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5734 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Mar 2002 at 1:31 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-26 01:32:45 PM  
Wasn't this one here before?
2002-03-26 01:34:28 PM  
These were funny when I first heard them....
2002-03-26 01:34:41 PM  
I hate those farking songs. I hate it even more when they make me laugh.
2002-03-26 01:34:47 PM  
I swear I heard a "nudist beach activity coordinator" one of these... its not on there... had stuff like "thanks for not assigning us to do hurdles" etc etc
2002-03-26 01:35:55 PM  
the pickled pigs feet eater is pretty funny
2002-03-26 01:38:59 PM  
christ, its already farked. that was quick. farked, as in getting 85 bytes a second.
2002-03-26 01:40:11 PM  
Those adverts suck.
2002-03-26 01:41:11 PM  
MetaPhyzix No it's not redundent think of it this way.

Cool is a word that is in right now, and can be used with more popular items that everyone thinks is ok. However, Spiffy can be used for smaller intrest groups, and leaves a more retro-tense to the post. Wow i'm good.
2002-03-26 01:42:22 PM  
Thank god I now have the lyrics. I just couldn't make out the poetic imagery conveyed by the profound writing of the narrator.
2002-03-26 01:42:55 PM  
The nudist colony one was a TV ad..
2002-03-26 01:46:33 PM  
there's nothing like spending a summer day on a hard bleacher seat crunching your nuts

ah yes.. mr. outside the stadium peanut seller is a true hero...
2002-03-26 01:47:22 PM  
Somehow I don't think I'd be priding myself in knowing or caring about the content of beer commercials.
2002-03-26 01:49:27 PM  
New Zealand's Speights commercials have to be the best beer ads ever..
2002-03-26 01:50:45 PM  
Believe it or not,
I'm walkin' on air,
I never thought I could feel so free ee eeee;
Flyin' away on a wing and a pray'r,
Who could it be?
Believe it or not, it's just meeeee.....

Sorry, I thought it said Greatest American Hero

(HAW HAW you're gonna be humming it all day!)
2002-03-26 01:51:46 PM  
But if you're going for retro, why not use "Nifty" instead? Or "Swell?"
2002-03-26 01:55:31 PM  
Don't know about everywhere else, but in Florida the ads are now called "Real American Genius." I read somewhere that they changed it from "heroes" because it belittled the heroes of 9-11. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
2002-03-26 01:56:11 PM  
Because Nifty and Swell just don't have the required kick that Spiffy delivers. Spiffy makes you think of shiny new sci-fi guns.
2002-03-26 01:58:36 PM  

Hell if I know.

(sorry, it was there)
2002-03-26 01:59:03 PM  
You know, Bud Light is swill, but damn if they don't consistently have the best beer commercials around.
2002-03-26 01:59:24 PM  
mr. foot long hot dog inventor

"you made a ten inch weiner, and people cheered
but you weren't satisfied. you said, "wait, i think i can still give you two more inches."
(gotta want it)"

John Holmes would be so proud.
2002-03-26 02:00:31 PM  
hellifiknow yeah, they did that here, too, in sunny Ohio..

I heard one yesterday.. it was.. "Mr. All-you-can-eat-buffet inventor"
2002-03-26 02:00:59 PM  
good thing their server can handle all the downloads :/ ......
2002-03-26 02:01:56 PM  
Sure, these are funny, but do you really want to VOLUNTARILY listen to a bunch of ads?
2002-03-26 02:03:04 PM  
Very stupid, I have tryed to find the humor in them but just can't find anything funny about them. I feel the same way about celebrity death match...just not funny to me.
2002-03-26 02:04:04 PM  
hellifiknow: here in the ny/nj/phil corridor, they are playing the "genius" ads too, nixing the "hero". makes sense they did it due to 9-11. still, can't confirm or deny, only report.
2002-03-26 02:04:41 PM  
Nice one Loudmouthsoup.

Hisey - "Nothing says 'I want you' like a man with a mouthful of underwear." - Mr. Edible Underwear Inventor

Best. One. Ever.
2002-03-26 02:07:16 PM  
ill admit i didnt think they were funny either, but "mr. outside the stadium peanut seller" cracked me up!

you stand like a sentry outside the grounds of our national passtime, offering us your salty nuts
(nice and crunchy)
there's nothing like spending a summer day on a hard bleacher seat crunching your nuts
(crunch crunch oh!)
unless it's sitting behind home plate spreading mustard on
your weiner
(hot n spicy)
2002-03-26 02:10:39 PM  
How about the old TV commercial with the guy who pretended to be other people to get the beer....

"I am Mr. Galowekitz!"

"You are Dr. Galowekitz?"

"Yes I Am."
2002-03-26 02:14:18 PM  
The only one I really wanted to hear was: "Mr. Camoflauge clothing maker". I must be stupid or delerious because I didn't see it there but I have heard it on the radio branded as the new Real American Genius or whatever.
2002-03-26 02:19:38 PM  
Here in Cincinnati one of the radio station made their own commercials...

"Here's saluting you, Mr. Wheelchair-Bound Pornographer."

Hustler...get it?
2002-03-26 02:21:04 PM  
Mr. Jelly Donut your squirter. That sounds a little off...
wil [TotalFark]
2002-03-26 02:28:37 PM  
This is awesome.

Thanks, Mister-Fark-Link-Posting-Guy.
2002-03-26 02:29:55 PM  
good old WEBN.

In a former life, I actually was mr. driving range ball picker upper for a summer.
2002-03-26 02:33:04 PM  
2002-03-26 02:49:11 PM  
Guy Incognito - Oh man, that must've been an awesome job. I remember smacking a few buckets as a kid, and wishing I could get behind the wheel of that contraption.
2002-03-26 02:50:28 PM  
My GF claims to have heard mr. male-figure skater and swears that it's funny as hell. Anyone else heard it? I haven't yet.
2002-03-26 03:04:03 PM  

Budweiser only had one decent ad campaign in my opinion:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-26 03:15:21 PM  
Heard a spoof of these ads on Mancow a while back... It was saluting welfare moms, and farking hilarious! I wish I could find a copy of it somewhere, it was much better than the "real" ads.
2002-03-26 03:18:31 PM  
Weakest ads ever. Didn't we all think these up in third grade?
2002-03-26 03:37:00 PM  
2002-03-26 03:44:27 PM  
This is the great thing about TotalFark. I already downloaded all them last night, before farkage.

Here's to you Mr. Web Page Radio Ad Archiver
2002-03-26 03:44:35 PM  
This has been removed for bandwidth concerns. Sorry.

2002-03-26 03:45:53 PM  
"This has been removed for bandwidth concerns. Sorry."

Too late, guys. Besides, most copy cat morning shows have parodies better than the real ads.
2002-03-26 03:56:39 PM  
Its farked.

mr. male football cheerleader

bud light presents real american heroes
(real american heroes)
today we salute you, mr. male football cheerleader
(mr. male football cheerleader)
real men don't just play smash mouth football, real men turn cartwheels and somersaults on the sidelines, tucked safely away from the action
(don't touch me now)
fourth down and inches, the game's on the line, it all comes down to you.
will you call for a perky pyramid, or a line dance?
(get on my shoulders)
knock em back, knock em back all the way to hack em sack
(rah rah rah rah rha zis boom bah)
so grab an ice cold bud light mr. male football cheerleader.
you may never score a touchdown, but you're peppy
and that's gotta count for something.
(that's gotta count for somethin)
2002-03-26 04:00:47 PM  
dam, no google cache
2002-03-26 04:02:27 PM  
The text is in the internet archive
2002-03-26 04:52:36 PM  
2002-03-26 05:14:41 PM  
ahh, farked ol' jermy but good...

::feels successful, if only for a brief moment::
2002-03-26 05:20:54 PM  
thanks Rwg
2002-03-26 05:23:08 PM  
well done, Rwg
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