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(Reuters)   Test tube babies could be barcoded in the future. Privacy organisations worried that this could lead to Big Brother state, mix-ups at the supermarket checkout scanner   ( divider line
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2005-03-31 07:49:16 AM  
I first read this as "mix UPS at the supermarket checkout scanner." And I thought, "hm, why would anyone mix the United Parcel Service at a supermarket checkout scanner?"

Then I was going to make a smart-aleck comment about how the abbreviation for the United Parcel Service should be capitalized. Silly submitter, doesn't know about capitilization.

Then I realized that it was really supposed to be mix-ups. As in, errors or bouts of confusion brought on by misunderstandings and general chaos.

Now I get it. The hyphen is your friend.
2005-03-31 08:00:34 AM  
Will they all look as hot as Jessica Alba?
If so, I'm all for it.
2005-03-31 08:09:59 AM  
Am I the only one who thought of Maggie Simpson?

2005-03-31 08:20:49 AM  
Speaking of Maggie, does anyone know what the price is on the scanner when the clerk rings her up?
2005-03-31 08:32:45 AM  
2005-03-31 08:33:55 AM  

IIRC it's $847.63. It's amazing how much useless knowledge I acquired wasting a week on SNPP years ago.
2005-03-31 08:40:42 AM  
can't tell if smartgirl63 is being serious, or is just running with the joke from the Troy McClure show of behind the scenes stuff.
2005-03-31 08:45:00 AM  

can't tell if smartgirl63 is being serious, or is just running with the joke from the Troy McClure show of behind the scenes stuff.

I think she's just going with the behind the scenes joke. Even so, I'm quite tempted to go and freeze-frame the show on my dvd player to check
2005-03-31 08:49:57 AM  
Sorry, should have used my "Troy McClure" voice - thought that was an obvious one.

whiskeymike is correct - $847.63
2005-03-31 09:23:22 AM  
Holy crap, farkers know everything!
2005-03-31 02:47:28 PM  
Jennifer Government?
2005-03-31 02:47:32 PM  
My name is 905 and I'm glad to be alive...
2005-03-31 02:48:10 PM  
So wait... they're not barcoding humans, they're barcoding vials of donated genetic material?

2005-03-31 02:49:16 PM  
Make that "...and I've just become alive..."

/Lyrics directory took too long to load!
2005-03-31 02:49:32 PM  
My cousin got a tattoo of a bar code on his back. We don't think it actually scans becuase one of the lines is ever so slightly wiggly.
2005-03-31 02:49:36 PM  
human chip trifecta possible....
2005-03-31 02:49:36 PM  

From article:

"The barcoded tags would be attached to the base of containers holding the samples and a computer would trigger an alarm if they did not match."
2005-03-31 02:50:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

One nation under barcodes?
2005-03-31 02:52:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-31 02:55:44 PM  
I can see the Holocaust survivors reading this article and grimacing with supressed memories.
2005-03-31 02:56:56 PM  
The move is designed to prevent a repeat of the case in 2002 when two white parents using IVF had mixed race twins after a clinic error.

"No honey, honest! It really happened that way. Didn't you read that Reuters article?"
2005-03-31 03:03:50 PM  
Maggie is the first thing I thought of too. Nonpareility beat me to it, but since I went to the trouble of finding a picture, I'll post it anyway (but it isn't as good...)


[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-31 03:05:13 PM  
RTFA. No flesh will be barcoded. Just containers holding gametes, and maybe the test tubes holding embryos.
2005-03-31 03:06:12 PM  

Unavailable for Comment:
[image from too old to be available]
Max Guevera/X5-452

2005-03-31 03:08:15 PM  
I can see the Holocaust survivors reading this article and grimacing with supressed memories.

RTFA, people! They are not slapping barcodes on people! They are slapping barcodes on test tubes full of sperm so that they don't get mixed up with all the other test tubes full of sperm sitting around the lab!

This is not the same thing as this!
2005-03-31 03:08:22 PM  
did anyone see this?

current cumbersome process of manual witnessing of donated samples

does that mean watching...spankage?
2005-03-31 03:12:50 PM  

Since I just RTFA, here's a modified version of above:
Unavailable for Comment:
[image from too old to be available]
Dr. Renfro

2005-03-31 03:16:41 PM  
hahaha 666 omfgrofl!!!11

I Read The Freaking Article.

They are barcoding the tubes 'o' goopy baby goodness, not apocalypse/revelations style barcoding.

2005-03-31 03:17:52 PM  
There was a while in the 90s where computer programs were available in bar code form that you could scan in and run on your 'puter if you had a bar code scanner and the appropriate software.
MacUser used to have a few pages in the middle with shareware printed for one to scan in.

A bar code virus that could take down supermarkets.
That would be a pretty cool tattoo.
2005-03-31 03:23:29 PM  
Putting barcodes on the specimen jars just seems like common sense to me. It's good to know that the right spooge is being inserted into the correct egg.
2005-03-31 03:23:46 PM  
Announcer: In the opening credits, what does the cash register say when Maggie is scanned?

The cash register says, "NRA4EVER", just one of the hundreds of radical right-wing messages inserted into every show by creator Matt Groening.

2005-03-31 03:31:41 PM  
A Llaama?! He's supposed to be caucasian!
Yea, weird.
You know, in my defense, your jars of spooge all look alike. You might think about relabeling some of them.

2005-03-31 03:32:01 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-31 03:34:29 PM  
One thing I've never ever understood about the thought processes of people trying to make things computer-readable.

Since when is labling something in a manner that the people involved can't verify making it "foolproof"? How is "The computer says this barcode was the one attached to your sample" better than "Yes, that's my name and that's my initialling of the container"?
2005-03-31 03:35:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-31 03:44:33 PM  
They're only barcoding the tube.

Sounds useful
2005-03-31 03:49:59 PM  
So am I the only one who though there was a double entendre with "manual witnessing of donated samples"...?
2005-03-31 03:53:36 PM  
Man alive, i thought i was the only one who had read Jennifer Government! That's a great book. So dead on it's not even funny.
2005-03-31 04:04:23 PM  
I have not read Jennifer Government, but isn't the basic premise of it just a subplot taken from "Snow Crash" ?
2005-03-31 04:06:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
/true product
//Nalgene rocks
2005-03-31 04:08:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-31 04:25:53 PM  
I knew someone who had a tatoo of a bar code put on the back of their neck. It was from a box of Froot Loops, and actually worked with some bar code scanners.
2005-03-31 05:21:36 PM  
First thing I thought of when I read this headling:

[image from too old to be available]
from Pearl Jam's Evolution video.
2005-03-31 05:38:42 PM  
Ahh Alex Jones.....
2005-03-31 05:46:26 PM  
Man alive, i thought i was the only one who had read Jennifer Government! That's a great book. So dead on it's not even funny.

I've been working on it on and off, and yeah, it walks on the thin ridiculous/scary line...
2005-03-31 06:19:27 PM  
it's "do the evolution".

/pearl jam sucks.
//that song and video are awesome.
2005-03-31 07:02:14 PM  
My back:
[image from too old to be available]
Yes, it is and scans as my social security number.
2005-03-31 07:20:51 PM  
yeesh, could lead to some humilating repercussions in that child's future...also somewhat dehumanizing...

/just my 1 cent. too lazy to write more.
2005-03-31 07:37:25 PM  
A girl at my old school cafeteria had a Dark Angel barcode tatoo. Fortunately she was hot enough to get away with it. Never did get to "scan" that one...
2005-03-31 08:11:59 PM  

Wow.. I'm sure this sounded like a cool idea at the time
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