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(   Japan introduces "Actroid" robotic booth babe to greet expo visitors (with fetishy pic)   ( divider line 108
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2005-04-02 07:23:11 PM  
*ahem* this is the picture that needs to go with this story...

2005-04-02 07:37:56 PM  
I'd hit it, but only if it obeys Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics.
2005-04-02 07:59:01 PM  
Why don't we have a Japan tag yet?
2005-04-02 08:02:02 PM  
Japan trifecta... complete.
2005-04-02 08:35:35 PM  
Is she... you know... "accurate"?
2005-04-02 09:19:57 PM  
MC Magic Cracker: Japan trifecta... complete.

2005-04-02 09:20:42 PM  
I've seen this on Japanese TV. The mouth is fully articulated.
2005-04-02 09:21:38 PM  
someone say Akroid?
2005-04-02 09:22:23 PM  
Yeah, meridian, but is the rest of her, *cough*, fully articulated too?
2005-04-02 09:22:37 PM  
Oh come on, there are a hell of a lot JAPAN stories than Florida stories. Why isn't there a JAPAN tag? Are we afraid of an international incident or they're going to send Godzilla over or something?
2005-04-02 09:23:00 PM  
MC Magic Cracker: Japan trifecta... complete.

I-fecta...and she loved every minute of it.
2005-04-02 09:24:55 PM  

2005-04-02 09:25:43 PM  
*hums that weird infectious soulcrushing song Robot by Tatu*
2005-04-02 09:27:05 PM  
Apparently, these are used as bait to attract Cyberdyne T800 Cyborg Robots to their doom:

2005-04-02 09:27:44 PM  
Is this Fark's way of apologizing for Hiroshima?
2005-04-02 09:28:34 PM  
........ I think that's his hand
2005-04-02 09:28:52 PM  
Alex Chilton: Is this Fark's way of apologizing for Hiroshima?

No, this is Fark's way of apologizing for Tom Cruse pretending to be a samurai.
2005-04-02 09:32:29 PM  
Guests may also be greeted by some mechanical comedians.

When asked where the North Gate was at a March 18 preview, an Actroid evaded the tough question, and said instead: ``Other staff will give you directions. Do you have other questions?''

2005-04-02 09:33:32 PM  
With Actroids around, why have I been banging these things?

2005-04-02 09:34:00 PM  
This thread is useless without tentacle rape!
2005-04-02 09:34:05 PM  
``We will demonstrate various situations at the Expo,'' Inoue said. ``I hope that will give visitors an opportunity to think about how they want to use robots and what they want robots to do for them. I also hope that in 30 years this expo will be considered the starting point of the practical application of life-assisting robots.''(IHT/Asahi: April 2,2005)

Stepford anyone?
2005-04-02 09:35:28 PM  
I've got a huge problem with humanoid robots and the whole jimmy neutron hairstylist and the jetson's get-up. Why the hell is it going to take so long? Don't the scientists realize that I am aging at an alarming rate?

I want my flying car and robot maid immediately, please!
2005-04-02 09:36:21 PM  
The warning sign says something like "No jerking off on the Aktroid". Sorry Farkers.
2005-04-02 09:36:26 PM  

I just started reading "Robots of Dawn" for a change of pace.
2005-04-02 09:36:39 PM  
Japenese Hat Trick?
2005-04-02 09:37:40 PM  
You know, I am starting to think that we really do need a Japan tag.

However, the reasons for a Japan tag are much different than the reasons for a Florida tag: Japan is weird, and Florida is... well,

/This is the third day in a row without a greenlit story. This is wholly unacceptable.
2005-04-02 09:38:28 PM  
Are they dishwasher safe??
2005-04-02 09:40:16 PM  
No No No.....
Headline SHOULD have read:

Japan introduces "Actroid'' robotic booth babe to greet expo visitors, search for Sarah Conners

Isn't that Fark law? All robot headlines MUST include reference to either Cyberdine, Sarah Conners or Skynet?

/My headline would have gone the 'Actroid' / 'HEM-roid' route...but that's just me
2005-04-02 09:42:35 PM  
Domo arigato, Mz. Roboto.
2005-04-02 09:42:52 PM  

2005-04-02 09:44:24 PM  
Trash-bots? Security-bots? Hostess-bots?

What's going to happen to all the unskilled laborers, like illegal immigrants and high-school students, in twenty years? Will we deport them to the moon?
2005-04-02 09:46:53 PM  
Why don't we have a Japan tag yet?

Here ya go.

Shrink it to 54x11 and it's all good.
2005-04-02 09:52:48 PM  
There's a video of the young Aktroid lady in action here. [Warning, real media file]
2005-04-02 09:53:22 PM  
i think i'm turning japanese,i really think so.
2005-04-02 09:53:43 PM  
Highroller48: Nah. How about we actually use the flag. And instead of in English, it should definitely be in Japanese.
2005-04-02 09:56:16 PM  

Thank you for coming!
2005-04-02 09:56:56 PM  

2005-04-02 09:57:41 PM  

2005-04-02 09:58:04 PM  
I submitted this headline with a better article
Bored Saturday night
2005-04-02 09:59:42 PM  
Is it just me, or are these things right at the farkin' bottom of the uncanny valley?
2005-04-02 09:59:49 PM  
How can you not love a product whose website actually uses this term:
2005-04-02 10:01:00 PM  
I just watched the video clip of her again. You'll notice they edited in some creepy closeups of the eyes and mouth that give it that "cheap porn video" feel. Subliminal advertising?
2005-04-02 10:01:20 PM  
Jimbo the Slightly Impressive:

Is it just me, or are these things right at the farkin' bottom of the uncanny valley?

Unfortunately there are, like, three farkers who get your reference and don't think you're talking about the X-Men.
2005-04-02 10:01:42 PM  
Man, That Jap robot looks so frickin' hot. I bet its puts out too. Now then, if the mouth is fully articulated, does that mean she can form a perfect "O" with her lips? How far can she open her mouth without showing her perty little robot teeth?

If her hostess job falls through, these guys can get her a job providing full services of another variety...
2005-04-02 10:03:27 PM  

You'll notice they edited in some creepy closeups of the eyes and mouth that give it that "cheap porn video" feel.

That, and the same lighting, background, and camerawork found in Aroma videos. Uh, or so I've been told *cough*.
2005-04-02 10:04:27 PM  
So when does the bukakke kitten model come out?
2005-04-02 10:04:47 PM  
I'd heard somewhere that she''ll, ah hell, she'll sulk if she feels insulted. I don't watch TV and i've just learned that they've been pushing these little robots that vacuum your floor...does anyone have one of these, did you name it? does it behave? does it do its job?

The world needs more robots, and more people need to start getting cybernetic implants so as to keep up with the machines. Then we can phase out regular humans as part of a planned obsolence and we'll have a mechanical utopia! By then the AIs should have figured out how to grow genetically altered organisms optimized for space travel.

-->returns to my regularly scheduled schizoid fabulism already in progress
2005-04-02 10:05:55 PM  

You want a Florida story, check this out:
2005-04-02 10:08:42 PM  
Yeah, that's a real fetishy pic. She looks like a damn Thunderbird!

/betraying my age
2005-04-02 10:09:24 PM  
ok I re. member now .. it was thirty years ago..... she hasn't changed a bit'
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