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(NCBuy)   Iron Maiden singer says kids will soon turn against rap-metal bands. Just like they turned against Iron Maiden.   ( divider line
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5347 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Mar 2002 at 8:57 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-26 09:00:55 AM  
Can't happen soon enough.......

Dickinson is the real deal, Fred Durst is a fat-assed punk.
2002-03-26 09:01:39 AM  
667... the neighbor of the beast.
2002-03-26 09:01:44 AM  
We can only hope...
2002-03-26 09:01:45 AM  
God, let's hope so. Though Bruce Dickinson is about as relevant as Fatty Arbuckle...
2002-03-26 09:03:43 AM  
still, the Maiden had a top 10 single last week...
2002-03-26 09:04:21 AM  
I think the theme now is to flood with so many articles that no thread can get started or be sustained.
2002-03-26 09:07:21 AM  
I hope so!

Damn Linkin Park
2002-03-26 09:07:51 AM  
Didn't this happen last year?
2002-03-26 09:08:44 AM  
ANYONE who turns against rap/rap-metal: [image from too old to be available]
2002-03-26 09:10:53 AM  
According to Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson, the current rap metal crop reminds him of the 1980s when -- quote -- "...coked-up 60-year-old producers were creating hair bands and pushing them on the kids."

so true!
2002-03-26 09:11:11 AM  
All popular music is cyclical, anyways

Anybody want to hear swing? or ska?
2002-03-26 09:11:40 AM  
They're only doing it because Rap is popular, and kids these days think that if they like some sort of rap, women will like them.
2002-03-26 09:12:32 AM  
Swing and SKA are sooooo trendy it's disgusting.

Brendon Fraiser dancing in "Blast from the Past" is a prime example of how trendiness kills.
2002-03-26 09:14:40 AM  
The beauty of the system is that there will *always* be a new crop of stupid kids to which the record companies can sell bad records made by cookie cutter bands. Sure they wise up eventually, but, hey, people keep breeding...
2002-03-26 09:14:49 AM  
But basically, the kids are still listening to crap.

How else would you explain the rise of Kid Rock?
2002-03-26 09:15:47 AM  
"the kids will realize they're being sold bad music and turn against them."

Mmm yea ok. Listening to crappy music is part of being a 14 -18 year, old the same part that makes them arseholes

P.S. don't get me wrong I still like Iron Maiden
2002-03-26 09:15:48 AM  
Swing is cool. When I was in school, I played tenor sax in a stage band. Swing was a BLAST to play. I still like it.
2002-03-26 09:16:56 AM  
Iron Maiden's droppings are ten times the musical masterpiece of ANYTHING that comes out nowadays. Killers, Powerslave, Brave New World. I'd like to see a rap-metal band even imagine this stuff.

2002-03-26 09:17:28 AM  
Phix-it: My point, exactly. While rap, itself, may not be a trend (with a lifespan of 20+ years, I can't consider how it could be), rap-metal does seem like a trend, with the over-abundance of bad bands being shoved down the public's throat
2002-03-26 09:18:02 AM  
I'm waiting the plane crash with Kid Rock, Fred Durst, and Korn on it. It would almost make a Don Maclean comeback tolerable.
2002-03-26 09:18:31 AM  
Actually, Linkin Park is about the only good thing to happen to rock music lately. You have to turn to SOAD or Static-X for anything good. Korn was great once, Limp Bizkit simply blew it all the time. Papa Roach might as well be a one-hit wonder. So, yah, it's already happening.
2002-03-26 09:20:04 AM  
Wow, h ow could I have forgotten about Kid Rock? An absolute embarassment to music. I'd almost as soon nuke his ass as I would <insert female pop star/boy band here>
2002-03-26 09:21:19 AM  
It's a marvelous night for a moondance.
2002-03-26 09:24:27 AM  
Man, I remember these guys. They had these elaborate stage productions involving 'Eddie' - this huge skeleton/mascot/robotic thing. Never could get into the music though - Dickinsons vocals are as enjoyable as a razor blade enima. Now Brian Johnson, THERE'S a rock singer...
2002-03-26 09:25:59 AM  
Scrubjosh: I agree 100%. Linkin Park isn't even rap/metal, more like rock/rap/electronic. While it may not be innovative (Faith No More and 311 did it before LP) it's still very good.

I STILL don't see how Korn could be considered rap/metal.
2002-03-26 09:26:27 AM  
AHHHh, the Maiden..., What can be said..., soothing

And Brian Johnson.....fark yea!!
2002-03-26 09:27:18 AM  
A few years ago my wife was teaching high school English. She did a poetry lesson where students were asked to bring in lyrics of their favorite songs. After listening to students read songs by TLC, Snoop Dogg, and other garbage, (complete with reative spellings) she proceeds to read "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" off the Powerslave album.

The kids were abolutely astonished and some were even embarrassed that their music sucked so bad compared to the lyrics of Maiden. They all thought that 80's metal had been songs about fast chicks and fast cars.

Here for your perusal:

Rime of the Ancient Mariner (read it as a poem - don't sing it)

Hear the rime of the ancient mariner
See his eye as he stops one of three
Mesmerises one of the wedding guests
Stay here and listen to the nightmares of the sea.

And the music plays on, as the bride passes by
Caught by his spell and the mariner tells his tale.

Driven south to the land of the snow and ice
To a place where nobody's been
Through the snow fog flies on the albatross
Hailed in God's name, hoping good luck it brings.

And the ship sails on, back to the North
Through the fog and ice and the albatross follows on.

The mariner kills the bird of good omen
His shipmates cry against what he's done
BUt when the fog clears, they justify him
And make themselves a part of the crime.

Sailing on and on and north across the sea
Sailing on and on and north 'til all is calm.

The albatross begins with its vengeance
A terrible curse a thirst has begun
His shipmates blame bad luck on the mariner
About his neck, the dead bird is hung.

And the curse goes on and on at sea
And the thirst goes on and on for them and me.

"Day after day, day after day,
we stuck nor breath nor motion
as idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean
Water, water everywhere and
all the boards did shrink
Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink."

There calls the mariner
There comes a ship over the line
BUt how can she sail with no wind in her sails and no tide.

See...onward she comes
Onward she nears out of the sun
See, she has no crew
She has no life, wait but there's two.

Death and she Life in Death,
They throw their dice for the crew
She wins the mariner and he belongs to her now.
Then...crew one by one
they drop down dead, two hundred men
She...she, Life in Death.
She lets him live, her chosen one.

"One after one by the star dogged moon,
too quick for groan or sigh
each turned his facce with a ghastly pang
and cursed me with his eye
four times fifty living men
(and I heard nor sigh nor groan)
with heavy thump, a lifeless lump,
they dropped down one by one."

The curse it lives on in their eyes
The mariner wished he'd die
Along with the sea creatures
But they lived on, so did he.

and by the light of the moon
He prays for their beauty not doom
With heart he blesses them
God's creatures all of them too.

Then the spell starts to break
The albatross falls from his neck
Sinks down like lead into the sea
Then down in falls comes the rain.

Hear the groans of the long dead seamen
See them stir and they start to rise
Bodies lifted by good spirits
None of them speak and they're lifelesss in their eyes

And revenge is still sought, penance starts again
Cast into a trance and the nightmare carries on.

Now the curse is finally lifted
And the mariner sights his home
spirits go fromhe long dead bodies
Form their own light and the mariner's left alone.

And then a boat came sailing towards him
It was a joy he could not believe
The pilot's boat, his son and the hermit,
Penance of life will fall onto him.

And the ship sinks like lead into the sea
And the hermit shrieves the mariner of his sins.

The mariner's bound to tell of his story
To tell this tale wherever he goes
To teach God's word by his own example
That we must love all things thaat God made.

And the wedding guest's a sad and wiser man
And the tale goes on and on and on.
2002-03-26 09:28:32 AM  
Uhhhh, thats' "Creative spellings"

Damn I suck...
2002-03-26 09:28:44 AM  
They try so hard and came so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter.

Korn really isn't rap/metal. I don't think J. Davis raps.
2002-03-26 09:30:10 AM  
Badger - What an original song from Powerslave. I don't suppose they (just like Puff Daddy and every other rap artist) used material from elsewhere to build their own song?
2002-03-26 09:31:53 AM  
Badger - Powerslave's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" is Cliff's Notes for dumbarse metalheads.
2002-03-26 09:32:37 AM  
OK, let me get this straight...Linkin Park is (gulp) Good?
Listen, I am no music scholar (Hey wait a minute, I studied
music) but frankly, the guy tries to sound like Backstreet Boys and Fred Durst at the same time. Both Horrible!
And then they put rap on top of that.
If you take every spice from the rack and put it in soup,
you don't get Gumbo, you get crap!
Hence, Linkin Park.
2002-03-26 09:33:04 AM  
Hey, at least IM got a credit in the medieval scenes of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures."
2002-03-26 09:33:38 AM  
But Iron Maiden is as hasrdcore as ever? The next album is called "Rock in Rio" for farks sake!
2002-03-26 09:35:02 AM  
Mattdog - You are correct in pointing out that Limp Bizkit, BSB and Linkin Park suck it big time fifteen different ways, but Linkin Park was also the highest-grossing album from last year, which is all anyone gives a damn about.
2002-03-26 09:35:17 AM  
One thing to consider:

People tend to compare what they remember to the stuff they hear nowadays. Problem is, they remember the good stuff. So you get these comparisons to classic 70's and 80's rock to whatever is on the radio now.

Somehow all the utter crap and schlock of yesteryear slips through the cracks and doesn't get compared to Limp Bizkit or Tonic or Coldplay and the rest of the crap/schlock of today.
2002-03-26 09:36:16 AM  
They probably did...

Here's the original poem by Coleridge

2002-03-26 09:36:38 AM  
Iron Maiden officially started sucking (and I was a BIG fan of theirs as a young man) with Somewhere In Time. Cool album cover tho.. Powerslave was/is a great album.
2002-03-26 09:37:49 AM  
Ramius Unlike Puffy Daddy and others Maiden uses classical poetry, literature, and history for inspiration with minimal quoting and all original music. Call me crazy, but I have a hard time seeing Puffy daddy using the works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge to inspire a 13 minute song with his own music....
2002-03-26 09:38:28 AM  
Milli Vanilli grossed a lot of dollars.
So did Vanilla Ice.
Wayne Newton is one of the biggest concert draws of all time.
Simply being able to make money is no indication merit as an artist.
2002-03-26 09:38:45 AM  
Actually, you cant really knock Kid Rock. Im not a huge fan, but his talent is endless. He just uses it in all the wrong places. His band, especially his female drummer, is damn good and he comes up with a pretty good blend of music. Once again, I dont like it and it is tired, but the guy has a lot more skill than a Papa Roach or Linking Park or Disturbed or Drowning Pool or Puddle of Mudd or ...........

The next trend will be the bands like The Strokes and The White Stripes. There are a hundred other bands that play the retro sound a hundred times better than The Strokes or White Stripes and those two are about to kill the entire genre soon with their record executive push. If you like that sound, check out International Noise Conspiracy. They are much better and come from one of the greatest hardcore bands ever. (Refused) For an even more retro sound, check out Neutral Milk Hotel. And just because I said so, listen to The Dismemberment Plan. They are the greatest band on earth.

And oh yea, Dickenson is a god.
2002-03-26 09:42:26 AM  
2002-03-26 09:43:12 AM  
As I recall.. having done an english poetry assignment on "Rime" myself circa 1986 :} The band Yes wrote the bastardized version of "Rime" first..

/me pulls out Powerslave inserts in cd tray
2002-03-26 09:44:50 AM  
Ack, now I'm sitting at work staring at my Maiden collection wondering which CD to listen to...

Doe sanyone else feel bad when a CD gets neglected?
2002-03-26 09:45:26 AM  
Ska sucks.
2002-03-26 09:47:18 AM  
Kid Rock is busy getting tested for Hep-C as well as 4000 other disease.

His career is (thankfully) over!

Now... let's sic Pamela on Fred Durst.
2002-03-26 09:48:32 AM  
"I need more cowbell!"
2002-03-26 09:49:56 AM  
Was listening to Live After Death on the way in today! What a coincidence.

Side note, Anyone remember 'I'm the Man' from Anthrax?
2002-03-26 09:50:24 AM  
Frank Sinatra will never go out of style.
2002-03-26 09:50:51 AM  
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