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(Fark) almost back on its feet after heinous bender   ( divider line
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21403 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Mar 2005 at 12:00 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-03-31 12:03:31 AM  
damn you stoney
2005-03-31 12:03:41 AM  
checking back in
2005-03-31 12:03:43 AM  
I'd hit it.
2005-03-31 12:03:45 AM  
Ah, I feel better.

2005-03-31 12:03:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-31 12:03:57 AM  
it's good to see that everything is back to noral;skeu89-23523-5ywe-9t8-^%%$%00000000%00000000%00000000%

2005-03-31 12:03:59 AM  
2005-03-31 12:03:59 AM  
Well, at least it's back up.

(The Fonz could've fixed it faster.)
2005-03-31 12:04:00 AM  
2005-03-31 12:04:00 AM  
2005-03-31 12:04:02 AM  
that destroyed my life for 3 minutes until I figured out what was happening
2005-03-31 12:04:10 AM  
Oh my God! I didn't know what to do at work today? I hope this never happens again! ((shiver))
2005-03-31 12:04:14 AM  
Oh Fark, how I've missed ye.
2005-03-31 12:04:16 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-31 12:04:22 AM  
You need to change the clock. It's a bit off.
2005-03-31 12:04:22 AM  
teh WIN
2005-03-31 12:04:28 AM  
Damn. When they tell you not to touch the Big Red Button, YOU DO NOT TOUCH THE BIG RED BUTTON.

Sorry everyone. So, so sorry.
2005-03-31 12:04:33 AM  
Does this mean the DTs will stop now? Does it?
2005-03-31 12:04:33 AM  
I really didn't know what I was doing with all the free time I had there. I was completely lost at work today.
2005-03-31 12:04:39 AM  
my life has seriously come to a stand still waiting for everything to get fixed
2005-03-31 12:04:40 AM so happy
2005-03-31 12:04:40 AM  
Ahhhh... the end of my withdrawals
2005-03-31 12:04:57 AM  
Flying chickens for everyone!
2005-03-31 12:04:58 AM  
*Falls to knees*

Praise be to all who people worship!!! Fark is back!!!

/masturbates furiously
2005-03-31 12:04:58 AM  
2005-03-31 12:05:25 AM  
2005-03-31 12:05:41 AM  
Oh, BTW, since this thread has already gone FAR too many posts without a troll:

Bush is just like Hitler!

Liberals are baby-eating terrorists!
2005-03-31 12:05:50 AM  
Wow, I almost did not know Jonnie Cochran died, or the Pope has a feeding tube.
2005-03-31 12:06:02 AM  
oh thank god its back...

I can put down the crack pipe now...

Well one more hit.
2005-03-31 12:06:07 AM  
we are very happy here
2005-03-31 12:06:09 AM  
Good lord! Is it really you, Fark? Oh, God, how I missed you!! I was literally almost crying from boredom at work.

Blessed be the Fark, may thee never go down again.

Now bring on some damn Boobies links!

Thanks for the hard work in getting it back up and running, Mike and anyone who helped. You are all heroes!
2005-03-31 12:06:12 AM  
Servercles cares not for beer.
2005-03-31 12:06:21 AM  
Man...I've had to do real work since Fark was!
2005-03-31 12:06:23 AM  
Allah Mike Be Praised

so, when do the admins tell us this was all an early april fools day joke?
2005-03-31 12:06:23 AM  
I thought it was appropriate. I was wondering if I could Fark by phone during the drought:

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-31 12:06:23 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-31 12:06:24 AM  
Even I couldn't have done a job as well as these guys did! Hip hip, hooray!
2005-03-31 12:07:37 AM  
Oh sweet fark how I love thee.
2005-03-31 12:07:46 AM  
I can finally stop hitting reload!
2005-03-31 12:07:49 AM  
Finally, I will never take Fark for granted again.
2005-03-31 12:07:54 AM  
Welcome back y'all.

2005-03-31 12:08:12 AM  
thank you jeebus!
2005-03-31 12:08:24 AM  
It seems Tuesday has been lost to space and time.
2005-03-31 12:08:30 AM fast as you can send them.
2005-03-31 12:08:31 AM  
does aim not work for anyone? (miranda, or gaim, or aim)
2005-03-31 12:08:38 AM  
man...and i just became a TF'er after 3 years of going the 'Lite' this?'ll be good to see the ol' man back on his feet...
2005-03-31 12:08:46 AM  
/trips into the doorway
2005-03-31 12:09:02 AM  
So much productivity...
I didn't know what to do with myself.
2005-03-31 12:09:06 AM  
Never leave me again. Never. I have been so lost the last few days...
2005-03-31 12:09:06 AM  
We need greenlights!
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