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(Some Guy) Boobies This one is so hot, she actually started a fire. (Not safe for work)   ( divider line 131
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2005-04-02 08:41:14 PM  
Very Hot.

I'd give it my fire hose
2005-04-02 09:01:04 PM  
nice, but it would be better if she didn't have that blank look.
2005-04-02 09:07:36 PM  
..Now where's that catalytic converter thread again?..
2005-04-02 09:10:18 PM  
I have only one burning desire
Let me stand next to your fire...
2005-04-02 09:14:33 PM  
Her muff looks like it has a toupee. Did they glue on some fake hair?
2005-04-02 09:47:59 PM  
yeah.. she's hot. but dam.. she needs to at least trim that bush!
2005-04-02 10:02:44 PM  
Wow! She's smoking! Although you could make a sweater with that hair
2005-04-02 10:13:26 PM  
2005-04-02 10:16:01 PM  
I would dearly like to see some of you bushophobes sit through a 24 hour forced viewing session of '70s issues of Playboy. You think this girl has a bush? You have no clue.

Decent article on the evolution of pubic topiary in recent US history
2005-04-02 10:59:50 PM  
Sweet, my first greenlight, and it is of course, a boobies link.
2005-04-02 11:08:30 PM  
Want to touch the hiney!
2005-04-02 11:10:42 PM  
She is wearing a Merkin
2005-04-02 11:12:50 PM  
Damn she has a long neck!

She would start a fire in me though...
2005-04-02 11:44:33 PM  
you can't see it, but Veronica Zemanova is back there with her flamethrower.
2005-04-02 11:57:40 PM  
These Hegre girls need to shave their bushes, damn. They always seem to have the biggest growth of pubes as they can grow. TRIM YOUR TWATS!
2005-04-02 11:58:07 PM  
I'd invade it.
2005-04-03 12:01:17 AM  
Wow. I'd let her mount my flare. It'd probably light prematurely though. My fat wife is much less hot than that lady.
2005-04-03 12:01:55 AM  
2005-04-03 12:04:18 AM  
Is it just me or does she look like she's nailed to a cross in this pic (NSFW)?
2005-04-03 12:05:54 AM  

This is a MET-Art set, not a Hegre. Unless the two sites are related in some fashion, which is something that I have never looked into. I must have been distracted... ooh, look, boobies.
2005-04-03 12:05:59 AM  
Seriously hot girl. Only 4 sandwiches away from perfection.
2005-04-03 12:06:21 AM  
fap fap fap fap
2005-04-03 12:06:46 AM  
she needs a flamethrower, fire without context is wasted opportunity for fun. any way that being said i'd hit it.
2005-04-03 12:06:53 AM  
Whats with the brillo pad on her upper cooter region?

Not that Im complaining... it actually looks soft and downy. Like a little bird enclosed in a soft furry rose blossum.

Kind of gives me that old fasion romantic feeling: like I would do anything to hose her down with my porksword.
2005-04-03 12:07:15 AM  
Manta537: Manta537 [TotalFark]

She is wearing a Merkin

Her Merkin makes me want to start jerkin

2005-04-03 12:07:20 AM  
I would dearly like to see some of you bushophobes sit through a 24 hour forced viewing session of '70s issues of Playboy. You think this girl has a bush? You have no clue.

Decent article on the evolution of pubic topiary in recent US history

Man, I seriously need to get the video "Viva La Vulva" really bad.

And for the record, I dont like the trend of no pubes. Its there for a reason. I am not saying I want a super bush on a girl, but a decent amount of hair is nice.
2005-04-03 12:08:45 AM  
Rat [TotalFark]
2005-04-03 12:08:50 AM  
muhgod, the carpet mashes duh drapes

© That being said, call me
2005-04-03 12:09:40 AM  
Can't beat a hairy box on a super-fine fox...daddy-o.
2005-04-03 12:10:06 AM  
If that bush catches fire, we'll lose the whole dang farm, Pa!
2005-04-03 12:11:04 AM  
whats-all-this-then: If that bush catches fire, we'll lose the whole dang farm, Pa!

Teh winnah!
2005-04-03 12:11:54 AM  
I vote for the trim.

If there's one great thing the Internet has done, it's popularized the shaven snatch.

yeah, I grew up sneaking peeks at my dad's playboys in the 1970's, and yeah, them were some hairy biznatches. I like the new "fashion".

Ashcroft, Bennet, and Falwell want to do away with all that. Keep on voting Republican.

Pretty soon you guys will be jerking off to candid spy-camera pictures of burkha-clad American girls whose veil accidentally slipped a quarter inch. And I'll be admonishing y'all to check out my archive of 1990-2010 pr0n, complete with bald boxes, and boobies of all shapes and sizes.

/was born 15 years too early.
2005-04-03 12:13:08 AM  
ergh, metart is so sketchy
2005-04-03 12:13:34 AM  

Her Merkin makes me want to start jerkin


I just had to stop lurkin
And say her nipples sure are perkin

/also sorry
2005-04-03 12:15:26 AM  
Fire and boobs. Does life get any better?
2005-04-03 12:17:05 AM  
Man, you guys call that a bush?
2005-04-03 12:17:08 AM  
finally some bush on fark. it's been landing strips for ages.
2005-04-03 12:21:08 AM  
This one is so hot, she actually started a fire. my pants!

2005-04-03 12:23:36 AM  
Christ almighty, that's a lot of bush!
2005-04-03 12:23:52 AM  
And Moses spake unto the Lord, "Verily, I would taketh my staff and smote the bush." AAAAAmennnnnn.
2005-04-03 12:25:39 AM  
Wow, her bush is smoking hot.
2005-04-03 12:25:52 AM  
2005-04-03 12:26:03 AM  
Landing strips or shaved are much nicer when you take a trip downtown. Not just a porn thing, it's practical.

For all the whining about natural boobies and shaved beavers on Fark, I'm half expecting the boobies links here to start featuring french prostitutes that haven't held a razor in years. If you need to see a bush just to have something different, you're probably looking at too much porn.
2005-04-03 12:29:35 AM  
AtomicPenguin: you're probably looking at too much porn

HAhahaha....that's a good one....too much porn. For a minute there I thought that was possible.
2005-04-03 12:30:54 AM  
2005-04-03 12:35:46 AM  
Is that a dark-haired rodent between her legs?
2005-04-03 12:38:20 AM  
I can't help but think of some crazy pyro whacking off to these pics while lighting matches, imagining himself starting that fire.

Is this how Porno for Pyros got its name? lol
2005-04-03 12:40:24 AM  
Fake titties suck, I hate fake titties, and the girl gets more pleasure with a shaved or trimmed snatch when you go down. Plus I hate gettin that hair stuck in my teeth.
2005-04-03 12:41:32 AM  
thats some wicked cleavage.
2005-04-03 12:42:33 AM  
Wait a second. Look at her knees, they're pretty damn pointy. And her pinky toe-nails are gross. Jeesh, isn't there someone that reviews these posts before they are approved? Next they'll be posting nude pics of grotesquely obese women... Like my wife...

I could get behind that. Bring on the fatties!
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