;P
2002-03-26 11:32:03 AM  
"You really do have to stop mixing the two countries [England and Scotland] up (They are totally seperate in football terms)"

And the gap is getting bigger
2002-03-26 11:34:23 AM  
'soccer' is the crappiest sport ever, followed closely by hockey, and auto racing.
2002-03-26 11:35:30 AM  

True on all three counts. I was that man.
2002-03-26 11:35:41 AM  
Scottish fans are so well-behaved during the World Cup because tucked up at home in bed
2002-03-26 11:36:45 AM  
Then don't watch it!
2002-03-26 11:37:14 AM  
03-26-02 10:53:05 AM Optimistic
Be carefule, they might turn into scalywags

"Pale motherfarkers, ain't they ?"
2002-03-26 11:37:48 AM  
sorry, 'they are all tucked up at home in bed'.
2002-03-26 11:43:53 AM  
Asked to define Japanese, English answer: "Nice white suit, horny. And very small."
2002-03-26 11:48:35 AM  
2002-03-26 11:49:05 AM  
I went on a theme park ride with my kids. Very cute. It had "We all stand together" playing all the way through. Paul is forgiven.
2002-03-26 11:50:14 AM  
Speaking of English football, Ken Wolstenholme = dead​4​.stm

" is now"
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